1. A

    Black Ghost and Plant Compatibility

    So I have narrowed it down to these two and I am thinking of doing both. Visibility of the whole tank isn't an issue. I want to make it thick by using background plants that grow large as center and foreground plants. I Asked here once before for plant recommendations that can use sand as a...
  2. C

    Floating plants?

    Hi, Just wondering, will all aquatic plants survive if keep them afloat? I mean if I do not plant them in aquarium soil and just keep them afloat (considering there is adequate light and nutrients), will they survive? Sorry, I know it is a noob question.
  3. MicroQuatics

    For Sale  Shrimp Breeding Project with Tanks Available

    Large Scale Shrimp Breeding Project, includes filters/ tanks/ plants ect. LOCAL PICKUP Make an offer! Shrimp Types: Tangerine Tiger *Caridina Crystal Red *Caridina Bluebolt *Caridina Yellow King Kong *Caridina Tangerine hybrids (Tang Thai) *Caridina Super Red Santa Hat *Caridina Yellow King...
  4. C

    For Sale  Driftwood and Anubias plants

    Looking to spice things up? I got the wood for you! Each piece has been in my tank for 4+ years and no longer release tannins. Please refer to the # and photos below for sizes and pricing. Measurements are length x width in inches. Everything is for curbside pick up only in 92880. I know i have...
  5. N

    Buy online?

    Best places ONLINE to buy live plants, fish, driftwood, and other aquarium supplies in the US w/quick shipping? Do you trust amazon? Specific amazon vendors you recommend? this is another topic that could almost use its own forum, lol. I tried searching the posts but there’s too many to sort...
  6. N

    Another emergency?!

    Don’t want a dead fish in the morning -or at all! W/no help until *at least* morning but more likely Saturday, I need fix ideas now. Should I lower the flow on the air stone? Turn down the pump? Worried if I do either tank conditions will hurt the fish. I have live plants i could add but don’t...
  7. Goldenburd

    Questions about ferts fir my planted piranha tank

    I've been looking for a new fert for the 55 ever since i got the new light (finnex planted+ 24/7) i found the thrive series and was wondering if thrive c was the best option due to the stocking and nitrates being high (due to stocking the pirhanamainly and the 50 baby plecos i need to find a...
  8. S

    Redtail Catfish and Lotuses

    Hello all! While I love my fish to no end, I have to admit that their tank (5,000 gallons, and sometimes I still fear it’s not enough for some of the bigger guys haha) currently looks somewhat drab. I’ve decorated the bottom of the tank with driftwood, ceramic pots, and a few other various...
  9. GraveyardHound

    5g CRS Tank (Plant Advice)

    For some reason in September I decided to set up a high-tech 5g Crystal Red S tank. I guess I forgot how hard it is to maintain a nano tank. Anyways, I have been struggling with this tank since then. There were some bumps in the road but now it is nice and stable. However, some of the plants...
  10. Zak03

    Concerned about mystery snail

    Hi guys, I recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought some more blue mystery snails to put into my planted 20 gallon tank. A few days ago, I noticed that one of the snails had these spots (photo provided) on the back of the shell. At first thought I believed them to be eggs, but after doing some...
  11. A

    What plant is this?

    I ordered some more plants online the other day. One of the plants that were sent was not the right plant at all considering it was supposed to have a rhizome but was stems instead. I really like the plant and decided to keep it but the people couldn't tell me what it was. Can anyone identify...
  12. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Pothos added to 125

    Got some pothos yesterday, so today after work I got a piece of driftwood I had laying around that likes to float rather than sink and used rubber bands to attach the pothos to the drift wood, leaving the roots in the water with stem and leaves out of the water. Let me know what you think, never...
  13. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Shrimp only tank

    Going to be doing a cherry shrimp only planted biotope style setup with one of my 10 gallon tanks I have laying around. Advice on good low tech plants ? want to have it heavily planted. Also if anyone has good filtration ideas for this style setup let me know I have a plan but open to other...
  14. Zak03

    Natural Plants in the Oscar Tank

    So, im using big natural rocks as decor in my tank. i washed them thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide, and then rinsed them and dried them before placing them in the tank. I've been using them for a few weeks now and i havent had any problems. But there is one thing. Moss started to grow two of...
  15. S

    Silver dollars fed clippings

    so like the title says, can I feed my silver dollars clippings from my other tanks plants? I have 6 silver dollars in a 180g tank that is just rocks and driftwood because of their notoriety for eating plants. All of my other tanks are very heavily planted however. Usually I just throw my...
  16. Justepic

    Disease on my plants

    Recently dealt with black tuft algae and wiped that out ; but now I have some brown stuff on my s repens and their leaves are dying. Help!
  17. N

    Planted Discus tank decorator/designer in LA?

    Hey - My family is looking for a high quality tank decorator/designer to turn our 180gal into a planted discus tank with nice rocks and wood, great lighting etc as a showpiece. Can you guys recommend a company/person in LA to help with this? Have no experience with planted tanks and am not...
  18. RTC probe 3

    Growing Java moss

    Hello guys, I just bought my new piece of java moss and could you guys tell me some tips and methods of growing it other than the normal methods such as the relevant water temp.,ph,etc. And could you guys also confirm if this really is java moss?
  19. PGJE

    my first planted tank

    This is my first planted tank. I am going to move the fish and plants to a 50 gallon tank and make a much better one, but here's what iv'e got right now!
  20. PGJE


    in the past week iv'e found this algae in the community tank that grows really quickly and covers everything. it's not bad, if you scrub it off the sides, it all comes out in a big sheet, but i cleaned my tank (including a gravel siphoning) 2 days ago and got rid of all of it and now its back...