1. DanielKeepFishes


    Someone help me identify my peacock bass. Was told it was a shortbody Orino. Any objections? Can someone also help me sex it? Male or Female? I know sexing pbass is hard at a young age, but im guessing its a female ?If you need more pictures just tell me. Thanks lots.
  2. mattybecks

    Another hitchhiker

    This is something no one has been able to ID yet. It is not a montipora coral. It seems to be doing well, its almost been 3 weeks now and it seems to be spreading to the other side (darker side) of the rock. My lighting is 2 x 12 watt LED bulbs. Mostly white light, with some blue LEDs spaced...
  3. mattybecks

    ID on something new growing

    Hello guys. I haven't collected anything for about two weeks now, but I suspect this has been growing for about a month now. I only noticed it yesterday though. Its hard. So I'm guessing whatever it is involves calcium.
  4. Rob909

    Pleco id?? L24?

  5. cichlidsickness

    Vieja ID

    Picked these up as vieja argentea at the 1 inch size from my LFS. Quickly realized they werent argentea when i noticed the red tint on the tails. Theyre about 4 inches now. Im thinking hartwegi? Im not sure since ive only kept viejas once! First 3 pics are the same fish. Last 2 pics are...
  6. H

    Help ID this Geophagus please!

    Hello everyone, I got 4[1jumped out and passed away :(] geophagus labeled as geophagus tapajos red head. It was like 8months ago and they were probably 3/4months old. The thing is I already had a couple 4years ago and they were a lot light color and with more red and orange than this ones, and...
  7. Petrie_O

    Help ID my flowerhorn thanks !

    I’ve got no idea what my “type/variety” my flowerhorn is considering that it’s a rescue. And I can’t seem to spot the black markings on its dorsal fin thus I assume it’s a male. “He” also attacks whatever I put in the tank (my finger included) thus I guess it’s an indication as well ? However...
  8. PGJE

    red line under dorsal fin on angelfish??

    My angelfish has a pale red line under his dorsal fin, I don't know if thats anything bad, but he never had that before, it wasn't part of his coloring. He still eats and swims around like normal, but I just want to make sure he's okay, or what i could do to help him. Here are a few pictures...
  9. AG458

    Is this...rare?

    So I stopped by a Bass Pro Shops recently and viewed their giant freshwater tank. There were largemouth basses, smallmouth basses, sunfish, crappie, and channel cats. One channel catfish, however, was white. Attached are some very bad phone pictures of the catfish next to another normal looking...
  10. GiantFishKeeper101

    Help Id some bagrid

    Came in as Burmese Shovelnose Catfish. Is it really Sperata? About 4$. Or is it some mystus or hemibagrus.
  11. J

    What species of fish is this!?

    I have two of these in my pond (given to me by a family friend who didn't know what they are either) and I really need to know what they are. Thank you, Jesse.
  12. NHKG

    Cichlasoma ID

    Bought as Krobia itany, German bred. I think they could be Cichlasoma portalegrense or Cichlasoma amazonarum. Any idea how to distinguish these 2 species? Or it could be some other specie?
  13. E

    Serrasalmus ID

    This piranha was sold to me as an elongatus, but it doesn't look like one to me. He's about 2 inches right now. When I bought him he was less than an inch. This the best picture I could get. Can anybody ID this fish or is it still too small to tell? Thanks.
  14. Davidiator


    Is this a Normal Hi-Fin Pleco Or a Marble Hi-Fin Pleco I was told it is a normal by one person and another said it is marble... Both said it is hi-fin.
  15. AG458

    Can I get an ID confirmation?

    I've had him for a while now, and I've still been wavering on the species ID. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm thinking Tem. Thoughts?
  16. Vandyfan13

    Help maybe?

    Just bought these two yesterday maybe 18 hours ago. The candy cane hasn't opened up. I have now moved it to the sand bed. Also can I get an ID on the softie on the left. When at the store it looked like a pink hairy fuzz for lack of better description. Just stirred up the sand bed is why I'm...
  17. dwsdarius

    Hey everyone, round 2 for mystery Cichla ID

    Hey everyone, a couple of months ago I posted picks of my 2 cichla and no one could give me a direct ID so here's my second shot now that they are bigger. Sold to me as cichla Kelberi (definitely not kelberi) from Petzone Tropicals...last time some suggested its either temensis or piquiti...I...
  18. vind7

    Rhamphichthys sp. ID?

    Hey everyone, I stumbled upon a Rhamphichthys sp. offered in a German online shop for aquarium fish. I have always had a thing for knifefish and I am considering to order one however, some Rhamphichthys can get up to 100 cm long (R. rostratus) which is far too big for my tank, while others...
  19. Josh's Fish

    How to tell if you have a Spotted or Florida Gar

    The internet seems to be full of different ways to differentiate between Spotted and Florida Gars, such as snout length, markings and body shape, but in reality these ways are all false or too nuanced to definitively ID them. In truth, there are not really any true Spotted Gar (Lepisosteus...