1. Rojo1991

    Feels good to be back in the hobby! 19” jardini arowana

    Been out of the hobby for a good 2 years but I’m back now, gonna take things easy this time around and just focus on keeping a single fish. Here’s an old fish I used to own. I sold him two years ago at 13” and he’s now close to 18” or so. Just thought I’d share! 👍
  2. J

    Lid Thickness For Arowanas?

    I will be moving my Jardini from a 6x1.5x2.2 ft aquarium to an 8x3x2 ft aquarium, I'm wondering how thick the glass of the aquarium lid should be in order to prevent it from jumping out. I've looked online but I can't seem to find anything this specific so any help will be appreciated. I'm...
  3. J

    Jardini Arowana Growth Rate

    Can anyone tell me how fast a Jardini is supposed to grow? Does it grow slower than the Asians? I know it grows slower than the silver. I want to make sure that I am providing it with enough food to ensure proper growth.
  4. J

    A Question On My Jardini's Colour And Behaviour

    I have a Jardini in a 6ftx1.5ftx2.2ft tank and I will be moving it to a 6ftx2.5ftx2ft if it gets close to being too big for this aquarium, so please don't comment on that. It's 5ish inches now and eats a ton, mostly pellets, shrimp, bloodworms, freeze dried krill etc. It likes to stick to the...
  5. Vertigon_z

    New Jardini Arowana foods

    Good Afternoon All, I recently obtained a Jardini Arowana. He/She is currently 7in-8in and I had some difficulty feeding it pellets (Hikari Floating Pellets and Hikari Massivore). The Jardini will take them then chew it up then spit it out. THen will go back and chew it and spit it up again...
  6. Kolossus

    For Trade  Monster Jardini Aro and Fire Eel

    24in Tank mate friendly Jardini 36in Fire Eel For trade or sale. What you got?! Pick up or possibly meet. Both eating pellets and frozen foods. Both tank mate friendly. The Jar chases the silver dollars from time to time but is cool with multiple various tank mates. Raised them both...
  7. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Jardini, Midas, Oscar, Redtail Catfish For Sale

    Jardini: $200 Color: Beautiful greenish gold color Length: 12” He lost one eye during shipping. But, it is all healed. It does not effect his overall health. Diet: anything from pellet to frozen. Not a picky eater at all. Red Tiger Oscar: $50 each Length: 9-10" Diet: anything from pellet to...
  8. R

    For Sale  15" Jardini Arowana *Need to sell ASAP*

    Price to sell!! Need him gone ASAP!! I have a large 15" Jardini Arowana for sale. This Aro is strong, healthy, and king of the tank. Beautiful color all over, from head to tail. Feeding shrimp, tilapia, mealworms, and superworms. I need to downsize my stock to smaller fish. Please txt me...
  9. AquaScape

    Update and 05/13/20 stock-list!

    First and foremost we hope everyone is doing okay amongst the pandemic and staying safe as well as family and friends. I apologize for any recent latency in regards to customer contact as we have been dealing with the pandemic as well and making sure our families are safe too as we do have...
  10. Blakewater

    For Sale  17”-18” Jardini Bay Area 94928

    Selling my newly acquired jardini. Not being aggressive but his presence seems to stress out my bass school and make them shy. If anything my bigger bass try to bully him. Since bass are my #1 priority he’s got to go. Which sucks because he’s gorgeous and I love jars. $200 or show me your 8x3+...
  11. tomojsg

    For Sale  [FS] 11-12" Jaradini { SoCaL } P/U

    im going a different route so selling my jardini... one of the chillest jardini always kept with others. will pretty much anything! eats cut fresh sea food but also pellet trained so it will eat pellets! pickup at 90703 asking $250- fastest way to get in contact will be to pm ur number where i...
  12. A

    Possible broken neck

    Hello everyone! I currently have a 7 inch Jardini whom seems to have broken his neck sometime while I was at work today...He was swimming a little different today so I took a closer look at him. After examining for some time, I noticed that he seems to be stuck looking more to the right. When...
  13. mattybecks

    Geos and SD stealing food from Jardini

    The Jardini needs to be quick, if he doesn't dash across the tank for his shrimp he looses it to the mob. He has given up trying to get it back from them once they have it haha.
  14. B

    Juvenile Jardini in 20g long

    My juvenile Jardinii got just a bit over a month ago is now 7" long (was about 5"-5 1/2" when purchased) and i got a 20g long for the temporary (used a cycled sponge filter btw) he has been jumpy at night and rubs his face against glass (i checked him for parasites and everything hes healthy...
  15. B

    New Jardini Arowana Help

    Hello MFK members, I need some help with my new jardini arowana. I took him home 3 days ago and he is in my 20 gallon long which was my QT tank while im Cycling a 210 to be my first monster tank. He is 6 inches long and seems to be healthy for the most part. However as a QT tank I did not have...
  16. mattybecks

    Changing up my tanks a little - advice on stocking

    As some of you may know already I have 15 x silver dollars and 1 x Jardini in my 180 gal. Then 7 x Geophagus Tapajos in my 40ish gal. As of now everything is balanced, no aggression, great water quality (water change once a week as soon as nitrates reach 20ppm, sometimes every 5 days if its a...
  17. mattybecks

    Jardini close ups

    As the title suggests, just two close up clips of my young Jardini. Starting to colour up nicely.
  18. B

    Sponge filter for jardini arowana and oscar tank

    Hello MFK members, ive been fishkeeping for a while now so i think im ready to get a bigger tank, I was planning on starting a 6 foot long 125 gal with a jardini arowana and maybe adding an oscar or two down the road.. my question is would a 2 sponge filters rated for 125 gallons work for the...
  19. L

    What do I feed baby arowana?

    Got a baby jardini arowana at 3 inches. Feeding it just bloodworms but want to know what else should i feed it at his current size. Thanks :)
  20. L

    Leichardti or Jardini? And with peacock bass?

    So just saw these two 4” arowanas at my lfs. Just wondering if i’m correct to say that this is a jardini (dark color, reddish/green sheen): and this one is a lei (light, silver green sheen): Also, are jardinis compatible to house with some peacock bass?