jardini arowana

  1. gotin20

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana 20’ NY

    Jardini Arowana 20 inches big in New York area pick up only !!! 250$
  2. B

    New Jardini Arowana Help

    Hello MFK members, I need some help with my new jardini arowana. I took him home 3 days ago and he is in my 20 gallon long which was my QT tank while im Cycling a 210 to be my first monster tank. He is 6 inches long and seems to be healthy for the most part. However as a QT tank I did not have...
  3. Swaroop gadekar

    White poop after feeding freshwater prawn

    Hello . I am having jardini arowana 6 inch and when i change from hikari food sticks to frozen freshwater prawns. My jardini poops in white coloured. And sometimes it floats. But when i feed him sticks the poop is normal brown in colour and doesn't floats ..? Please help...
  4. B

    Sponge filter for jardini arowana and oscar tank

    Hello MFK members, ive been fishkeeping for a while now so i think im ready to get a bigger tank, I was planning on starting a 6 foot long 125 gal with a jardini arowana and maybe adding an oscar or two down the road.. my question is would a 2 sponge filters rated for 125 gallons work for the...
  5. mattybecks

    New Jardini

    Hi guys, I got a Jardini Arowana a few weeks back, but I haven't got around to posting the vid I took when I put him in. He was about 14 - 15cm when I got him, about 70 USD they work out too here, (silvers go for about 20 USD). He stays in a 180 gal (6 x 2 x 2ft) tank, with 15 Silver dollars...
  6. L

    What do I feed baby arowana?

    Got a baby jardini arowana at 3 inches. Feeding it just bloodworms but want to know what else should i feed it at his current size. Thanks :)
  7. Miks786

    Jardini ID?

    Hey guys can I please get an ID on my jardini? Would like the right scientific name for him? TIA
  8. slyme

    Hello...Newbie here

    Hello my name is Denny Puk, im from Indonesia. I just joined today, but thought that I'd finally make an official appearance Luv keeping animals such as fish, dog, turtle, and bird since i was young boy. In 2010 i have Reef Tank (150x80x80cm + sump 80x40x40) and those filtration are DIY, I LOVE...
  9. gotin20

    Gold Jardini Arowana 8 inches 200$ Bronx NY

    Beautiful Jardini Arowana 8 inches in the Bronx NY 10458
  10. Miks786

    Gulper catfish tank mates

    Hey guys im looking at getting a 8cm Gulper catfish His tank mates would be a 20cm Channa Micropeltes and a 20cm Jardini Aro What are your thoughts on this? Is it advisable?
  11. M

    Can i keep a jardini in a brackish Paludarium?

    im gonna make a paludarium and when i went to the fish store these archerfish grabbed my attention and i really want them now but they need brackish water, can a jardini arowana live in brackish water?
  12. T

    Nutritional Gains

    As of today I started feeding my Jardini aro "Rainbowfish Krill-e" Protein-60% Fat-8% huifen-6% Fiber-10% Water-6% As of now my aro seems to like and has eaten the pieces I have given him. My goal is grow him out nicely and bring out the best color possibly. From what I have read I understand...
  13. T

    Asian Redtail nipping

    Recently bought a 7" Jardini arowana and moved him in today with my 5" asian rt. Has anyone who has housed these two together (or any arowana with a asian redtail catish) experience any nipping from the rt to the aro? Is the rt just displaying territories? From what I understood you could have...
  14. A-Train


    Hey everyone I've had clown knives before and I've owned several other monster fish not something that is odd and has me worried is I just added a Jardini arowana ( 4-5 inches ) to my 220 gallon tank with my Golden clown knife ( 10 inches ) and I noticed today my clown knife was being overly...
  15. Coco Afable

    My Jardini's tank ammonia reading. Safe or not?

    Hi guys, what are the numbers do you see on this reading? I'm seeing a number between 0 - 0.25ppm. What do you guys see? My nitrites is at 0ppm and nitrates between 10-20ppm. Iam not quite sure if misterhamster(Jardini) is doing alright, he seems to be staying in one corner of the tank when...
  16. O

    Advice please on my arowana

    Hi all, I have a 6 inch jardini arowana, iv had him for 3 weeks. From day one he's always been straight to his food, never hid and was always patrolling his tank, yesterday he seemed a lot shyer, hiding in the plants a lot and when he did come out he was looking at his reflection on the glass...
  17. L.Z.

    FTS | (Jardini) Australian Arowana | $120 | Bellflower,CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: (Jardini) Australian Arowana What are your prices?: 120 Where are you located?: Bellflower,CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Selling my Jardini Australian Arowana Asking $120 or Best Offer Shoot me an offer...
  18. The Keeper

    Best sand sifter to keep with 5" saddled bichir?!?

    I am planning to go get a saddled bichir and i wanted to know what is a good organism to go through and "clean" the sand. I also am thinking of getting some live plants for it so i don't want it to harm the plants. Then when the bichir gets bigger i am going to put it into a large tank with my...
  19. C

    Jardini in community pond

    Hi everyone! I'm new to MFK and would appreciate any and all help. I've read a lot of threads about keeping Jars alone as they are the most aggressive species of arowana. However, I've also read that keeping them in groups of 6-10 tends to subdue aggression. Can anyone confirm this? I want to...