1. C

    Pond Filter vs Canister Filter

    Good morning all, I'll currently in the process of setting up a drilled 270 (84x24x31) and as much as I'd love to do a sump the weight constraints of the tank location won't allow me to put another 1200 pounds of weight on floor. Long story short this will be the forever home for my Fahaka...
  2. S

    For Sale  FS Eheim 2260 Canister Filter 1500XL

    Moved and getting out of the fish hobby. Eheim 2260 Canister Filter (1500XL) - + Media Included = 325$ Will Ship for extra 50$ in USA. or Local pick up : Palm Coast, FL
  3. MetalRavioli

    Cleaning filter?

    Hi y’all! I’m cycling a 90g tank currently with a FX6 canister filter and a sponge filter. However, they have both gotten disgusting, but I am not sure if this is just due to the amount of Fritz Live I’ve used, or if it’s just icky. Should I clean them, or wait for the tank to be cycled? For...
  4. L

    How would you do it? Overflows, PVC Size (230 & 310 US Gallons!)

    Hello, I recently got 2 new aquariums, one of these will be a big upgrade for my African cichlids and the other I'm planning on using for when I get my first freshwater stingray. The stingray I'm planning on getting is a mini marble motoro and will have 3 mono pbass. My tanks are getting...
  5. B

    Tank minimum flow turnover ?

    Hi all. What is the desired turnover rate to achieve best water quality for a tank ? And what is the minimum turnover rate, be it big or small tank. I plan on keeping some slow flow, air breathing fish, and also some fish that require strong flow/current. I have a 900 liters tank which I plan on...
  6. gordoncheers

    Filter Sock vs Filter Wool

    Does anyone have experience in using filter socks in their sump system? How does it differ from filter wool?
  7. A

    Best weir/overflow for sump.. (without drilling)

    Hello everyone, i was just wondering what would be the best weir/overflow for a sump? Without drilling Kind regards Ashton
  8. A

    Filtration in Aro Tank

    I have a Super Highback Gold Aro 7" brought home 7 days ago. 4ft tank with a Sobo FK- 1504 sponge power filter with bio balls. Is it enough for my aro tank filtration? He started eating chicken heart pieces of 0.5inch. Once I'll feed chicken heart and once Hikari Food Sticks. But I'm really...
  9. AquaticRebel

    Sump education

    I have a 4x2x2 120g that currently houses my 2 Oscars but will be home to my Bichir collection that I'm starting but will take some time to fulfill the list of my upper jaw selection ! I was thinking of upgrading from my SunSun HW 3000 canister to a sump or a refugium and I really don't want to...
  10. C


    Hey guys. I had posted about canister vs sump filtration for a 265 I was possibly going to buy and another amazing deal came on my plate to purchase a 375 acrylic tank for next to nothing... I mean seriously, I basically got this thing for free so I went ahead and locked it down sight unseen...
  11. 9

    Quietest and longest lasting out hang on side filters?

    I have a new 55 gallon set up and I was using a old whisper filter for the tank but its driving me insane with motor noise. Any suggestions? The tank is my headboard so i need quiet.
  12. J

    automation with Filter roller in African Cichlids tank?

    Hi guys, I currently have a 120g(175g with the sump) mix hap set up. And I am working toward full automation. (I am not using apex on this specific project because it is not cost-effective on freshwater setup) At the moment, I have wifi power plugs and power strips to control all of my device(...
  13. F

    Idea on a 400 gallon tank.

    Hello All, I have built a 7X3X3 ft concrete tank outside my home. Please suggest the filtration system and fish stocking. Thanks
  14. agent1207

    Filtration for 220 Gallon Help?!

    I newly setup a 220 Gallon aquarium recently, and am new to this whole large aquarium game. I upgraded from my old 100 gallon since fish were getting larger. Fish include male motoro singray, 2 NTT datnoids, 1 red oscar. And plan on doing 50-40% water changes weekly. I currently have, 1...
  15. Cichlids keeper

    Sponge Filters for 75 gallon?

    Are there any good sponge Filters that could be used for a 75 gallon tank with one Texas cichlid in it?
  16. O

    Flowerhorn filtration

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 6 inch flowerhorn in it. I have a penguin 350 and whisper 40. Looking to change up my filtration. Both hobs are old and loud. I've only ran hobs in the past but am open to anything. Anyone have some ideas?
  17. O

    55 gallon filtration

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 6 inch flowerhorn in it. I have a penguin 350 and whisper 40. Looking to change up my filtration. Both hobs are old and loud. I've only ran hobs in the past but am open to anything. Anyone have some ideas?
  18. lamanuts

    For Sale  Mass equipment. Filters, sumps, skimmers, chillers

    Majority of this equipment came from the Bellagio tanks that were made on the show tanked by ATM. Used for less than 2 months. All like new condition. I bought the tanks to expand my operation. I dont have a need for the filtration. 2 x jbj arctica 2hp titanium commercial chillers. has all...
  19. B

    Best filtration for 750 indoor ray pond...

    Hello all, long time lurker first time poster. I currently have had a 210 gal for my BD ray that has been beautiful for him running sumo filtration system but he is outgrowing it so I am in need of an upgrade. I am turning a 750 gal stock tank into his forever home and throwing around ideas for...
  20. jsoto2005

    Large Flowerhorn Filtration Setup

    Hey guys, just a quick discussion for all you filtration freaks out there. I have a 4'x2'x28" with just one SRD flowerhorn cichlid. Im running an eheim 2217 (1000l/h) and an eheim 2215 (620l/h). For inside the tank im running a double canister filter by Qanvee and adding another soon, also...