1. L

    Peacock Not Eating!

    I have 3 peacock bass in a 20 gallon aquarium, (grow out tank) 2 of them about 2 1/2 inches long and one about 1 1/2 inches and I’ve had them for about a month maybe, and I’m feeding them bloodworms everyday, but the smallest one won’t eat them anymore. At first he was the only one that ate...
  2. DanielKeepFishes

    Giant Snakeheads and peacock bass

    I know how giant snakeheads are aggressive, but these few days My orino peacock bass have been poking at my 3 giant snakeheads and rubbing their body against them, almost like claiming their territory. They have been together for about 3 weeks now. Snakeheads showing no signs of aggression...
  3. S

    Tank Mates for Pbass

    I have a 2-inch mono peacock bass in 50G grow out tank and he isn't eating pellets and it's come to my attention that if he had a friend/ feeding trainer to help him be more aggressive and eat the pellets. Does anyone have any good ideas for what species I could put in there with him to help him...
  4. LCT8

    how to ID baby Spotted Gar and Temensis Peacock bass?

    Hi so a year ago I bought a small peacock bass and it had a lot of spots on it so i thought it was a temensis, 1 year later it turned out to be an azul so how do I ID a baby one? For spotted gars, how do I id them when they are a baby vs other species all I know is that alligator gars and...
  5. S

    Peacock Bass white spot

    I have 2-3inches size peacock bass. And one of them have white spots.. how i cure him? Temperature is 32 now. And i add some aqurium salt to tank..
  6. a_dilshan

    What type of Kelberi??

    bought this guy a few days back. Size around 7 inches Any idea what type of kelberi is this?
  7. F

    5-15-16 Complete stock list.

    Hello everyone, below is the list of what just came in in the past 1-2 week that you guys might be interested, you could always send in request of the fish you want me to bring in :-) I have to apologize for not being active on the forum. Best way is to communicate thru Facebook message and make...
  8. J

    Peacock bass' red eye discussion!

    Hey guys.. This is my first thread.. I LOVE peacock bass. They're such extremely wonderful and majestic fish. I guess they weren't called the 'peacock bass' for nothing. I've been keeping pbasses for just about 2years now.. And i have been bothered for a pretty long time now about this matter...
  9. P

    Peacock bass won't eat

    Hi I have 2 peacock bass about 8inches in length they are in a 110G gallon aquarium at the moment (soon to be moved to a 400G), I've had them for about 4 days now and every time to try to feed them they won't eat. I've tried pellets which they go for and then spit them out (Hikari cichlid gold...