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  1. GraveyardHound

    Transporting Arowana

    Hi There! I am currently in the process of moving, and that includes my entire collection of fish and reptiles. It is about an 8 hour drive from point A to point B. I have everything mostly figures out. My LFS has kindly offered to fill my bags of fish with oxygen before I leave. However, I...
  2. U

    Stocking Question

    Hi guys, I am in the process of selecting a stock list for my 125 gallon tank as sadly my Oscar just died. I currently have a Fluval FX5 for filtration and in the tank a Rhino/Chocolate Pleco and a Raphael Catfish that are both grown leftover from the previous stock list. I am bouncing the...
  3. O

    Help my leopard pleco

    so I recently reieved a leopard pleco on the 20 of January, his precious owner took terrible care of it , water was terrible, she gave me the whole set up with heater everything , I scrubbed the tank and equipment for 2 hours , and gave him a new home , however it turned out the heater wasn’t...
  4. P

    2500+ gal concrete tank HELP

    I am a building contractor and am about to build my own home(again) and want to do something different in the living room. My idea is to pour 8" thick re-bar reinforced walls 8' tall x 3' deep and 14' wide for a fish tank. I have access for 6' x 10' 2" thick acrylic for a viewing window in the...
  5. F

    Filter help needed

    I jave a magnum 250 and every time it is eother shut off or we have lost electricity it seems to stop working, unfortunately lately with the major storms we have had some problems with the electricity going out multiple times over the past 10 days so i guess I've noticed it more. Then tonight...

    Concerns Regarding a Used Tank

    Hey guys, It's me again! So in the past week, I was at the pet market and I saw a huge tank sitting outside on the ground. I asked the shop that was by it if it was for sale, And it was only 80 USD!! I had to have it. So 80 USD for the tank and 50 for the half lorry. It measured 87''L * 28''W *...