1. M

    For Sale  19 inch Temensis peacock bass.

    I have 2 19 inch Temensis peacock bass for sale. I’m asking $200 for both. I’m downsizing my current stock to be able to put in smaller fish. Thanks. Prefer to sell together. One is male and the other is female.
  2. C

    DIY Fishroom project

    Hello fishkeepers, I'm finally taking the plunge to make a start on my fishroom. Here is a summary of what i have to do before i am able to build my plywood tank. -plumming from my house to the shed (Done) -central heating from my house to the shed (Done) -waterline from my house to the...
  3. Luxury Fish Keeping

    ATF ID VATF or TATF? Id please

    I have an 8-10" ATF, can someone please ID VATF or TAFT? Best photos I can take for now. Thanks
  4. Luxury Fish Keeping

    WTB Arapaima babies please msg me or leave contact number

    looking for arapaimas locally in Southern California! Please msg me or leave contact number! Thank you!
  5. B

    Help with pike type??

    Guys just brought 4 pikes! I’m trying find the type on the tag at pet store just said Pike Cichald..... help
  6. Ankit Naidu

    Cichla ID please! Urgent!

  7. noandryano

    Can you find the difference between borneo & sumatra datnoid ?

    Hi guys, in the last few years, indo tiger fish (datnoides microlepis) become famous not only in ASIA, but also US and Europe region. I saw many hobbyist posted their lovely tiger fish, 3 bar or 4 bar, very stunning fish. But do you know that indonesia tiger fish has 2 types ? Usually...
  8. Tsdamian

    XXL Red Devil food

    Sup Finally managed to get this red devil I've been trying to buy for a while now from the owner of a fish shop not far from me, it was his baby but the big fella wouldn't breed with any female he offered to him so he finally sold it to me. He showed me the weird Asian pellet food he feeds it...
  9. Alligator head


    I read on the below link that arapaima rarely reach over 60 cm in captivity is it true!?
  10. christopher shivdat

    Dovii breeding pair 250$ west orange nj local pick up only!

    Hi I have a breeding pair of blue dovii male is about 12 inch female is about 9 inch thy have lots of fry at the moment I can give them too if u want
  11. S

    Can someone identify this snakehead?

    I boutgth this snakehead for a few moths ago, buy the name Indian violet snakehead. But i dont think it Is, ore maybe the fish have some other name? Can someone give me some info about it and identify it, i posted some pics of the fish.
  12. redfish1

    How to grow Oscars fast?

    I have brought 4 Tiger Oscars from a local fish store.I keep them in a 300 Gallons tank with 2 Cat fishes,1 Giant Gourami and 1 Snakehead fish.I want to grow my Oscars upto maximum size they grow and I want MFK's help to grow them fast and maximum.