1. Jush

    For Sale  Predatory Fish for SALE! (UK)

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] I am selling multiple predatory fish as follows; For sale from home; Can get upon request; multi-buy deals can be discussed by contacting!
  2. CMTrey5

    For Sale  Red Tail Giant Gourami 8-9” | Bay Area | Pick-up | $50

    Red Tail Giant Gourami about 8-9”. Eating pellets, tilapia, and shrimp.
  3. G

    Does this fish have something wrong with its eye?

    I have this gourami that has red eyes. Is this normal or is something wrong with my fish?
  4. mr cichlid

    Predatory fish up to 2.5 feet

    one-stop-shop for large established predatory tank. All you need is a big aquarium or Pond, LOL. Predator fish up to 2.5 feet in length. Majority of these fish have grown up together. They can be housed with large cichlids and many oddball species. Research what cichlid would be best. -wild...
  5. M

    55 gallon tank(btw I'm loving the new update so much easier to make threads)

    Hello aquarium hobbyists! I have a 55-gallon tank with an Oscar, belly crawler pike cichlid and bichir. All of these fish are somewhere from 4-5 inches. I am planning on removing the Senegal Bichir because it stopped eating. My thinking behind this is that it shares the tank with two very greedy...
  6. CrazyFishLady90

    Gulper after meal

    Have had my gulper almost 4 weeks and I think he finally ate his first meal last night. Anyone know what they act like after they've eaten? It was just a gourami so not big, but he seems stressed and the only thing other than eating must be pH which I've managed to keep at 7 even though my...
  7. G

    55 Gallon stocking

    I am stocking my 55 gallon finally after letting it cycle for a few months, I want a few angelfish and a larger school (8-10) of Serpae Tetras. I want 1-2 other fish that are big for a center piece, I’ve been told kissing gouramis wouldnt work. Does anyone know of a larger fish I could keep with...
  8. quasar

    Giant Gourami coloring?

    Hey Guys! So i got a giant gourami for my new 125g. He's only about 4.5"/5" right now but I heard they can grow 2-3" a month? My main question is though, will he stay all pink? I've seen some pictures of adults that do, and some that get that grey all over. I'll love him regardless of the...
  9. CYBR


    Big brother and little brother. Lol
  10. Rob909

    FTS | Red tail giant gourami | $50 | Fontana, Ca | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Red tail giant gourami What are your prices?: 50 Where are you located?: Fontana, Ca Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: I’ve got a red tail gourami that I want to trade or sell. It is picking on my silver...
  11. cichlidfan77

    Random pic’s

    the three amigos Some shots of Maui my rainbow shark and here's cheeto starburst
  12. Chinnavar

    Dwarf Gourami: Iridovirus?

    Hello, About a month ago I decided to get a dwarf gourami for my 10g tank which housed 3 oto's and a buttload of shrimps. My initial thought was to keep the shrimp population in control while also keeping the gourami happy with fresh food, which worked for a while before he snapped and ate 95%...
  13. RocketGarStar

    We've all purchased fish that we regret - please help me with mine!

    I've had a 5 inch gourami sold as a "mystery gourami" by PetSmart for about a year now. Being the suspicious person I am, I looked up photos of baby giant gouramis, and bam. They look exactly the same. I had promised myself in my early years of tending aquariums that I'd never, ever make that...
  14. D

    Knife Fish Compatibility

    Hello all! I am slowly stocking my 150 gallon tank and I was wondering if a BGK would be detrimental to the health of my other fish. I currently have six 1.5-2" clown loaches, and four angelfish. I will be adding 3-4 ropefish, and 1-2 bichirs, and maybe 1-2 pearl gouramis. My question is...
  15. Vikkram

    Need Help for my baby Giant Gourami.. Please Help...

    Hi Everyone, I notiiced some red spots on my Giant Gourami. Now it's swollen a little. Some black thread like sting attached with that red swollen part. I see it in both of my albino Giant Gourami. Please help. I love them lot. Those are only 3 - 4 inches now. I don't want to lose them. Please...
  16. J

    Need boss fish for angel tank

    Hello, I just bought 5 juvie angels to be the centerpiece for my 55 gal tank and I want a boss fish to keep them in line. I have had angels before, and like them, but I don't like their attitude. I suspect that they mat stress out my other fish, and I just don't like the way they behave. I was...
  17. xDestro

    Aggressive gourami help?!

    I picked up a female opaline gourami a few weeks ago and it's a bit agressive, iv seen it chase some of my other fish and I believe it took a chunk out of my platies tail. I really like the gourami I think it's a good center piece fish but I don't want aggression in the tank. Can I do anything...
  18. xDestro

    TaILless platy

    Today I noticed that my biggest platy has almost all of his tail missing and I'm not sure what could have done it, I have around a 2 inch opaline female gourami and 2 small rose lines that have been in there for almost a week and a small around 1 inch striped raphael catfish that I put in 2 days...
  19. B

    Giant gourami disease

    I have 2 giant white gouramis 4 inch, 2paroon shark 7-8 inch and red paroot about 5 inch in 100 gallon aquarium. Today one of my gouramis swimming on top very lethargic, tilting as well, some white patches on skin as well. After a while she pull out small bubbles from his mouth and is...
  20. awdawg

    ID this Giant Gourami?

    I bought this lil fella about a month and a half ago now and it has put on about 2" in length. It's about 3.5-4" long right now I'd say. I was thinking it may be an Elephant ear?