gulper catfish

  1. amazontank

    Gulper catfish meal capabilities

    Just wanted to ask about Gulper Catfish! I know there ferocious. Would a gulper catfish kill himself trying to eat a yellow chubby of the same size or will he mouth the pleco a few times and then leave him alone? Thanks in advance to the more experienced gulper keepers!
  2. G

    Need some help

    My Gulper Catfish has refused to eat anything and I’m starting to worry. I’ve tried all the methods online and he still won’t eat. Any recommendations on what to do now? He is still adolescent by the way.

    Water Cow? Gulper? Or both?

    I’ve posted before with questions about a sleeper goby and the care for it, with lots a help and support, I’m wondering now, if a sleeper goby or water cow would be compatible with a gulper catfish as I believe that I saw a picture on here, depicting a setup with such. (I believe it was by...
  4. LimaShovelnoseSaltwater92

    Gulper cat and flowerhorn- smart or insane?

    Ok, I’ve noticed a lot of people putting flowerhorns in with smaller types of bichir. As most people know, the mentifact is that you should keep a flowerhorn alone in a 75g + tank. My question is: could I put a middle aged SD fader flowerhorn in with a 4-4.5 in. Gulper catfish? If they grow...
  5. CrazyFishLady90

    Gulper after meal

    Have had my gulper almost 4 weeks and I think he finally ate his first meal last night. Anyone know what they act like after they've eaten? It was just a gourami so not big, but he seems stressed and the only thing other than eating must be pH which I've managed to keep at 7 even though my...
  6. amazontank

    New Gulper Catfish

    I am so happy to say I finally got a Gulper Catfish! He's a little over 6" and just ate a big nightcrawler. I am really loving this guy. Who has the biggest Gulper on mfk? Would love to see some pics and some stories...
  7. CrazyFishLady90

    Fish louse?

    I think my gulper has a louse (cue goosebumps and skin crawl). Would that affect his appetite? How would I remove it? I've had him a week today. He's wild caught but I imported him from a Cichlaholics. Pics aren't great. Not much practice taking photos of moving objects through glass.
  8. Miks786

    Gulper help please???

    Hey guys my gulper catfish decided to eat a Datnoid almost 3 times his size and he is floating upside down now... His still breathing and when i move the piece of wood he is floating on top of he starts swimming again but not for long... Will he be fine please help?
  9. P

    Will a larger Gulper catfish eat a Smaller one?

    I had two gulper catfish, approx 6". Unfortunately I recently lost one during a heater malfunction. I'd like to get another but the only one I can source is only around 3". Can gulper of different sizes be kept together or is the big guy going to swallow the smaller one like he would any other...
  10. G

    Advice Needed for Gulper Cat

    I have kept a Gulper catfish for a couple months now in my 75 gallon tank. He’s alone in the tank, and the tank was cycled previously (all the parameters are well within acceptable range). When I got him, he was in very bad shape. He was malnourished, pale, breathing rapidly and developed ich...
  11. Miks786

    Gulper catfish tank mates

    Hey guys im looking at getting a 8cm Gulper catfish His tank mates would be a 20cm Channa Micropeltes and a 20cm Jardini Aro What are your thoughts on this? Is it advisable?
  12. xDestro

    Gulpers have white spots

    Had my gulpers for about 2 weeks now and their finally starting to be active, today I noticed they were covered in what looks like white spiny stuff. I don't really think it's ich but you guys tell me. (Pics are bad sorry) When I first got them I noticed they had it a little bit but I figured...
  13. jonah h2o

    want this gulper catfish so bad!! sweet gulper catfish on aqua bid. how big do they get? the only thing I know is that they frequently eat fish their size and longer!really cool thought!
  14. Chrigu

    Gulper Catfish feeding

    Hello everyone I have since Friday a 9cm (3,5-4 inch) Gulper Catfish. He is in a 200l (55 gallon) tank. Now my question is: How many times should i feed him and wich size should the feeder Fish have? Sorry for my bad English, im from Switzerland... Thanks for Responses Chrigu