1. L

    Is this normal for a Gar?

    I just got a 4-5" Gar sold to me as a Spotted Gar, but after reading a bit here, it's most likely a Florida. Anyways, I just watched the lil guy go for 0/15 in his attempts to catch the 20 feeder guppies i have in the 30g tank with him before I lost patience and left haha. Dude sucks at...
  2. Rob909

    What do you feed your plecos??

    I’m looking to mix up the diet of my plecos and see what they like more than other types of veggies. I’ve had tons of success with broccoli with stubborn plecos, had some success with pumpkin, and with my curent batch, cucumber isn’t too big of a hit. What are some of the things you feed your...
  3. troutman54

    how to feed my gar

    I have a longnose gar(named jerry) and 2 oscars, I feed the oscars a large variety of food but try to stay away from feeder fish but the only thing jerry eats is live feeders. when I put a feeder in the tank for him the oscars will try to eat them if jerry doesnt get to it quick enough are there...
  4. deradlerskartal

    Please suggest for feeding Arowana

    Hey, I have an Asian Arowana almost 8-9" with some other carnivorous fish; motoro / datnoides / endlich bicher etc. Generally I prefer frozen shrimp (80% of all feeding) + Tropical Carnivor pellets+ chicken (rarely ~5%) but in my country, frozen shrimp prices are high in winter season so I...
  5. C

    Arowana on flakes?

    Hey I have my around 8 inch aro living with 2 angels and 2 koi at the moment. I feed my aro hikari food sticks and the angels and kois get excited and come to eat a couple sticks too. My aro eats like 1-3 sticks at once and then swims away and comes back. The time he takes to come back, the...
  6. V

    Amphilophus Lyonsi

    I recently picked up some 1” lyonsi and having difficulty getting them to eat. I was wondering from those who have or have had them, what they use? I know they feed on plant seeds, plants and insects in the wild, any foods that replicates that? I currently use New Life Spectrum, Southern...
  7. C

    Silver Arowana Food

    Currently I am feeding my about 8 inch silver arowana hikari food sticks. I was wondering if I could buy like 10 guppies from the pet store and then breed them and grow out more guppies and once he gets bigger and the guppies get bigger start feeding him more live prey. I know feeder fish have...
  8. T

    TL's 60,000 Gal Pond Update + New Fish Project!

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  9. Deadliestviper7

    What are you feeding?

    As it is written above
  10. S

    Arrowana ate rubber band!!!

    So I just finished feeding, arrowana has a belly full of crickets + A DAMN RUBBER BAND Small one for bags from lfs. Arrowana is about 10” I know he ate it for sure!!! What should I do? And if at all will it pass eventually or is this a death sentence????? Super sad right now
  11. A

    All bichir in my tank are dying!

    Hi, since about a half year im totally into bichir. Got some Delhezi, Senugales, Ornate, Endlicheri, Lapradei, and Palmas B. Devided into 3 tanks. I'm having a bit of a Pokémon pollacy: gotta catch em all! All jokes aside; i lost 4 of them in the last 2 weeks. Symptons where all the same...
  12. JordanJ

    Feeding frozen fish

    Here in the UK I’m having a hard time finding tilapia fillets. I can buy whole black tilapia in a local oriental supermarket but it’s not ideal. However whilst I was there I saw a few different species that people will recognise. My question is do people prefer to feed freshwater species of...
  13. J

    Best food for P Clarkii (crayfish)

    What is the best food to feed P Clarkii crayfish? Food that provides them with calcium and iodine but are less harmful to the quality of the tank water. Thanks
  14. Blakewater

    Pics From Feeding Time Today

    Enjoy guys, I felt artsy! These are a few of my mini monsters getting fattened up. Only one missing is my ornate and regular sen.
  15. itrebebag99

    Switching Bullhead Aquarium from Sand to Tiles.(Feeding Vid).

    Switched the substrate on my aquarium from pool filtration sand to ceramic floor tiles. Definitely makes cleaning easier, only problem is that some detritus will get under the tiles.
  16. Jughead Jones

    Store Bought Tilapia & Feeding...

    I have a few New World Cichlids, a bichir, a vampire pleco, and some African Cichlids (between two tanks). I read about someone using tilapia to feed their bichir so I decided to give it a try. My bichir loves it, my severum is too small to really get much out of even the smallest chunks but...
  17. E

    Blue Jack Dempsey

    I have a 3in blue jack dempsey that I havent had any problems with. Last night I fed him his first feeder fish which he demolished. Today he is swimming with his mouth wide open and at times appears to be trying to regurgitate something. I can see in his mouth and there doesn't appear to be...
  18. GoldFinger


    Spill your beans (or fish food), and post your feeding schedule and what you feed. Ideally Central & SA Cichlids but also what you may have in with them. I’m new and hoping to steal some ideas and create the “ideal” diet, albeit every fish will vary. Please list your stock & tank gallons, plus...
  19. T


    POND UPDATE + FEEDING!! ENJOY GUYS :D Follow my Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/MADTL