1. Deadliestviper7

    What are you feeding?

    As it is written above
  2. S

    Arrowana ate rubber band!!!

    So I just finished feeding, arrowana has a belly full of crickets + A DAMN RUBBER BAND Small one for bags from lfs. Arrowana is about 10” I know he ate it for sure!!! What should I do? And if at all will it pass eventually or is this a death sentence????? Super sad right now
  3. A

    All bichir in my tank are dying!

    Hi, since about a half year im totally into bichir. Got some Delhezi, Senugales, Ornate, Endlicheri, Lapradei, and Palmas B. Devided into 3 tanks. I'm having a bit of a Pokémon pollacy: gotta catch em all! All jokes aside; i lost 4 of them in the last 2 weeks. Symptons where all the same...
  4. JordanJ

    Feeding frozen fish

    Here in the UK I’m having a hard time finding tilapia fillets. I can buy whole black tilapia in a local oriental supermarket but it’s not ideal. However whilst I was there I saw a few different species that people will recognise. My question is do people prefer to feed freshwater species of...
  5. J

    Best food for P Clarkii (crayfish)

    What is the best food to feed P Clarkii crayfish? Food that provides them with calcium and iodine but are less harmful to the quality of the tank water. Thanks
  6. Blakewater

    Pics From Feeding Time Today

    Enjoy guys, I felt artsy! These are a few of my mini monsters getting fattened up. Only one missing is my ornate and regular sen.
  7. itrebebag99

    Switching Bullhead Aquarium from Sand to Tiles.(Feeding Vid).

    Switched the substrate on my aquarium from pool filtration sand to ceramic floor tiles. Definitely makes cleaning easier, only problem is that some detritus will get under the tiles.
  8. Jughead Jones

    Store Bought Tilapia & Feeding...

    I have a few New World Cichlids, a bichir, a vampire pleco, and some African Cichlids (between two tanks). I read about someone using tilapia to feed their bichir so I decided to give it a try. My bichir loves it, my severum is too small to really get much out of even the smallest chunks but...
  9. E

    Blue Jack Dempsey

    I have a 3in blue jack dempsey that I havent had any problems with. Last night I fed him his first feeder fish which he demolished. Today he is swimming with his mouth wide open and at times appears to be trying to regurgitate something. I can see in his mouth and there doesn't appear to be...
  10. GoldFinger


    Spill your beans (or fish food), and post your feeding schedule and what you feed. Ideally Central & SA Cichlids but also what you may have in with them. I’m new and hoping to steal some ideas and create the “ideal” diet, albeit every fish will vary. Please list your stock & tank gallons, plus...
  11. T


    POND UPDATE + FEEDING!! ENJOY GUYS :D Follow my Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/MADTL
  12. itrebebag99

    Should I Feed Fish in the Winter

    I keep my bullhead catfish in an unheated basement, and I figure that it should be fine, since they are native fish. However, since the water temperture has dropped, the bullhead has not been feeding very much, and is leaving lots of uneaten food. Should I stop feeding him, or reduce feeding to...
  13. T

    Nutritional Gains

    As of today I started feeding my Jardini aro "Rainbowfish Krill-e" Protein-60% Fat-8% huifen-6% Fiber-10% Water-6% As of now my aro seems to like and has eaten the pieces I have given him. My goal is grow him out nicely and bring out the best color possibly. From what I have read I understand...
  14. AG458

    Just a Question...

    My endlicheri loves eating shrimp pellets, and because my bass can't fit them in his mouth, he's having his fill. However, my pbass is coming REALLY close to swallowing the shrimp pellets before they even hit the ground. I'm at the point where I have to put in more than one Hikari pellet at a...
  15. itrebebag99

    Feeding Black Bullhead Earthworms

  16. itrebebag99

    Green Sunfish Behavioral Changes.

    A couple months ago I introduced a ~3 inch green sunfish that I caught hook and line into an aquarium containing a ~9 inch bullhead. Instantly, the bullhead came out and attacked the green sunfish. The sunfish had a pretty nasty wound on it's tail, and I thought for sure it wasn't going to...
  17. B

    Salvini fry!

    hey y'all, my salvini pair has just bred for the first time and it's also my first time breeding any fish. Would like to know how frequently I should do water changes and what to feed them. The female has them all huddled up in a pit right now so I'm thinking they are still eating their egg...
  18. AG458

    CK Needs Live?

    I recently bought Hikari sinking carnivore pellets for my fish. My juvenile pbass like loves them and eats them before they hit the ground. My pleco will try to eat them if they sink. However, my CK will not eat them. He's looking thinner than normal, and I don't want him to starve. I also don't...
  19. T

    Breeding Mealworms

    Hi Friends, I need suggestions from you all. I would like to breed mealworms for my fish. How to breed mealworms and how to save it from red ants. Because last time red ants are spoil my entire mealworms culture. So how to save it and what is the suitable temperature for mealworms breeding...
  20. AG458

    Ideal Peacock Bass Live Food Alternatives?

    I've read that peacock bass are daytime hunters; I know that's true, as far as live fish go. What about pellets? Because my fish go through live food in a matter of a few days, getting live food all the time will become expensive. The pellets I've attempted feeding my juvenile peacock bass are...