hybrid cichlid

  1. Cichlids keeper

    Rajah Cichlasoma Mania by Happy breed farms - any information?

    On their website happy breed farms, (The farm that makes high quality Red Mammons), also mentions a cichlid called Rajah Cichlasoma Mania that they bred. Does anyone have any information on it?
  2. Hybridfish7

    Hybrid genetics, how size and mutations are passed, etc...

    I have a lot of questions on this. I'll start with the passing of mutations. for example, you can cross a marbled convict cichlid and a honduran red point, and the offspring would be marbled. my questions come from the other mutations. I'm not too sure how genes like leucistic or 'platinum'...
  3. S

    Cuban cichlid x vieja hartwegi

    Hi, i just want to know is it possible for these two to cross breed? Because i have a male cuban cichlid and female hartwegi in the same tank. Now these two started showing a sign that they start pairing. Does anyone ever cross breed these fish before? Any pics to share? Thanks.
  4. Kiryoku

    3 Inch SRD Flowerhorn Progress.

    What do you guys think of him? He’s still very tiny shorter than my finger. Do you think he’ll turn out good as an adult? ☺️
  5. Kiryoku

    Which Family/Breed Is My Flowerhorn?

    Which Family/Breed Is My Flowerhorn?
  6. Hybridfish7

    marble convict/hrp genetics

    what type of gene is 'marble'? dominant? co-dominant? recessive? line bred? by line-bred/co-dominant I'm gonna go by what I know about breeding leopard geckos... in leopard geckos if you have say a mack snow, mack snow is co-dominant. If you breed two mack snows you get a super snow. as for line...
  7. Hybridfish7

    Guidelines of choosing your hybrid pair of cichlids

    Just by my knowledge I will try to teach people how to choose your pair of (american) cichlids to hybridize. Most people don't really like hybrids, but sometimes they come out to be nice or interesting, like flowerhorns and BP's.(~Hybridfish7) pretty much all central american cichlids (like...
  8. Hybridfish7

    Blood parrot strain

    I have a big blood parrot, about 10" long. He's also a good 3 inches thick and 6-7 inches tall. He has that trademarked triangular mouth, but he's more of a pink color with black outlined fins. He also has a sort of nuchal hum i guess you could call it- that dip between the head and back on...