hoplo catfish

  1. C

    Questions about Hoplo Catfish

    Hello! I added 3 Hoplo catfish to my 90 gallon fish tank (see attached) last Friday, and they spent almost all of their time hiding in the Hornwort. Furthermore, I haven't really seen them eat anything. Do I need to add more hiding spots to entice them to come out, or is this just a normal...
  2. Iamfish

    My catfish

    Everyone seems to posting there catfish collections so here is mine :) No monsters but I think I have a few interesting species Hopefully more to come in the future :) Synodontis Granulosus Hemibagrus Olyroides Mystus Mysticetus Ossancora Punctata Platysilurus Mucosus Megalchis Thoracata
  3. Iamfish

    My new Hoplo

    I went to my lfs today with plans to get a Synodontis eupterus but I could not resist this cute little guy so I got him instead :). Megalechis thoracata
  4. S

    Brown Hoplo Max Water Temperature?

    Hi, new member who's been lurking and (re)learning for several weeks as I slowly gather/upgrade equipment and get back into things. About a month ago I picked up a couple of Brown Hoplo catfish (definitely Hoplosternum littorale with the forked tails) and stuck them in an unheated 20 gallon...
  5. vitaly

    My trip to Kiev Pet Market: pt 1

    Since I am going back to Tiraspol soon, I have decided to stop by Kiev Pet Market. It's like a zoo for poor people))) Now, I don't condone selling animals like this, but it's still interesting to see. Sometimes you can find some pretty neat fish there. Unfortunately, there were not real...