1. Feesh4life2000

    Rip ornate bichir

    March, 22, 2018 / July, 9, 2020 got him at two inches lost him at a foot Rest In Peace buddy:(
  2. G

    For Sale  Downsizing Various Fish

    Looking to downsize a little bit, potentially open to trades. Located in northeastern TN but can meet 27” wallago leeri - $350 OBO 24” Ripsaw - $250 2x 12” Ornate Bichirs - $150 each 6” Softshell turtle - $100 Various small green terrors, Jack Dempsey, Bala shark etc - 5$ each 8” albino Senegal...
  3. P

    For Sale  Datnoids and Polypterus Buffalo NY

    (5) Indo Datnoids 1.5-2" (1) Silver Datnoid 3" (1) delhezi polypterus 3" (1) Ornatipinnis polypterus 3" all $125 pickup buffalo ny pics upon interest
  4. Nilsafeller

    Sexing my bichir

    Basically just asking if any experienced poly keepers could tell me what sex my bichir is... I thought Male but not sure
  5. kody929

    FS | Azul Bass, Rare Cats, Multiple Bichirs, Etc | $0-100 | Las Vegas, NV | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Azul Bass, Rare Cats, Multiple Bichirs, Etc What are your prices?: 0-100 Where are you located?: Las Vegas, NV Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Hey everyone I’m looking to put my 210G tank in hiatus while I...
  6. Matteus

    Polys with bass??

    Hey does anyone here know of polys kept with bass? I have a 1’ ornate and would like to keep him with my bass. Right now bass are between 5-6.6”. The biggest one is bigger than the ornate mouth for sure but the smaller 2 not so much. Right now he is suspected of eating 1 possibly 2 of the...
  7. deradlerskartal

    Polypterus / MFK Ankara

    Hey, I generally had an endlich but now I have a group of polypterus that I really like them. I will update their video/photo that I can do; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YM7rSRKxsc0iRz43jZGC7MJGQ3IMfnt7/view?usp=drivesdk or (low quality) 28 cm endlich is with me for almost 6 months...
  8. Blakewater

    Pics From Feeding Time Today

    Enjoy guys, I felt artsy! These are a few of my mini monsters getting fattened up. Only one missing is my ornate and regular sen.
  9. J

    Ornate Bichir

    Hi everyone. I wish to enquire something. I have had my ornate bichir for quite a while now and earlier after I got back from work, I realised that there was a lump underneath my ornate bichir mouth. it is worrying me a lot as I am unsure of it. Yesterday night before I went to sleep, I...
  10. PoissonRouge

    Bichir ID help please!

    Hi, I am new to this forum but am finding I need some help. I just recently purchased a new tank from Craiglist and the guy that sold it to me wanted to rehome his bichirs. So he told me they were an ornate, endilicheri, and delhezi.. but other than the very obvious ornate I am not so sure or...