1. Mr. Ritter

    What is in my tank?! The Infamous "Common Pleco" Debacle

    NOTICE: This article concerns the identity of a store bought 'Common Pleco', they need tanks greater than 100 Gallons and must have a diverse diet, good water quality, and plenty of personal space to be happy. Hey guys, been a few years since last I posted but years of research I'm finally...
  2. R

    Can you help identify these ........... Critters?

    Howdy folks, other than an introduction this is my first post. I've been lurking for a while and learning a bit from the brain trust here. I've tried searching here and at other sites with no luck in identifying these critters. A bit of background: The tank in question is a 10 gal FW that was...
  3. Lady Sphinx

    Please help me identify these

    So my hubby came home with a bag with three aquarium plants in them he said they were on a bundle special for extremely cheap. So he thought of me and bought them can someone please help me identify them so I can find out what type if care they need.
  4. P

    New to MFK, Help with Identification

    I ordered this guy through the LFS I work at as a "Red Texas Cichlid." Okay so it's either an unfaded RT or a Green Texas, but I can't seem to lock down a specific breed. I'm up to any and all suggestions. The first picture was the day I got him on August 4th, and the last picture was taken...
  5. J

    Identify this fish

    Bought it told it was a red terror. But not i have doubts
  6. N

    Help Identifying gar please :)

    My husband and I live in Iowa and we went to one of our LFS's and came across an adorable 5 inch "spotted gar" as they labeled it. So we brought him home to be with our other gars :). He is kind of goofy and clumsy probably from all the bubbles in the tank so we are working on that for him. I...
  7. koizilla714

    Help, What's this stuff?

    Please someone tell me what is this white stuff? It looks like a java moss, if o brush it off it will come back again. How do i remove this? Thanks in advance...
  8. D

    From discus to Flowerhorn

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I used to maintain a discus aquarium for the past 3 years, and now in to flowerhorn. I purchased my first flowerhorn, and please help me in identiying the type and also if able to say its a male or female. this is about 4-5 inch in size.
  9. S

    Can someone identify this snakehead?

    I boutgth this snakehead for a few moths ago, buy the name Indian violet snakehead. But i dont think it Is, ore maybe the fish have some other name? Can someone give me some info about it and identify it, i posted some pics of the fish.
  10. O

    Need help ID this plant...

    Hello all! I need help identifying this plant. I had 2 of them (the large one on the last image is one of them) about maybe 4-5 months ago. They've out lived my bacopas, which I think is interesting as bacopas are pretty low maintenance as far as I've read. -Long thin, and straight blades of...
  11. Samantha Ashley

    Identify my Cichlid

    I have had this guy for about 6 months now and still cannot figure out what type of African Cichlid he is. When I asked the pet store where I purchased him what type of Cichlid he was the answer I got was "African cichlid", as if I didn't already know that lol. Also one other question, he is the...
  12. shivam

    Will someone identify this species of Payara for me.

    I bought a Payara and it was sold as a Armatus. Will someone conform this for me.