1. Blakewater

    Converting Fish To Pellets | Is It "Really" Worth It?

    In the fish keeping hobby, and predominantly in the "monster" fish keeping hobby, a question we often see arise with hobbyists is, "Do I put the effort and risk into converting my fish off of live foods and is it really worth the worry?". I'm sure most of us can agree that compared to "standard"...
  2. C

    Five star general (Hemichromis elongatus) and pellets..

    I have an established 110 G tank with an oscar, a jack dempsey, a mayan, and a green terror in it. Recently, about a month and some change ago, I added a five star general. And for the life of me, I cannot get this fish to eat Hikari pellets that the rest of the fish are eating. I feed large...
  3. O

    Best pellet for flowerhorn

    What is everyone thoughts on best pellet food for flowerhorn. I am not talking humpy head or any of those to grow huge koks. Just a good staple pellet for health and color. Right now I'm using Hikari blood-red parrot+. This is what he was on at my lfs. He really likes this stuff. I've also...
  4. A

    How long did it take to train your dats to take pellets?

    I have 4"+ NTT and 5"+ NGT. The NTT was bought from a fish store and was probably fed feeders and the NGT was wild caught. I only feed pellets to my other 5" IT, clown loaches, and African cichlids. NGT haven't ate in 49 days and the NTT haven't had anything in 55 days. They were thick when I...
  5. Adictd2Fsh

    Will My Arowana Eat Pellets?

    I Just bought a new Silver Arowana about 6", its with a beautiful little Red Spotted Severum about 3" and an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey about 3". The severum and jack are eating hikari gold baby pellets (floating) and hikari gold mini wafers. The arrow don't want anything top do with them, he...
  6. G

    Flowerhorn not eating pellets

    Hi all. So a week who i bought a flowerhorn. It is currently in a Quarantined/temp tank. My larger tank is being readied as am in the process of resealing. Anyhow. My flowerhorn intially wasnt eating. Assumed and read that moves and new environment can stress them. So put it down to that. I had...
  7. B

    How do slow sinking pellets work?

    Anyone know exactly what makes them sink slowly? and when they reach the bottom, will they stay there or will they be easily stirred up? Does breaking the pellet apart help it sink?
  8. B

    Are pellets cooked or raw? (eg: Massivore, NLS, Omega One)

    Does anyone know if these pellets are cooked or contain cooked ingredients? or go through a heating process?
  9. B

    Are pellets cooked or raw? (eg. massivore, NLS, Omega One)

    Just wondering if anyone knows if these pellets are cooked, or contain cooked ingredients? or go through a heat process? if so, how do you know? The reason I ask is because thiaminase found in shrimp and herring is destroyed by heat. Omega One contains whole shrimp but does not have Vitamin B1...
  10. Fish Eat Fish

    Interesting New (to me) Pellet and Flake Food Source

    Hello everyone, I don't like buying fish food. It's like dogfood. It will keep your fish alive and some of it will even keep them healthy but it's over priced and usually full of filler. I was looking into alternatives and found an interesting seller on eBay. I will be the first to admit that...
  11. jamntoast

    Getting pikes onto pellets

    Anyone have a technique that's worked for them before? Mines eating bloodworms no problem, but it would be nice to mix it up a bit sometimes. What works?