flower horn

  1. MitchGlitch23

    Good online shop recommendations for FH?

    75gal with sun sun 3000 (still working on getting it going) also theres another tank exactly like this one, it just needs setup. Can't afford to do both right now so it'll have to wait. But this stand is for two 75 gal tanks.
  2. Daniel36

    Is my flowerhorn healthy?

    I always thought flowerhorns were veracious eaters yet my flowerhorn is the exact opposite. Eats a couple hikari brand cichlid pellets here and there. Even the frozen blood worms don’t go down as fast as they used to. When I walk up to his tank he becomes very engaged, like he’s begging to be...
  3. F

    For Sale  Flower horn, decorus catfish, common pleco

    So for sale I have a 6 inch flower horn for 100$ a small common pleco about 4 inches for 10 bucks and a decorus catfish about 8 inches or so for 60
  4. S

    My flowerhorn is bleeding in eye...

    He wasn't eating well, then I saw his right eye was cloudy and he wasn't able to see properly and wasn't swimming freely either, was slow and in corner sitting most of the time. Today I pumped up the heater from 28°c to 32°c and added doxycycline capsule which was recommended by local pharmacist...
  5. S

    Is this flowerhorn? If yes, I will like to know type and gender :)

    This fish was sold to me as a male flowerhorn, I love it regardless but I am really very curious and knowing more about it will help me care for it better 😃
  6. Benthebassmaster

    Dwarf SRT flowerhorn tank size

    Petzoned has a dwarf srt flowerhorn and they said it gets 1-1.5 inches. I thought it was to good to be true so I am wondering about that.
  7. D

    For Sale  Blue dragon Flowerhorn

    Very beautiful blue dragon Flowerhorn healthy feed pallets and sometimes shrimp. Very big around 9.5 inches. Want to trade for a indo datnoid or 3 bar datnoid 8 inches and up. If you are interested and buying text me at 9292773980 we can discuss price and negotiate on a great offer deal.
  8. D

    Male or female

    Dear experts Pls help me to determine whether this is a male or a female Flowerhorn! Thanks
  9. Shape of Water

    For Sale  22" Redtail Catfish and Show-grade Flower Horn

    Hi, I have a beautiful Redtail Catfish for sale. I assume it's a male. He has great patterns, and very interactive. He's 22" long, very healthy and friendly. He will allow you to pet him. He will be suitable for an aquarium of minimum of 180 gallons. Of course, a bigger house is better. :) No...
  10. G

    What is the gender of my Flowerhorn

    Hi All, Can you please tell what is the gender of my Flowerhorn. Thanks.
  11. C

    Trevor the flowerhorn needs help!

    Ok so, I got this guy about 3 weeks ago, and since I've had him he has spent more and more time upside down, with his kok always being the lowest point on his body. He used to be able to right himself really easily, and would be right side up most of the time, but now it seems like a struggle...
  12. C

    Flowerhorn head injury

    HI I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the small scrape or hole in his head looks like. Is it an injury or do you think hole in the head(hexamita). The hole is tiny, right in the middle under his black coloring
  13. H

    Can you help me identify the Type of Flowerhorn ?

    Hi, I got him a week back. Trying to identify which type of flowerhorn he is. Could you also suggest some tips to groom him best. Also I would like to know if I can I add a female flowerhorn to the same tank.
  14. A

    Male and Femal flower horn

    Hello guys, does a male and femal flower horn live together in a same tank all the time irrespective of only during breeding time. I had female which I raised since it was a fry and she is 3 months old now and i have brought srd male (same size) . Currently keeping them separated by a glass. Can...
  15. A

    Flower horn bulged belly

    I have got a new 3-4 inch flower horn yesterday and it has a fat belly. He is very active though. Feeding him 6 xo humpy head pellets 2 times a day keeping 12 hrs gap. He was very stressed in the fish store. Does it have some bacterial infection?? Or just a constipation?? Your guidence is really...
  16. O

    Flowerhorn update

    Here is an update of my flowerhorn. I've had him two weeks today. He is an insane fish. Eats everything right out of my hand and occasionally lets me pet him. Im so happy with him. Did some different aquascape now. Let me know what you think of my fish and scape? Darker substrate is from day...
  17. E

    Shortbody FH in 70 gal?

    Hey all - I recently acquired a 70 gal tank - 36 in x 18 in x 24 in What's your opinions on a SB FH living for life in this? I've always wanted a FH, I know bigger is always better. Honestly, I'm reluctant to have a 100+ gallon dedicated to a single fish. If you don't think that a FH would...
  18. B

    Want to Buy  WTB male flowerhorn Four Corners area/online

    Preferably around 5" but I'm open to other sizes. The highest I'd really want to pay is around $150. Located in Durango, CO but I'd pickup within a few hours (Albuquerque or Santa Fe included).
  19. Daniel36

    Flowerhorn eye? Should I worry?

    My flowerhorn has some discoloration on one of his eyes and I’m not sure what I should do or if it’s even something I should be worried about. It doesn’t seem to affect his behavior or appetite but I’m concerned. Any advice is much appreciated. If the picture is not adequate I would describe it...