1. A

    [Advice] Overflow for a 530gal Plywood Tank

    Hello All, I have no idea what I am doing.... No, I kid, but this is the first time I've built a tank this big. This build is a mixture of DIY and trying out new products/technologies. I've built the tank (8' x 4' x 3') out of 2x4s and 3/4 plywood. But I wanted a massive sump and external...
  2. Vandyfan13


    I plan on buying a rubbermaid foam tank to use as my sump. I have K1 media I plan on using as the bio filter. My question is what could i use for mechanical filtration and do you think there is anyway i could add a wet dry to it?
  3. gourami guru

    What size pump for a 300 gallon fish rack?

    Hello MFK! I'm in the process of building my first fish rack. The rack will consist of 5-10g, 5-29g and 1-100g rubbermaid. They will all be connected using a central filtration system. What size pump should I be looking at to filter this system?
  4. xDestro


    I noticed the fx4 on my 75 wasn't pushing much water so I decided to clean it? I filled up a 20 gallon tote with 10 gallons of tank water and to get a bit more I added 5 gallons of tap water, well I added what I thought was declorinator to the 5 gallon bucket before I added it to the tote but it...
  5. itrebebag99

    Filter keeps stoping.

    I have a TopFin power filter 40 in a 40 gallon aquarium with sand on the bottom. The intake is a few inches above the sand to reduce the amount of sand going in there. The filter keeps stopping up every few days. As it says to do in the instruction manual, I take the filter apart, and spin the...
  6. A

    Filtering FW 620 Gal in Small Spaces

    Hello all! I am about to build a 620 Gallon (freshwater) in my basement. Its the right size and the right spot for the this tank. One problem, I have no idea how to filter this thing. The stand was made for another person and I inherited it when they couldn't finish the project. The stand is...
  7. B

    Hey everyone, just bought a new tank

    so I went out today and got myself a 125 gallon tank! It is going to be stocked with a royal clown knife around 8" a juvenile oscar, a juvenile orange shoulder severum, and a sengalus bichir. "I am aware I will need an even bigger tank in the future" anyway tommy question.. what kind of...
  8. PatrickMW36

    Feedback on filtration for 500 gal

    I'm going to setting up a indoor pond in the basement. The water volume will be about 500 gal. I'm thinking the easiest way to filter would be building a trickle tower. I was thinking of doing it in a 20 gal trash bin or a similar type barrel. I wanted some input on what type of pump I should...
  9. B

    Shark pool filtration and water changes - 20.000 gal

    Hello, I want to ask an experienced shark keeper about filtration a water changes in my future dream tank. Pool size: 50 x 17 x 4 foot. About 20.000 gal 2 or 3 Black tip sharks only. On the Youtube is movie called "David's Shark pool at King Car Aquarium" and it is close to my dream. Means...
  10. L

    Bottom drain

    So I am trying to figure out if I want to have a diffuser on the bottom drain for the pond i am planning. It is not a very large pond. I would say maybe 6 foot wide and 12 foot long. Due to its shape I'm not sure if the diffuser would really be efficient at its job and really worth the extra...
  11. L

    Pond Newbie

    OK guys I need some help. I need some advise on how to design a filter for the pond. I am thinking about basically making a traditional sump like for a aquarium but buried underground. I am gonna use a bottom drain system with the pump after the filtration. I have some ideas but would love to...
  12. GoldFinger

    Help with sump set-up

    Hey guys I would love some help figuring out how to build my sump. My tank will house an Asian Arowana with possible discus and a ray or eel. The tank is going to be 84x30x28 with a 3 foot external ghost overflow at the back coupled with Bean Animal drains and two returns. I would like to go as...
  13. xDestro

    Getting gulpers! Few tank questions

    I had to pull the trigger and order 2 gulpers from my LFS before the tank was %100 setup. I couldn't let them get away again. The tank. •the 55 gallon tank has been up and running for around 8 months now, originally on a canister and a sponge filter but canister **** out and now it's on 2...
  14. K

    Intentional Overfeeding?

    Hello, I'm new to the group, but I have a theoretical question for you. If your stocking is low, would it ever be good to intentionally overfeed? Example: You started a tank and did a fishless cycle using ammonia. You would dose up to 4 ppm and the next day NH3 and NO2 would be zero. Then...
  15. xDestro

    Media question? Kinda

    Sorry I don't know how to explain this question xD I have a corner matten filter in a 20 long and iv squeeze a 100 watt heater, an air stone and a bag of media behind it, I originally put the air stone to help water move about the media but it makes a really annoying noise when the bubbles hit...
  16. F

    Need help deciding pump.

    I am relatively new to fish keeping and am brand new to this site so I apologize if I post this in the wrong area. Currently I am trying to build my own canister filter, either a 5 gallon bucket or 12"L by 4"W PVC pipe. The pipe design will be a HOB filter so no real lift or drop, however the...
  17. M

    Overkill or not ? Bacteria Bloom!

    So I got my new tank, 55 gallon. Got 2 new filters for it.. 2 canisters, cascade 1000's 1 without filter media, (only bio balls) in every slot 25. second with filter pads, sponges, etc. etc. ( NO CARBON ) Prepped all rocks, for the tank.. Put them in a tub with Baking soda for 3 days, after...
  18. xDestro

    Corner filter

    Recently saw this vid and loved how to filter basically disappeared. I have a 20 long and want to do the exact same so my main question is could I put some bio balls behind it? That way I could just use some from my other filters and cycle instantly, maybe add a small air stone underneath the...
  19. xDestro

    Canister = sump?

    Hooked up my fx4 on my 75 today and noticed my water level dropped quiet a bit. So if I were to have a fx4 on like a 20 gallon would that basically be a sump? On another topic can anyone recommend me a canister filter for a 20 gallon long? Stock will he f8 puffer and bumblebee gobies.
  20. xDestro

    Canister broken

    Woke up and noticed my eheim classic 2217 was Making a bit of noise but didn't think to much of it, went to do a water change and noticed it wasn't pulling or pushing water, took it apart cleaned propeller all that crap and nothing, the prop would try to spin half the time and just rattle the...