1. M

    Overkill or not ? Bacteria Bloom!

    So I got my new tank, 55 gallon. Got 2 new filters for it.. 2 canisters, cascade 1000's 1 without filter media, (only bio balls) in every slot 25. second with filter pads, sponges, etc. etc. ( NO CARBON ) Prepped all rocks, for the tank.. Put them in a tub with Baking soda for 3 days, after...
  2. xDestro

    Corner filter

    Recently saw this vid and loved how to filter basically disappeared. I have a 20 long and want to do the exact same so my main question is could I put some bio balls behind it? That way I could just use some from my other filters and cycle instantly, maybe add a small air stone underneath the...
  3. xDestro

    Canister = sump?

    Hooked up my fx4 on my 75 today and noticed my water level dropped quiet a bit. So if I were to have a fx4 on like a 20 gallon would that basically be a sump? On another topic can anyone recommend me a canister filter for a 20 gallon long? Stock will he f8 puffer and bumblebee gobies.
  4. xDestro

    Canister broken

    Woke up and noticed my eheim classic 2217 was Making a bit of noise but didn't think to much of it, went to do a water change and noticed it wasn't pulling or pushing water, took it apart cleaned propeller all that crap and nothing, the prop would try to spin half the time and just rattle the...
  5. D

    Turnover Calculations

    Hello Everybody, New to this forum, and loving it! So, I know there is a thread already about pumps and turnover rates. But I have been having some trouble with the calculations. I have a pump that pumps 800 L/H(211G/H?). My tank is a 15 Gallon... If calculated correctly. The dimensions are...
  6. PatrickMW36

    Greasy film on new Canister Filter.

    I just got a new Sun Sun 304b Canister in the mail. When I take it out I notice there's a greasy/ Lube type film on much of the inside. Especially on the top piece you lock on the main body. It's been a hassle cleaning. Has anyone experienced this? Also I doubt I'll be able to get 100% of this...
  7. xDestro

    Sump question

    What's the advantages to having a sump over just running a canister filter or 2 on larger 100+ tanks? I would love a 150 but sumps are way outa my knowledge range.
  8. I

    Monster sized canister for Monster tank

    So this is an interesting question i have ponder since i got into the wet life. Can a canister filter be built that is large enough for a monster tank. I know i can get 58 gallon screw top barrels made of hdpe. I would use a reeflo dart/snapper or similar for flow, but for media. Do i just super...
  9. PatrickMW36


    I'm planning on planting a carpet of Dwarf Hairgrass in my Pickerel's tank. I'm a beginner when in comes to plants and have never carpeted my tank floor. The tank only holds my 2 10 inch Pickerel. My Filtration does a great job of keeping their water prestine. The issue is that they are larger...
  10. R

    Architecture for animals. please help.

    Hello people, I'm an architecture student and I was thinking about going with ARCHITECTURE FOR ANIMALS as a topic for my thesis. Anyone who has heard anything about this topic or give me any sort of information on a place I can research regarding this subject would be of great help. This...
  11. Jakec96

    Using carbon in hang on back filters

    I haven't changed the carbon in my HOB filters in a very long time. I usually just rinse them out every once in a while to just clean the waste out. The carbon is probably doing nothing because its probably inactive by now. My fish are doing just fine and looking and feeling great so I was...
  12. xDestro

    Almost fill time

    I'm planning on filling my 55 gallon tank up tomorrow after a quick trip to LFS, I already have prime to make my tap water safe, but I'll be picking up a master test kit, api quick start, stress coat, and ammo lock. I plan on using quick start to start my cycle until I get a few baby tetras from...
  13. T

    Arrowanas in a stock tank

    Has anyone done this before? Any good posts about filtration ext? I'm really considering this it would be a 300g becuase that would be the largest that would fit in my basement!
  14. xDestro

    Cycling question

    I have a 55 gallon tank that will soon be cycling with some baby tetras, so do I / should I add that bacteria u can buy at pet stores to help boost the cycling process? Also when cycling what should my nitrates and nitrites be around and what is high enough for me to do a water change? Tank...
  15. xDestro

    Where to buy?

    So I asked around on the forum and you guys said the eheim 2215 is prob the best canister filter to get that fit my needs, only problem is amazon doesn't have it and my pet stores don't carry them so I have to buy from a stores website so my question to you is what would be the savest/ best...
  16. S

    New to the Forum - Looking For Invertebrates

    Hello people of MonsterFishKeeprs, my name is Cavan Smith and I am completely new to this forum. I am far more interested in salt water reefing than I am about fresh water fish. I've been looking for some invertebrates such as: menospongia aurea Smenospongia echina Verongula rigida I'm very...
  17. xDestro

    Soaking driftwood

    I have been soaking a piece of driftwood fir about 3 days now and I went to change the water and I noticed some white resin in a spot. Any idea what this is? And what should I do with it? * iv been soaking it in water with double dose of prime*
  18. xDestro

    sponge filter pre soak?

    i just went and bought a used 55 gallon tank stand a the guy had a sponge filters so i picked one up too since i want to have one with my canister filter when i get around to setting up my tank. i have some driftwood soaking in water with some prime in it and since the sponge was wet wen he gave...
  19. xDestro

    New, 55 gallon filtration

    Ok so I recently picked up a 55 gallon starter bundle kit from from petsmart (topfin is the brand) I haven't set it up yet but I was wondering about filtration, I kinda want a sponge filter to go along with the included filter so what do u think? Should I upgrade the included filter and if so...
  20. R

    265 finished (mostly)

    Picked up a 265 a few months back for 400 bucks due to a leaky seal. After resealing it and months of selecting what fish and what kind of setup I want to run I am finally about complete. Fish are in it and they are happy but I am still fine tuning for the next few weeks. Guess I should list...