Help me out with my kelberi pcbass


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Nov 14, 2016
I have two bass that are around 7" now and all there eatting is blood worms still and here and there if I mix beef heart or fish eggs with the worms they will accidentally eat them. But I really would like to get them two eat krill so i can but them in my 240g with a 16" arowana. And two severums. So my main question is how long can i starve them? 2 days 3 day 4 days let me know. And plz dont comment if you think its cruel to starve a fish to get to change there diet


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Nov 28, 2011
San Diego
At 7", 2 weeks is the most I would starve them. . I would soak the freeze dried krill in the frozen bloodworm juice, and throw it in at the same time. Once they start to purposely eat the bloodworm juice soaked krill, reduce the amount of bloodworms given to them. So starve them for 2 weeks, and then soak the krill in the bloodworm juice. If they don't touch the krill, starve them again for 2 weeks, and repeat until they start eating krill.

have you tried frozen pieces of tilapia?