1. JoshuaLow

    For Sale  SB Rtc, Golden Dorado, Hoplias Mala and Hampala

    What type of listing is this?: For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: SB RTC 10 Inch Golden Dorado 10 inch Hoplias Mala 6 inch Hampala barb 6 inch What are your prices?: WhatsApp 98003648 if interested Where are you located?: Bukit Batok Pickup or Able to Deliver?: Pickup Only...
  2. m_sol

    I need advice with my wolfs

    I bought a second wolf the other day which is about 7' and my smaller wolf keeps on bullying it. Will this eventually stop? I don't want to lose a wolf thanks!
  3. Ash_water

    Is this wolf a male or female?

    Guyz please refer this video and tell me whether this wolf is a male or female. Link to the video. Thank you.
  4. CCSmith891

    For Sale  WTS Hoplias Curupira 13-15"

    Looking to rehome my black wolf to someone that has the proper sized aquarium to house him. I recently sold my 300 gallon and no longer have space for him. I bought him from Jeff Rapps, and he is roughly around 14 or so inches. I am only asking $100, as I would like to rehome him as soon as...
  5. Ash_water

    Wolf Fish Info

    Hi Guyz. This is my Wolf. This is a Malabaricus right? Also whats the average size for Malabaricus in Aquariums? Whats the largest size Malabaricus you have seen in an Aquarium? Also are there different types of Malabaricuz Wolf fish? Thank you for the info 😊😊
  6. CCSmith891

    FS: Hoplias Curupira 12-14"

    Looking to find a new home for my hoplias Curupira that I purchased from Jeff Rapps. It is now around 12-14". I am asking for $300, but I will entertain other offers. I will post pictures later. Pickup only: located in Shreveport, LA
  7. W

    Similar to Hoplias

    I am trying to find a species similar to Hoplias. Similar in every aspect. The only hang up is, Hoplias, Channa (obviously), and Macodon are prohibited species in Oklahoma. I want this species because my son wants a "dinosaur" and I love ancient aggressive fish. (Probably because I, too, love...
  8. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Let's see your monster fish HERE ARE MINE

    Let's have a look I'll start it off srry for the crappie pics
  9. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Tankmate suggestions 300gallon?

    I have a 250 gallon with the following X2 ocelarris peacock bass 3inch X1 mala wolffish 4 inch X1 marbled sleeper goby 4 inch X1 indo tigerfish 2 inch X1 tyre track eel 6 inch Wondering what other oddballs I can add after something in the upper levels and middle levels or something badass
  10. greenerinks

    Terrible news... mass death event :(

    Today is a sad sad day... lost a bunch of my monster fish... I feed my fish every other day as they are all large now. So last night I gave them a hefty meal and did not check until this noon time when I came downstairs to the living room to find a cloudy water disaster. Apparently the PVC hose...
  11. moe214

    55" aimara?

    Anyone know the validity of this claim? A 55" aimara is huge, seems to lack info though, not sure where people get max recorded lengths etc. I've went on several websites and they all have different claims. I'm curious as to what the truth it's, how big do aimara have the potential to get? 3' im...
  12. moe214

    Interesting behavior

    Just wanted to share some cool behavior my curu has been doing the last couple days, and wonder if anyone else ever noticed something similar. So my ornate bichir hides a lot, if you look at my old thread the two were practically inseparable and were always together, now whenever my bichir is...
  13. J

    My 16" Killer Hoplias Malabaricus

    Here it is eating a live mouse, this guys is nothing to mess with.