1. Austin Finley

    First sump Set up (230G System)

    So My Main Question is about overflows and returns this is my first sump and I want to avoid any mistakes if I can. My tank is not drilled and I will not be drilling it so I've been browsing hang on the back Overflow box the tank is around 200 Gallons and my sumps an old 55 holding 35-40...
  2. Nm1

    Ideas wanted 120x36x36 build

    I am building a tank for my silver aro and a few friends. How would you build out this 120x36x36 tank. I have ideas but love the minds and experience behind this platform. This will be picture framed in a 15’x14’ room behind my fish room. I am going to plumb an auto waterchange system. I am...
  3. J

    Stingray filtration

    Hi, I've never kept stingrays before and i'm planning to get a motoro stingray for my 2000L indoor pond. It's a 9ft * 9ft, 1ft deep bare bottom enclosure that i believe matches the needs of the rays. I've previously kept small Koi in this pond and i used a 150L sump for filtration. I'm still...
  4. Rell XV

    I need help with Tannin's.

    So I have a 1000 Gallon aquarium, my filtration system was a 1500 Gallon Capable Sump for Ponds that I purchased from Menards. It comes with a large filter pad, media and a pump that suck up sediment from the substrate. It keeps the aquarium clean for the most part. But, it cannot get rid of...
  5. quasar

    Sun Sun 304B in 120g

    Hey everyone! So I have a 120g with a Gulper catfish and a Baby giant gourami. The tank is a fairly new setup (about 1.5 months). I'm running 2 Sun Sun 304B canister filters as my main filters. I was wondering if this would be a strong enough filtration for the gourami as an adult with the...
  6. quasar

    Giant Gourami coloring?

    Hey Guys! So i got a giant gourami for my new 125g. He's only about 4.5"/5" right now but I heard they can grow 2-3" a month? My main question is though, will he stay all pink? I've seen some pictures of adults that do, and some that get that grey all over. I'll love him regardless of the...
  7. Sarah J

    left off filter for 24h

    Ok, so I did a big water change last night to help with my fish whom aren't doing as well. I was so proud of myself until I just got home from work. The water column is filthy and there is a white film across my lava rock and accumulating on the lower glass. I didn't understand what was going on...
  8. TexasMFK31

    Corner HMF - Powerhead or Air lift Tube

    Morning all. I am curious on everyone's opinion on Powerhead vs Air Lift tube for corner filters. This IS the filtration method, so please, no "use a sump" or "just get an FX6. This will be used for 2 ~100-120g tanks, and I was thinking of buying a singular large air pump (linear) as I can...
  9. ygwilliam

    Fish breeding rack

    So I’ve decided I want to start breeding fish for some profit so that I can make some money back from the hobby. I’m going to breed dwarf cichlids and I’m going to use a racking system all connected to one sump. In total the system without the sump is about 220 gallons. Would a 55 gallon sump be...
  10. A

    Red Hook SD Filtration

    Hey guys, first thread! I'm in the process of getting 6 Red Hook SD's for my cycled 75G. I did my research beforehand but can't find an answer for filtration. A lot of articles say they need moderate flow, and i was wondering if the flow from my AC110 would be too strong for them? Currently...
  11. T

    what filtration for what size tank

    What is the smallest size tank you would put a sump on?
  12. T

    new filtration

    I have a 200g tank in the way and still haven't decided on filtration. I have never had a tank this big and am not sure where to go. I am thinking about doing two canisters, but I have no clue about sumps. anyone wanna weigh in and shed some light and drop some tips??? Currently there will be...
  13. itrebebag99

    How to Wire Up Outdoor Pond

    I want to add an additional pump and aeration system to my pond this spring, and was just wondering the best method of doing this. I was thinking of running an extension chord out of a window, and though PVC pipe that has been buried underground,(to protect it from excessive moisture...
  14. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    DIY Filtration and media

    Whats your favorite DIY filter and media choice? I'm thinking of making a canister filter out of a 5 gallon pale and hook it up to my 125g for added filtration. I've seen a few different designs and ways to do it but curious to what you guys have came up with for DIY filtration and media ?
  15. D

    Help with new Aquarium Sump (Identify this sump please!?)

    I just bought a 110 gallon acrylic aquarium from craigslist. Its a restore job, but i got a great deal. It came with a sump. I know how to restore the acrylic, but i have never had a sump before. I watched a million videos on youtube on sumps, but i cant figure out what kind this is. The baffles...
  16. C

    Amonia won’t go lower than 0,25

    Hey everyone! I’m new here but i’ve been reading the threads on this forum for a while. So I think I may have overstocked the aquarium in my excitement for having finally had it set up and now the amonia won’t go under 0.25 ppm. I did a fishless cycle with seeded media from my LFS that lasted...
  17. Vikkram

    Suggestions for aquarium substrate

    Dear Monster fishkeepers, Today I have built a 240 gallon aquarium (96 L x 24 H x 24 W) I really need suggestions from you on selecting the substrate. I am not going to have a planted tank. Its just a Freshwater fish aquarium (for silver dollars, tinfoil barbs, blood parrot, Oscars, etc). But I...
  18. Aqua Nut

    Hydor Professional 600 & Koralia 1350 unboxing

    Today we start the first step in our 75 gallon tank re-build by unboxing everything we will need to provide adequate flow. We went with a reputable brand, known for having excellent flow rates, Hydor. We unbox the Hydor Professional 600 external aquarium filter and show how simple it is to...
  19. C

    Best Filtration for an Amazon Oxbow Tank

    Hello there, I am currently in the process of setting up an amazon oxbow lake biotope aquarium for our highschool science room. I am relatively inexperienced in regards to filtration, so I was wondering what the best type of filter would be for this type of aquarium. It needs to be have minimal...
  20. Vandyfan13

    How much K1

    I know Stingrays produce a lot of waste. Way more then most fish I'm trying to figure out how much so I know how much K1 they need. For those who know more then I do or use K1 what is your recommendation? Is there a way to calculate and thank you for your time.