monster fish

  1. R

    FS | Red Tail Barracuda | $80.00 | San Jose, CA | Picking-Shipping

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Red Tail Barracuda What are your prices?: 80.00 Where are you located?: San Jose, CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Picking-Shipping Description: Red Tail Barracudas for sale! Approximately 5.5 inches in length. The Red Tail...
  2. M@T!@$

    New Nano Tank/ Lfs tour

    Just bought a 5 gallon tank for my room. Going to use some fish from my pond to help cycle, going to add sand, driftwood and plants... *I DONT NORMALLY USE BOTTLED BACTERIA, BUT IT CAME WITH THE KIT SO WHAT THE HECK* Stocking ideas? I was thinking some Cory catfish, guppies and shrimp...
  3. vitaly

    Monster Neon Caught in Korea

    This amazing giant neon tetra was caught recently in Korea. Scientists are not sure whether is a completely different species or simply overgrown Paracheirodon innesi. Korea gets pretty cold in the winter, so I don't think that neon tetras, which are found in tropical temperatures, can survive...
  4. Bigfishnut

    Erie PA...let's get something going

    I live in Warren PA, about an hour and a half from Erie. Would really like to get a club together focusing on large/rare fish. I'm a member of EAS, and it's great, but most people in that club are more impressed by a guppy than a ray, arowana, or poly! Looking for people who think a 125 is a...
  5. Brisk

    Deep Sea creatures cool pics

    Some amazing looking fish
  6. A

    What kind of pbass?

    I got many answers even mono but I know mono do not have a glow of gold in the light or not and should have darker shade of black on top and side knowing these are 11-14inch bass i have 5
  7. R

    Architecture for animals. please help.

    Hello people, I'm an architecture student and I was thinking about going with ARCHITECTURE FOR ANIMALS as a topic for my thesis. Anyone who has heard anything about this topic or give me any sort of information on a place I can research regarding this subject would be of great help. This...
  8. F

    November 3rd Current Monster updated stock list

    BELOW IS OUR CURRENT STOCK LIST~! WE SHIP VIA FEDEX & CARGO ! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE ! 6" Nile Perch $125 ( THIS FISH IS NOW BANNED !! STARTING NOVEMBER 1ST 2016 ) 5-6" Wide Bar Silver Dollar $80 8-9" Wide Bar Silver Dollar $100...
  9. Dgmannn412

    My new Silver arrowana

    I just got a silver arrowana today and aclimated for over 3 hours before adding it to my 200+ gallon tank. The tank is 8ft. By 21" by 23" strange but that's what it is. I have a 110 gallon sump and my pump moves about 1500gallons and hour. My pH is 7.4 my temp is 79' Fahrenheit. No ammonia no...
  10. T

    New to site

    Hi my name is Teri and I just signed up. Have 180 gallon fresh water tank with a monster Bala shark and African cichlids. Bala shark is about 10 or 11 years old and about 17 inches. I call him Finnegan. Curious if this is a normal size a Bala shark.
  11. Kaliedoscope

    What kind of predator for a 7" tank?

    I'm in the market for a large predator, but need opinions on what to get. The purpose of this fish will be to cull, and ideally it would be able to quickly eat a 4-5" CA cichlid when full grown. I am moving in a 230ish gallon tank for this fish, 7'x2' footprint by 3' tall. The obvious choice...

    Do umbees eat at night

    Recently my umbriferum has been hitting the to of the glass at night, well during the day also but that don't bother me, but at night the banging around I hear him doing I'm wondering is that normal this is the first monsters cichlid that I kept in my bedroom past a foot, recently just changed...

    Looking for Nandopis Haitiensis

    Does anyone have any...I have some baby TRIMACS around 3 in
  14. Deedsta

    Trying to make a future breeding pair of silver arowanas

    I've been on this website I think 2 years ago and pissed of some people for abandoning the post and leaving them hanging. Which I am sorry for if you guys remember me at all. I had 1 arowana about 9 inches couple months back and I bought 4 more from different people. There all almost the same...
  15. E

    feeding time

    My newest monster
  16. B

    Largest Fish that can be kept in a 240l (64 us gallon) tank for life?

    Hi guys, as the title says, I am wondering what the largest fish would be that could be kept in a 64 gallon tank for life? I like big fish but obviously this size of tank prohibits the keeping of any true monster fish. I guess anything large would have to be solitary, are we talking maybe a...
  17. C

    For sale Huge 18-20 inch Redtail Cat $200

    I have a beautiful Red Tail Catfish that I need to re-home. She's absolutely gorgeous and healthy. Voracious eater, determined to be the biggest fish in my 450. Striking black on white red tail. Please text for more info and pics. Thank you, Carlita 951-764-8794