1. A

    Lapradei Bichir colors washed out

    Hey guys I have had two baby laps for about 3 months both were about the same size one now is about 5 inches and the other is like 3 1/2 inches but the one that’s 5 inches completely lost all colors he looks looks like a Senegal now but the other smaller one didn’t lose his colors so I’m so...
  2. Rayfishowner

    Nigerian Lapradei Bichir Growth Rate

    Hey all, I have had my female wild caught polypterus lapradei Nigerian for 3 years now (if you check my past posts may remember i asked tons of q about them when I first got mine). She was 11.5 inches approximately back then and now after 3 years is 12.5-13 in. I’m wondering if this is normal...
  3. Rayfishowner

    Update on my Lapradei Bichir

    Hey guys, just wanted to share an update on my wild caught Nigerian lapradei bichir. She’s around 12-13 inches now (honestly hasn’t really grown from when I got it) but is way chunkier and is eating relatively well on hikari sinking pellets. Will be posting updates as will be adding several...
  4. 6erikar9

    Unhealthy Lapradei Bichir

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a Lapradei bichir from my LFS. It is severely underweight, but eating. I've had it for two days but it is breathing extremely awkwardly, and I have kept multiple bichirs to raise them up but I have never had one like this. My params are all normal, PH 7.4, temp is...
  5. blufsky2

    rare polypterus platinum family from reddy aquarium

    Hello guys im reddy from indonesia want share my production fish farm welcome to reddy aquarium colection fish i hope you enjoy my colection :D GOD BLESS YOU ALL facebook : facebook grup :
  6. Exotic Aquatics LLC

    Platinum Catfish, Luteus Pleco, Bichir FRRE SHIP!

    Hey Everyone, You guys have been great to me and I genuinely appreciate all the love! We're nearly sold out of everything! Here are a few things left over.. We can ship FedEx/UPS to most of the east coast for 50 to 75 bucks. All other areas should use Air Cargo to save on costs. Orders of...
  7. Troy1015

    Troy1015 Poly Thread

    Hopefully I can chronicle my poly and enjoy sharing with you. Been back in the hobby for almost a year now and have went through many buy and sell and am settling in on a pretty permanent long term set up with a few more pieces to add over the next few months or hopefully by end of the year...
  8. Rayfishowner

    Polypterus jumping?

    Hey all, i have a quick problem again. My polypterus lapreidei who is around 11 inches has recently started jumping out of the water trying to get out. Sometimes I will hear splashing and go to the tank and watch him consistently (5 times) go to the surface and jump. The water quality seems...
  9. Rayfishowner

    Polypterus question...... again :)

    Hey all i have another question about my poly. I've noticed since I bought my female lap from the LFS that whenever I do a large water change like 80-100 percent (I know I shouldnt but sometimes my tank is really dirty so i do it) my poly will exhibit some sort of fin rott or degrading. After a...
  10. Rayfishowner

    Polypterus tank mates and setup

    Hi guys, I have a lapradei bichir and am making a thread to document the tank mates and tank setups from the beginning to the future. This will be a cool learning experience for both me and those who are new to the poly hobby like me.
  11. FishBeast

    My Bichir Gang

    Hi everyone! Would like to share some photos of my bichirs! They are in a 4 foot 120 right now getting used to each other. It is bare with no decor or substrate. They will be going in a 210 that I'm currently setting up. Stock list: 1 x Lapradei - Koloton 1 x Lapradei - Faranah 1 x Lapradei -...
  12. Chi-Chi

    My favorite weirdos (bichir tank video)

    Hey all! I'm about to switch this tank over to a sand substrate (finally), and then the whole gang's moving into a 120g later in the spring. So this is sort of the last hurrah for this particular setup, which has been running more or less interrupted for the last decade. The tank's a mess, but...
  13. ZidanSanz

    Endlicheri or Lapen?

    I bought this guy yesterday from one member in my local poly lovers group. He labeled it as '18cm Highfin Endlicheri' and set price at $5. After I bought it and put it in my aquarium I just realized that some of its morphology looks like a lap. Is it pure endli or hybrid lapxendli? What do you...
  14. Chi-Chi

    Help with lapradei ID

    Hey all! First off: it's been, oh, about two thousand years since I posted here, and I've missed you. Second, I was super excited to walk into the LFS the other day and spot a 7" lap sitting on the bottom of the oddball tank. He was labeled P. palmas, and priced at $75, so I got him for a...