1. R

    Cichla intermedia or cichla kelberi?

    hello everybody i just got me a 210gallon tank and am getting a big show fish in which i choose to get a fish from the cichla genus to fill that spot, at first i was going to get a cichla melaniae xingu but they are not available for the next 3-4 months from the seller who im dealing with so...
  2. domresvanis

    Kelberi with hole in the head or not?

    Hi everybody.A few months ago i moved to Greece and my new project is to breed Kelberis.The last few years i was breeding Monos and now i will try with Kelberi and i am hoping to breed a few more bass in the future.Problem is that the female is still recovering from a hard time that she had in...
  3. S

    My First Kelberi Batch

    This is my first Kelberi batch and love seeing them mature. I bought them at a LFS 4 months ago and took a while getting them from live to dry food, but the time spent is well worth it. As you can see I added plants a couple of weeks ago and got the biggest one really stressed out. Took him a...
  4. heatherbeast

    Rio Araguaia Growout Thread!

    Hi all, A few weeks ago, I posted a "What's in the Box?" thread. This is the growout thread for the same trio of kelberi that I picked up from Mark at Discus Origins. These are the first wild-caught peacock bass I have had the pleasure to grow out, and I can already see some pretty big...