1. C

    Gulper catfish in 20 long?

    Hi all, I have a 20 long with some cheap tetras that has been cycling for several weeks. I am really interested in getting a gulper catfish. I know they will need an upgrade fast, but in the meantime would it pose a problem to use this tank as a growout/quarantine before I get my 55 gallon set...
  2. CrazyFishLady90

    Fish louse?

    I think my gulper has a louse (cue goosebumps and skin crawl). Would that affect his appetite? How would I remove it? I've had him a week today. He's wild caught but I imported him from a Cichlaholics. Pics aren't great. Not much practice taking photos of moving objects through glass.
  3. A


    Hello new to the page but could really use some help I put the largest mystery snail I had in my gulper tank just for one day to help clean up and I was gonna take it out tomorrow I fed my gulper right before i put the snail in the tank and i came back today and he ATE it hes got a big belly and...
  4. AquaScape


    We have a nice assortment of Catfish between uncommon, rare, and smaller species " ** RED TEXT ** " = VERY LIMITED QUANTITY ** 5"-6" Sturio(Sturgeon) Catfish(Platystomatichthys sturio) $125.00 Ea. ** 2.5"-3" Aluminum Catfish(Chrysichthys aluuensis)...
  5. amazontank

    Gulper Catfish Growth Rate

    If I bought a couple 6"+ Gulper Cats how long would it take to get him to the 8"+ mark? Anyone have any photos to share of 10"+ Gulpers living well in an aquarium...
  6. Miks786

    Gulper help please???

    Hey guys my gulper catfish decided to eat a Datnoid almost 3 times his size and he is floating upside down now... His still breathing and when i move the piece of wood he is floating on top of he starts swimming again but not for long... Will he be fine please help?
  7. Miks786

    Recent Gulper Catfish

    hey guys I just got my 2 gulper catfish today (really stoked) I noticed the 1 is really active and the other just lays in one place... Anything I should worry about??? Heard these guys are not easy to keep
  8. Miks786

    Wallago with gulper opinion?

    Hey guys So recently I have spend the past year hunting for a gulper catfish here in South Africa...Today my lfs called me to say that they have them now I recently got a small wallago catfish...Can I keep my wallago with the 2 gulpers or is it not advised? Wallago catfish is also not easy...
  9. xDestro

    Just had a scare

    I was laying in bed and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like wood kinda creeking.. Not a long creek but just taps... I kept listening and it seemed to be very random... So first thing that came to mind was my stand on my 55 ( I got it cheap and kinda beat up) was about to give out.. I was...
  10. xDestro

    Gulper tried eating another gulper?

    I have 2 4-5 inch gulpers in a 55 and I just saw 1 latched onto the other ones side. I tapped on the glass and he stopped but I was just wondering if this was normal? It's been a week since iv fed them so they are due to be fed but iv never seen this happen in the few months iv had them.
  11. xDestro

    Gulper feeding question

    Was finally able to pick up some shrimp to try and feed my 2 gulpers iv had for about 2 weeks. Ik they topically don't eat until a month after getting them but how do you guys get them to start eating? I was able to get one to bite the shrimp but he just let go. Do I leave the shrimp in the...
  12. xDestro

    Couple gulper questions

    Had them a little over a week now, can't get shrimp until this weekend but how long should I go with them not eating ( assuming they don't eat this weekend ) before I just get feeders? I have 6 neon tetras in there they still havnt ate, so could I get more or do you think they'd eventually...
  13. xDestro

    Getting gulpers! Few tank questions

    I had to pull the trigger and order 2 gulpers from my LFS before the tank was %100 setup. I couldn't let them get away again. The tank. •the 55 gallon tank has been up and running for around 8 months now, originally on a canister and a sponge filter but canister **** out and now it's on 2...
  14. B

    Largest Fish that can be kept in a 240l (64 us gallon) tank for life?

    Hi guys, as the title says, I am wondering what the largest fish would be that could be kept in a 64 gallon tank for life? I like big fish but obviously this size of tank prohibits the keeping of any true monster fish. I guess anything large would have to be solitary, are we talking maybe a...