1. R

    FREE | Large Common Pleco | $0 | Cleveland, OH | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FREE What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Large Common Pleco What are your prices?: 0 Where are you located?: Cleveland, OH Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Free to a good home. I need to rehome my large common Pleco. Due to renovations I've had to...
  2. Lil' Jenny

    Stocking Questions and Advice

    I currently have a 120 gal glass aquarium dimensions are 48x18x30. With no plans on upgrading anytime soon. Currently featuring an 8.5" Sailfin Pleco, 8" Senegal Bichir, 5.5" Striped Raphael Catfish, and 5" Pictus Catfish My boyfriend and I would like to add a few more fish but we don't want...
  3. P

    Just got a tire track eel , need guidance

    I just bought a 100gallon tank off craigslist, came with everything... Sand, rocks, filter, heater, air pump, stand , light , fish and food. 300$ a real steal I think. Anyway I got a large tire track eel in the tank and it doesn't like carnivore pellets but likes night crawlers, it's a big baby...
  4. B

    BN Pleco with bloody mouth and strange growth

    Hello, I have been away for the weekend and I noticed my BN pleco (plec) with a bloody mouth and an odd air bubble like growth coming from one of it's gills? I didn't notice anything strange with him before I left for my trip this past weekend. my water params: 55Gal/208L with 20G/75L sump...
  5. Freshwater Exotics

    Wild Caught Plecos & South American Cichlids

    1/16/16 Freshwater Exotics Stock List Please message or email us at with any questions or to get a shipping quote. We ship via FedEx, Southwest or Delta. Pick up available by appointment only. We are located just south of Milwaukee off I-94. Photos of most...
  6. F

    Jack Dempsey losing scales

    I have a 4. Inch jack Dempsey that was in a hundred gallon aquarium that is cycled ant tested regularly, along with several convicts all under four inches, and a medium sized pleco. When I went away all the fish had no missing scales where healthy. While I was gone one pair of convicts breed(big...
  7. P

    6 Questions from Newbie; Please Help!

    1. ARE WATER CHANGES NEEDED EVEN WITH GREAT TEST RESULTS? I'm running a Fluval FX6 on a 125 gallon tank with a total of 8 small cichlids in it (see signature). I have had the tank setup with fish for about 2 months and my water tests are all coming back pretty good. My most recent water test...
  8. Soco

    What Type Of Pleco Is This?

    Hey everyone I got this pleco from a friend of mine today, I was just wondering if anyone knew what type of pleco it is. Thanks in advance.
  9. M

    Help! What medication should I use for my plecos?

    I really have questions that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I am not certain exactly what type of medication I should be using. So let me tell you what I have, and what I do, and hopefully you can help me figure out whether or not to keep doing the same thing or change it up. I keep...
  10. I

    What Pleco should I get

    I have a 55 gallon tank and want a really cool pleco, any suggestions?
  11. B

    Koi Tank Mates

    Hi everybody on monsterfishkeepers, This is my first ever post on here so hello. I'm chuffed to of found a site with so many other passionate fish keepers. I thought i would start by asking what people would consider as tank mates for...
  12. Sizzy905

    75 gallon cichlid tank

    ive changed the stock in my 75 from angels/gouramis to cichlids now. I've gone withe one jd roughly 2 inches, one firemouth roughly 2 inches, and one convict about an inch, and planning to add some dither fish. Is there any other cichlid that i can keep? I would also like suggestions on what...
  13. V

    Save the Date! The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2016

    Save the Date! The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2016 will be hosted by the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society October 13-16, 2016 in Herndon, Virginia at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel. Please note: We are now a 4-day convention! There will be a fantastic schedule of programs on Thursday evening...
  14. N

    Pleco ID and Breathing Issues?

    Hey all, this is my first post to MFK, my roommate referred me here, if I'm breaking any forum rules by posting in here I apologize and please direct me to the right section. I've got a 55 gallon tank, my first one, with a few black skirt tetras, a lungfish, black ghost knife fish, and a pleco...
  15. JustMFKhere213

    8" Royal Pleco $80

    I'm selling my 8" royal pleco very healthy. Sadly he's in a temporary 10gal tank I need a better home for him asap. Only asking $80 obo, I'll take trade for a nice monster fish. So-cal pick up only but could possibly deliver if you're around DTLA at your own cost. For faster response text me @...