nano fish

  1. N

    Best nano predator?

    Hello! I am new to this forum and have been researching in other forums and articles to determine stocking choices for my 20 gallon long it is currently stocked with tiger barbs but it will only last for a couple more months, so I am deciding for my second stocking decision in my 20 gallon long...
  2. F

    ideas for 10 gallon no filter aquarium

    i'm doing a 10 gallon no filter tank ( where i use the plants to filter the tank) with a lot of fast growing stem plants grown both submersed and immersed. any ideas for what fish i add and how many. i want some brightly colored fish to contrast with the green plants (as i'm putting the tank in...
  3. GamerChick5567

    Teeny Tank Ideas?

    Hey guys. I recently found these 2 nano tanks on the curb for freeeee! Someone's poor giant pleco and goldfish must have died... RIP in peace :eek:. They seem like they are walmart mini tank kits. I think I found the links to the correct ones here. The big one has pretty cool pimp lights...