1. F

    Rare Plecos and other fish for sale

    I have a lot of fish for sale. I’ll start with the plecos: L273 Titanicus 7-8” super red(rare) $300 L014 Sunshine 6” $100 L155 Adonis 4” $50 L066 King Tiger 5” $40 L128 Blue Phantom 5” $40 L240 Galaxy Vampire 5” $40 L200 Green Phantom 3” $25 L002 Tiger 3” $25 L27 Gold Line Thunder 7” $225 L27...
  2. AquaScape

    Stock-List 08/10/18

    -Piranha- Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $8.oo Ea. Or 10/$70.oo 1"-2" $12.oo Ea. Or 10/$100.oo Caribe(Pygocentrus Notatus) 2”-3” $35.oo Ea. Lobetoothed Piranha(Pygopristis denticulate) 3”-4"...
  3. OscarDaddy69

    Switch to Sand bottom with Oscar

    I am thinking of changing my current setup to a sand bottom. Ive attached a photo of my current setup. I have a 75 Gallon with a lutino oscar, Jack Dempsey and a pleco. what are some suggestions and advice with sand bottoms with oscars. Will the sand mess up my filter, im running an eheim...
  4. Dennis Kraemer

    What Could I put in my tank???

    Hey guys I have had this tank for awhile and it is kind of a grow out tank for my bullhead. I have one yellow lab Cichlid and two albino bristle nose Plecos. Are there any schooling fish that I can add?
  5. PGJE

    medium- large fish for 150 gallon aquarium?

    I have a 150 gallon tank with two turtles (who have not hurt any fish i have put in there, from goldfish to cichlids), and a pleco. I wanted to know what medium- large fish i could put in there. The turtles are harmless, so any ideas?
  6. AquaScape

    Stock-List 6/22/18!!

    -Piranha- Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $8.oo Ea. Or 10/$70.oo Caribe(Pygocentrus Notatus) 2”-3” $35.oo Ea. Lobetoothed Piranha(Pygopristis denticulate) 2.5”-3” $35.oo Ea. Xingu(Serrasalmus rhombeus) 7”-8”...
  7. aes1687

    L27B VS L190

    Hey guys, at a dillemma here. Thinking of getting a new pleco and not sure whether to choose the xingu pleco (L27b) or the royal pleco (L190). What do you guys recommend?
  8. P

    Look at my beautiful Common

    I just thought he looks fascinating with his fins up! What do you guys think? Hes 13 years old and still loves swimming around!
  9. S

    Green phantom pleco

    Picked up a green phantom the other day, and I’m currently setting up and getting ready to cycle his 120g forever home. For the time being he’s in a 20g tall. My question is really, how long can he safely live in the 20g tall (with nothing else)? All that’s in there now is some plants and a...
  10. AquaScape

    The Royal Pleco

  11. C

    Pleco with Bichirs?

    I have a 2.5" Senegal, 4.5" Albino Senegal, 5" Ornate, and a new baby Endlicheri of unknown size (it arrives tomorrow). When I go to pick it up, I was thinking of either getting a 4" BGK or a species of Pleco. Is the Pleco compatitble if it's the same size or bigger? If not, should I get the BGK?
  12. T

    new filtration

    I have a 200g tank in the way and still haven't decided on filtration. I have never had a tank this big and am not sure where to go. I am thinking about doing two canisters, but I have no clue about sumps. anyone wanna weigh in and shed some light and drop some tips??? Currently there will be...
  13. L

    BGK and pleco tankmates

    Hi guys. This is my first post.. I have a 615liter I think it's about 160g. I started it as a community tank with 2 bgks(one about 25cm and the other about 20cm at the moment), one pleco(about 30cm) and a couple of other community fish like black neons, neons, glowlight tetras, a few glowfish...
  14. S

    Are the baby golden nugget plecos?

    I have a 270g stocked tank I inherited when we bought our house. I have almost no knowledge about most of it. Well today in the sump/wet dry (which has a serious snail issue, so i never look closely), i found a lot of these little fish. I am leaning toward them being hillstream loaches since I...
  15. E

    WTB Green Phantom Pleco

    i got back from vacation and found my longtime pleco dead and am looking for a green phantom pleco to replace him. I’m located in Robbinsville NJ (08691). Please let me know what you have and how much you’re looking for. Looking to spend $40-$70.
  16. P

    5 adult Zebra Plecos

    5 adult zebra plecos for sale. They're about 3-4 years old and were in my display tank as a backup for my other breeding colonies. Basically, any extras that were too difficult or too small to sex were put in my display to grow out as an insurance policy in case something happens to my other...
  17. RubyRuby234

    Picture Perfect

    The title says it all.. Here’s a link to a little video of my tank I just posted today, so it includes my newest addition!!! Check it out! Thank you to everyone who likes and comments on my posts here. I appreciate all the feedback and advice, I don’t have any friends or anything in the hobby...
  18. D

    Back to back dead plecos.

    Hello all, I recently lost both of my plecos. Within 3 days of each other. I removed the bodies immediately. I can't figure out what killed them. Thier tankmates are 4 baby angels (1.5 inches), two baby ornate bichirs (2.5 inches), a baby black ghost knife (2 inches), and baby five clown loaches...
  19. AG458

    Tank Update!

    I've had my current 60g (long) tank up and running since last summer. Despite my taste for large fish, my current stock is doing very well together. My current stock is as listed below: x1 Common Plecostomus x1 Azul Peacock Bass x1 Polypterus Endlicheri x1 Silver Arowana (Surprise!) Please keep...
  20. AG458

    What Plecos Do You Keep?

    I was just interested as to see what kind of plecos you guys keep! I love plecos, and, even though I've only got one at the moment, I plan on getting more in the future! What would you suggest? Attached at the bottom are recently taken (and edited) pics of my common pleco. (I should really...