1. FuriousFish

    220G Update Thread

    In this thread, I will post updates and track the progress with my 220-gallon tank. I have had this tank going on 10 years now and it has gone through a lot of changes in that time, especially since I was still very young and naive when I got it. With that being said, the current state of the...
  2. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  3. Jacob6556

    Give me some ideas for this tank!! Picture included!!

    So that’s my tank!! I’m lookimf for some great stocking ideas!! I would lik to have larger fish that max out the size limit and then some medium size fish and then maybe a small school of smaller fish! But I’m looking for your best idea on what you think would be the best fit and coolest idea...
  4. V

    720 plywood aquarium build

    In the process of designing a 720 gallon plywood aquarium for some monster fish. Took this design off of "greenterra" so check out his thread if you get a chance. Tank will be built strictly out of 3/4" plywood for the sides and bracing. Each side will have a double layer of 3/4" ply so total...
  5. M

    75g Geophagus, Apistogramma, Tetras and Plecos

    Hello everyone! I haven't had a tank for a few years now and the itch to get tanks again was really getting to me... so I gave in and purchased a 30 gallon tank. That lasted me two months, until I decided I needed something larger, so now I have both the 30 gallon tank and a 75 gallon tank...
  6. FishSwarm

    55/ 75 / 90 Gallon Double Stack Steel Tube Build Blueprints

    Just got my first custom stands back from the fab shop! Super excited and will be cleaning, light sanding, then painting them with truck bed liner this weekend. In hopes of helping someone that is in my same position I was, I thought I would take a little time and post my mock up blueprints...
  7. D

    How many Bichirs could I have in a 150 gallon?

    Hello all! I have a fully cycled 150 gallon tank with 4 angels and 5 clown loaches. I have a BGK and will be getting some Bichirs, so here is my question. How many Bichirs could I get and not be pushing an unhealthy stocking level? Only upper jaws. Nothing huge. I have a sponge filter, 575 gph...
  8. Ohionick2017

    90 gallon filtration

    I have a 90 gallon (48x18) im currently resealing i bought off of craigslist and i wanna go with a cannister filter(s). stocking: 1 jack dempsey 1 turqoise severum 1 gold nuggett pleco 1 peacock eel I'd like to do black sand substrate and driftwood as an aquascape I was thinking of either a...
  9. AquaLeo

    How Much Salt Per Gallon ?

    So setting up a 240 gallon pond just curious. I believe 1/2 cup per gallon ? Thanks again :)
  10. R

    265 finished (mostly)

    Picked up a 265 a few months back for 400 bucks due to a leaky seal. After resealing it and months of selecting what fish and what kind of setup I want to run I am finally about complete. Fish are in it and they are happy but I am still fine tuning for the next few weeks. Guess I should list...
  11. koizilla714

    FS | 30 gallon sump & free mfk sticker | $1 | Santa Ana | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 30 gallon sump & free mfk sticker What are your prices?: 1 Where are you located?: Santa Ana Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Free MFK decal if you buy this sump.. send me your offers 714-6865656 Shipping...
  12. koizilla714

    FTS | 30 gallon sump | $50 | 92704 | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 30 gallon sump What are your prices?: 50 Where are you located?: 92704 Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: I don't have use for it anymore. hmu 714-6865656 Shipping method: Acknowledgement: I have read and agree...
  13. koizilla714

    120 Gallon boltless shelving

    Hey guys, just wondering if these metal shelving rack will carry the 120 gallon on top and 40 gallon breeder + 15 gallon on the middle. Or any ideas to modify the rack to become sturdier to support the 120 gallon glass tank. Thanks
  14. kim91

    Australian Arowana Jardini Saratoga Swimming Slanted/Sideways

    Please help! My jardini started to swim slanted or not straight, I don't think this is bladder problems because it only happens for certain times. For example if i cover the tank in front he will swim straight but if removed he tend to be slanted. Is it the lights or window that's making him do...
  15. kim91

    Feeding small fish on a 130gallon tank

    I just bought a 130gallon tank and i have 2 silver dollars 2 red bellied pacu, 1 clown knifefish and a baby RTC, how do i feed them? the tank is so big and every time i come near the tank they all swim away and hide from me. What's wrong with my fishes? please help. Thanks
  16. R

    Cichla intermedia or cichla kelberi?

    hello everybody i just got me a 210gallon tank and am getting a big show fish in which i choose to get a fish from the cichla genus to fill that spot, at first i was going to get a cichla melaniae xingu but they are not available for the next 3-4 months from the seller who im dealing with so...