flower horn

  1. P

    what kind of flowerhorn/sex/potential

    This is my little buddy he's about 3 inches wanna know what strain he is what sex and what people think of him
  2. proxy27

    Show us what you got! <Red Dragons>

    Lets Post Pictures of our Red Dragons, from beginners to Pros! Share with us your best pic! Please include Approx age and size Good Luck!
  3. N

    Help identifying flowerhorn species please :)

    Hey everyone! So I recently purchased a flowerhorn, been wanting one for years. He is absolutely gorgeous and I'm curious what kind you all might think he is. He is a juvenile and I purchased him off of one of my supervisors and he thought he could be a super red dragon. His name is dovahkiin...
  4. N

    Flowerhorn help

    Male or female? 3 inch flowerhorn
  5. F

    Flowerhorn looks ill

    It has been a month since I brought home a baby flowerhorn. It was doing just fine and active. In the recent three days, it was hiding behind the filters and hitting itself on the tank mirrors. I have seen it playing with the tiny stones and follow my finger before. What it is doing now isn't...
  6. J

    My Red dragon Flower Horn - Kenzo

    Hello everyone, Say hi to Kenzo! Thanks, Jonatz
  7. SingAlongWithTsing

    Weird bumps on Flowerhorn?

    Just noticed something weird on the side of my flowerhorn you can see it at 0:11 ~ 0:16 and 0:28~0:31. Hoping it's just heater burn damage or bumping into the air stone damage and not something parasitic. current set up: 55 gal (48" x 15" x 17") sunsun 303b 200 watt aqueon, set @81 F water...
  8. K

    MALE or FEMALE Flowerhorn? AND WHAT KIND?

    What kind and gender is it? I notice a little black markings on the dorsal fins, but not always. It only shows up when the flowerhorn got scared or is scared but for most of the time it is not there. I have him for about 2-3 weeks now but I don't see any development in size and especially in...
  9. BoomStick34

    Is this a flower horn?

    Hey, new to the flowerhorn and I was sold this fish(was sold to me as a FL), I've been told by a friend who keeps flower horn that he thinks it not, any information would be appreciated
  10. K

    Flowerhorn Identification! (HELP)

    What kind of a flowerhorn is this? Only about 2 inches, very aggressive and it is male.
  11. S

    Flowerhorn hexamita help

    I started treating my flowerhorn with epsom salt today Dosage - 50 gram for my 30 gallon tank.(approx 3tblsp) What else should i do ? I donot prefer using antibiotics like metranidazole. Right now i only have access to epsom salt. Pls guide me how to continue the treatment I just bought him...
  12. R

    How much should I sell my flower horn for

    I am looking to sell my flowerhorn. I just would like some feed back on how much.
  13. fhckg_

    Flowerhorn ID (Warrior FlowerHorn)

    So I picked up this 2-3ich flowerhorn at my local petstore it was labeled as a "warrior flowerhorn". I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it actually is. I'm thinking green maxtix or something..
  14. F1FlowerHornA1

    Check my 7 inch flowerhorn! monster kok

    Bought at 2 inches and is now about 8 months old. Destroys anything I put in the tank. Give em a rate !
  15. I

    Flowerhorn temper tantrum

    Hey everybody. First post here, figured I could get some advice on my flowerhorn. Had had about a month. He is five inches long, and has his own 120 gallon aquarium. I put a black background on his tank yesterday and he has been non stop throwing a tantrum. He wont leave the back of the tank...
  16. N

    I'm a newbie: info and opinions about my FHs

    Dear admin, i'm very new in this the hobby of keeping FH, and attached are pictures of my two FH, one is a short body and one is a regular FH, i would like to know some infos about them and opinions what are their classifications in terms of strains and quality. What are the pointers to be...
  17. T

    Flowerhorn cichlid and black convict fry

    Hey guys I'm a newbie and this is my first batch of fry. I don't know how it happened but my flower horn and black convict reproduced and I don't really know how to take care of them. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I found them this morning and was shocked I managed to separate most...
  18. Bubble girl

    FH update

    Today my flower horn is officially 4 years old so I decided to do another update. He is eating better, and seems less aggressive he used to be in a 80 gallon with my dads tiger oscar at first they didn't fight then later they started to, recently I had to put him back in the tank he is the same...