oscar tank

  1. S

    New Oscar tank, advice please

    I am getting started tomorrow, going to buy a 120-130 us gal tank. I would like to keep two tiger Oscar’s in it. Would like to get them as juveniles. Was thinking of doing a sandy substrate, 6-7 heavier rocks and or drift wood on bottom. I would like to get a canister filter with the water...
  2. ..puSkar..

    Lets see those brutes. OSCARS..

    Hi guys. Been battling moderate covid from last 7-8 days, and not being able to do anything interesting. Being boored quarantined in a room. So thought that it would be nice if fellow mfks could post some pics of their oscars as they are one of the most popular fish in the hobby. Cheers ?
  3. F

    ideas for oscar tankmates

    i have a 300 gallon south american style tank and it has one oscar. i need some suggestions for schooling fish i could put with him (maybe angelfish?) the than has amazing filtration and can filter upto a 2000 gallon.
  4. C

    Oscar Pair tank size

    I am looking to get a pair of Oscars for my soon to be built studio. I am wondering if a tank with the dimensions of 4.9 ft x 1.8 ft x 1.6 ft tall. The volume would be 109ish gallons. Sorry, I understand how these dimensions are kinda weird but I'm used to working in the metric system lol. I...
  5. S

    New oscar tank

    Hi looking for some advice on keeping two Oscar's with minimal aggression. I was going to get one but would like to get both lutino and normal tiger.
  6. O

    critique on sump design for 180g Oscar tank

    I'm new on here so hopefully I posted this in the right place. my wife got me hooked on this hobby and I've been tending her tanks for a while, however, this will be my first. I'm currently setting up my new 180g tank and am trying to design a sump that will be more than sufficient for the...