1. M

    Blue dolphin cichlid growth rate

    My albino blue dolphin and my 1 year old had babies. Not sure how old the albino is as I got it as an adult. Had the male since around 2 inches. In 3 weeks they have gone from 1 cm to 2 cms. How fast will they get to 2 inches or 5cm? See pics, 25 babies.
  2. Rayfishowner

    What to feed angelfish fry

    Hey guys, my angels have spawned multiple times this past month, but the fry never get past the free swimming stage. Every time they are gone, possibly from angel parents and other inhabitants eating them. I've recently set up a small 10 gallon fry tank and they just laid eggs. After they are...
  3. agent1207

    Fry Question Help?!

    I currently have 30ish, maybe a little less, African cichlid Venustus fry in a 20 gallon aquarium they have been in the plastic breeder box for 3 days now. I have been having trouble feeding them as they all tend to swim away when I try and feed them, but just recently a few notice that when I...
  4. mattybecks

    Larvophile mouthbrooders in action

    Hello chaps and chapettes My Geophagus Tapajos have yet another batch of fry, thought I would try and get some close ups of their larvophile mouthbrooding behavior. My colony of 7 geos is about 2.5 years old now. The largest is just shy of 17cm, and the smallest just over 12cm.
  5. T

    Peacock Cichlid Growth rates

    Hey everyone, Long does it take for Peacock Cichlids on average to get to 1-2 inches after losing their egg sacks? I realize water changes, quality, and space all make a difference and because of that Ill lay out my plan. If I have a holding female, I would either strip her or relocate her into...
  6. B

    Fry dying - killing each other or disease?

    Hey everyone, My Vieja Guttulatus and Vieja Hartwegi recently started to breed after they hit about two years old. One batch of fry is about two and a half months old now, and I've been finding dead ones each morning. Sometimes I will find two or three, and sometimes I will wake up to ten dead...
  7. Green Devils-Red Terrors

    Black Convict Cichlid, viable with introducing small babies while in tank??

    Is it safe to introduce my new Green Texas and Blue Acara (half an inch at most), into a tank with 1 1/2 inch convicts (breeding pair)? The convicts are already circulating at the bags, as I'm acclimating. Anyone, have any tips on introduction, of new small babies into a tank while avoiding...
  8. Nilsafeller

    Is this normal egg laying?

    Is it normal for Jack's to lay eggs on side glass? I have tons of flat surfaces in the tank... but she chose the glass instead lol
  9. D

    My first flowerhorn breeding.

    This is my first time breeding flowerhorns. Male blue thai silk and an unknown (wild?) Female that I purchased at a lfs. I will be removing the eggs to a separate tank tonight. What and when do I start feeding the fry? Thanks for the help
  10. Nilsafeller

    Your are NOT the father

    Feel like I need to bring my fish on Maury or something... I'll start off with asking my question before getting into a whole story so I dont bore people before they read everything lol! Has anyone ever had a tank with say 3 or more cichlids and ended up with a female laying eggs and...
  11. N

    My Convict Cichlid frys get disapperared before free swimming (wigglers stage).. please help

    My Convict cichlid had their first batch of frys and they are disappeared in wiggler stage.. and it’s been one month they didn't lay second batch off egg.. what could be the reason. (Its a 20 gallon tank with two pairs of convicts and both layed eggs at same time and same result for both the...
  12. slava2929

    What to do with fry

    Thought i had two male rainbow cichlids but the much smaller fish (about 1/3 the size of my adult rainbow) ended up being female and now I have about 100 fry and they're growing. Have been in the hobby off and on for years, but only got hardcore a year ago and I have never bred fish. In about...
  13. Nano Vanisher

    Red Texas F1 Fry

    In pursuit of the best possible hybrids we have F1 red Texas from Jewels my Carpintis and Cheesepuff my Blood parrot. so far we are grabbing a few to hold for the F2 stage some short body and regular. We have a lot of fry available they are healthy and growing fast. Had one report that one...
  14. B

    Fry to juvenile size

    Does anyone know how long it takes for a tiny fry newborn bichir to reach around 3 inches? if specifics are needed, I am wondering about the albino bichir. Thanks in advance!
  15. MidnightRyuu

    FTS | Electric Blue Acara Fry | $2 for 1/4in 4 for 1/2in | Phoenixville,Pa | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Electric Blue Acara Fry What are your prices?: 2-4 depending on size Where are you located?: Phoenixville,Pa Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: I have a pair of Electric Blue Acara Cichlids that had a bunch of...
  16. Lars6

    Need help with Colombian tetra fry care

    I recently came back from a long vacation of a month and a half. I immediately did a 90% water change on my planted 20 long. There are 2 Colombian tetras, 1 panda Cory (other 5 died while I was away, I’m assuming nitrate poisoning due to lack of water changes), and 3 nerite snails in the tank...
  17. C

    Can a Salvini and Jack Dempsey produce a hybrid together?

    My salvini just layed her eggs with a jack Dempsey and I was wondering if it’s possible for the jack to fertilize the eggs.
  18. BMG94

    African Cichlid finally had babies

    My male peacock cichlid and the mystery silver Cichlid female had mated and she had babies in a nursery net, it's been five days now and the babies have grown quite a bit.. lol I have video of them that I'll be posting later on just to let people observe
  19. O

    Silver Arowana Laid Eggs

    Hi All, I have a Silver Arowana of about 16inches in my 5ft tank alone since it was a juvenile. The Aro was not as active and refused to eat since past week and was mostly at the bottom of the tank in awkward positions. Today i noticed that the aro was swimming fine and has laid about 15-20...
  20. S

    Are the baby golden nugget plecos?

    I have a 270g stocked tank I inherited when we bought our house. I have almost no knowledge about most of it. Well today in the sump/wet dry (which has a serious snail issue, so i never look closely), i found a lot of these little fish. I am leaning toward them being hillstream loaches since I...