flower horn

  1. L

    I need help with my flowerhorns identification!!!

    I am unsure of what type of flowerhorn I was given, I thought its a red dragon but I need clarification. This specific flower horn looked more like a super pearly king kamfa then my other red dragons and also it was imported from thailand... the unidenified flower horn is a male and its about 5...
  2. F

    New flowerhorn fry , did I pick up a beast ?

    New flowerhorn fry , did I pick up a beast? New to flowerhorns . Little guy has a tiny bump and some good blue markings witch I like alot . What do you think ? Don't really know what people personally look for .
  3. vinnie coyle

    White poop Flowerhorn?? Please help!!!

    Hi guys, I wonder can you help me. I woke up to find my Flowerhorn very inactive this morning, and then I noticed he done a very big cloudy poop, which made a mess of my entire tank. He is about 3 inches long. I monitored him and then about 30 mins later he did another. And again made quite...
  4. Q

    Help With Red KML Selection

    Hello everyone, I searched the web using keyword "flowerhorn" and found many threads in this forum so I hope this is the right place to ask. I contact Flowerhorn Supply via Facebook for a flowerhorn. He sends me the pictures of 11 "high quality KML" that he currently has. I'm a newbie to FH...
  5. vinnie coyle

    Hole in head?? Please help!!!

    Hi guys, Happy Holidays.... Just noticed a few small holes on both sides of my Thai Silk Flowerhorn's head. Can u guy take a look and give me your thoughts, I done a 50% WC 2 days ago, and my temp went up 3 degrees but I got it back to normal 27 degs by the time tank was full. This was my...
  6. K

    Flowerhorn Breeding

    Hello everyone, I currently have two flowerhorns, a male and a female. The male is about 5 inches and the female about 3.5. They were in two separate tanks for over 3 months, I recently added them in one tank with a divider, I took the divider out after 3 days and they were fine together for...
  7. P

    Help me choose my flower horn

    Hi, help me choose my flower horn
  8. vinnie coyle

    My New Thai Silk Juvenile - Male??

    Hey, I have just purchased a new Thai Silk Flowerhorn, expecting delivery on Tuesday. I have attached a few pics and a youtube link below.. It is sold as un-sexed due to only being 7.5cm, and cant be properly vetted. I would like to get you guy's options on the sex and quality? I would...
  9. Kiryoku

    Female Electric Blue Kamfa Flowerhorn. NYC

    5 inch female electric blue kamfa flowerhorn for sale. $80 firm if i come to you, price is negotiable if you come to me. Brooklyn, NY, 11223. Contact me here or Discord @Vincent#9930
  10. C

    Flowerhorn Quality Comparison

    which flowerhorn should I breed or which has a higher quality. Around 5 inches
  11. C

    Flowerhorn Grade?

    i have a 5 inch flowerhorn. Wondering if anyone will tell me what grade they think he is.
  12. C

    Flowerhorn Kok

    I was wondering if my flowerhorn will end up with a big Kok or just a average one. He’s around 5-6 inches
  13. C

    Flowerhorn Kok

    I was wondering if anybody can tell if my flowerhorn will end up with a big kok or not. He’s around 5-6 inches
  14. M

    New Monster fish Setup

    Hi MFK’s Wel i have a 100g tank setup for my silver Aro, 50g for Kamfa Flowerhorn, 50g for SRD Flowerhorn. Planning to setup a big monster tank for 3 or 5 Aro’s, sting ray, arapaima. I need help and suggestions mainly for 3 this ngs. 1) suggested Size for the tank (glass) 2) tank setup (need...
  15. H

    sex of baby Flower horn..

    I bought a baby flower horn,a week ago,i want to know the sex of the flower horn... Any help would be appreciated...
  16. JunhoxPark

    New 2.5” Flowerhorn

    Pretty new to flowerhorns but i’ve done my research here and there... I just picked this guy up for $40 at a fish store I didn’t even know was there (good deal?). Just want to get some honest opinions and was wondering if his hump center area will fill in with more red as he grows. Can’t wait...
  17. Z

    Please guys can anyone tell my what type of FL is it,SRD?? or whats the head called.

    Any info will be really appreciated ;)
  18. Miks786

    Flowerhorn help please?? Urgent

    hey guys my flowerhorn is not getting any better??? I have raised the temp in the tank and added salt what more can I do??? Please urgently help It’s getting worse, almost looks like it’s gonna fall off
  19. M

    My fh progress

    Purchased July 6th 2018.... fast changes in KOK and color. Love this fish!!! Not terrible for petco!