1. J

    For Sale  Geophagus 4” So Cal West Covina

    Hey guys I have a bunch of these to let go. Around 4”. Not sure of the kind of geo. Asking $18. Shoot me a text for faster response. 6265348698. Pick up in West Covina or I can drop off in the SGV area.
  2. Plec123

    For Sale  Group of 4 red head tapajos geos

    Selling a group of 4 Geophagus sp. red head tapajos. All between 2.5" and 3". Doing well and eating pellets. All fish have been with me for a couple months now. Pickup/meetup only in NJ. $100 for the group, will not split.
  3. C

    Geophagus Tapajos Territorial

    Hey all, I’ve got 4 juvenile red horse faces in a 55 gallon tank at the moment, 3 of them are generally okay but the largest is quite aggressive and territorial usually leading to the others having to share a small side of the tank. does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations as to what...
  4. K

    For Sale  Trade or Sale Geophagus Winemilleri & Jupari

    I have 3 Geophagus Winemilleri for sale, I believe 2 sales 1 female. 7’- 6.1’. ( $150/each obo) Also have a single geophagus proximus available. It’s about 5’ long.($65/obo) 3 juvenile Jupari ($35/each) 3 albino spotted sevruim ($35/each) willing to trade for Geo tapajos, pellegrini...
  5. D

    Want to Buy  Looking for geophagus redhead tapajos

    Looking to purchase several redhead tapajos preferably 3 inches or larger.
  6. BlueJacks

    For Sale  South American Cichlids

    4 Geophagus Redhead Tapajos 3 inches 50$ 4 Albino threadfin Acaras 2inches. 50$ 3 mesoheros gephyrus 3-4inch. 50$ 1 Parachromis Managuense 3.5 inches. 10$ Can meet within reason bring a bucket!
  7. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for peacock bass and Geophagus in Oregon or Washington

    Looking for peacock bass or geophagus preferably butterfly or royal peacock bass but open to others! Cash on hand. Give me your price and location
  8. BlueJacks

    Redhead Tapajos

    Like my other post I purchased 9 of these guys and looking for others who have bred them, looking for tips and experience. Thank You
  9. F

    For Sale  FS: PU Thorichthys maculipinnis 6 inch 91335

    Hi I have this Red Head Thorichthys maculipinnis Adult for sale. Nothing wrong just looking to lighten my Bio load. Asking $60 obo located in 91335.
  10. T

    For Sale  Mixed cichlid for sale.

    I have a 600 gallon tank with over 80 different species every fish you see in the pictures are for sale. Male me an offer for what you want. All fish are extremely healthy and not very aggressive. Pick up only. If you don't see a fish you want ask I might have it. There are breading females...
  11. K

    For Sale  8”-9” Red Spot Gold Severum & 5”-6” Geophagus Albino Heckelii

    I’m selling a Red Spot Severum and an Albino Geophagus Heckelii for $200 If selling separately: 8”-9” Red Spot Severum: $150 5”-6” Albino Geophagus: $100 Let me know if you’re interested, also available on...
  12. K

    For Sale  7” Geophagus Sveni and a FREE 5.5” Geophagus Red Head

    I’m looking to sell 3 Wild Caught Geophagus Sveni at 7” for $300. (I don’t know the sex of them) I will add a FREE 4.5”-5.5” Geophagus Red head Tapajos.
  13. K

    For Sale  6”-7” F0 Geophagus Sveni

    I’m looking to sell 3 Wild Caught Geophagus Sveni at 6”-7” for $400. (I don’t know the sex of them) I will add a FREE 4.5”-5.5” Geophagus Red head Tapajos.
  14. C

    For Sale  6” Male Geophagus Brasiliensis

    Pearl cichlid for sale.
  15. H

    juvenile red hump cichlid... 🐟✅

    my juvenile red hump (Geophagus steindachneri) starting to show her hump
  16. Plec123

    For Sale  Trio of 3" Geophagus sveni

    Local pickup in NJ only Selling a group of 3 Geophagus sveni. All 3", unsexed. Will not separate. Option of including a free single 2" F1 Geophagus sveni "Rio Parana" as well. $80 OBO for all of them.
  17. C

    Geophagus Brasiliensis question

    I recently got 2 Geo brasiliensis in my 75G. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out what’s going on. I had 1 female Geo Sveni about double their size and ended up having to remove her as these 2 were starting to bother her. They are about 3 inches each and were doing GREAT together. They made...
  18. H

    Geophagus pellegrini

    Recently arrived G. pellegrini family: 1 male 3 females video
  19. mattybecks

    My tanks

    Hi Guys, I havent posted pics or vids on my tanks for a while now, thought I put them online for record purposes :) 1 - 750L, 1.8m aquarium. Asian Arowana (50cm in length). 6 x Geophagus Tapajos (approx 15cm each. Smallest is about 12, largest is 17cm). 1 x rainbow shark. 2 -150L Marine Tank -...
  20. C

    For Sale  Geophagus Brasiliensis

    2 Nice Geophagus Brasiliensis about 4.5”, possibly male and female.