gulper cat


    Water Cow? Gulper? Or both?

    I’ve posted before with questions about a sleeper goby and the care for it, with lots a help and support, I’m wondering now, if a sleeper goby or water cow would be compatible with a gulper catfish as I believe that I saw a picture on here, depicting a setup with such. (I believe it was by...
  2. S

    Gulper Catfish Slime Coat Coming Off

    I have recently acquired a gulper catfish, it is still acclimating to the new environment but the slime coat is coming off on the fins and in front of the head. Is this normal, should I do more water changes or just leave it as is for now? Thank you
  3. CrazyFishLady90

    Fish louse?

    I think my gulper has a louse (cue goosebumps and skin crawl). Would that affect his appetite? How would I remove it? I've had him a week today. He's wild caught but I imported him from a Cichlaholics. Pics aren't great. Not much practice taking photos of moving objects through glass.
  4. A


    Hello new to the page but could really use some help I put the largest mystery snail I had in my gulper tank just for one day to help clean up and I was gonna take it out tomorrow I fed my gulper right before i put the snail in the tank and i came back today and he ATE it hes got a big belly and...
  5. Miks786

    Recent Gulper Catfish

    hey guys I just got my 2 gulper catfish today (really stoked) I noticed the 1 is really active and the other just lays in one place... Anything I should worry about??? Heard these guys are not easy to keep
  6. xDestro

    What else to feed my gulpers?

    I just ran out of shrimp so Im going tomorrow to get more but was wondering what else would be good for them? If heard tilapia is good? Also is there anything I should avoid feeding? I also assume to try and get 100% natural which is wat I did with the shrimp. My lfs sells large tadpoles and...
  7. xDestro

    Gulper question

    Recently got 2 gulpers cats 3 days ago and all they do is chill under the sponge filter together. Iv been keeping the lights off to see if they'll move around a bit but they don't really. I havnt tried feeding them I'll be getting shrimp this weekend but I was just wondering if this is normal? I...
  8. jonah h2o

    want this gulper catfish so bad!! sweet gulper catfish on aqua bid. how big do they get? the only thing I know is that they frequently eat fish their size and longer!really cool thought!