1. P

    6 Questions from Newbie; Please Help!

    1. ARE WATER CHANGES NEEDED EVEN WITH GREAT TEST RESULTS? I'm running a Fluval FX6 on a 125 gallon tank with a total of 8 small cichlids in it (see signature). I have had the tank setup with fish for about 2 months and my water tests are all coming back pretty good. My most recent water test...
  2. Soco

    What Type Of Pleco Is This?

    Hey everyone I got this pleco from a friend of mine today, I was just wondering if anyone knew what type of pleco it is. Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    Help! What medication should I use for my plecos?

    I really have questions that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I am not certain exactly what type of medication I should be using. So let me tell you what I have, and what I do, and hopefully you can help me figure out whether or not to keep doing the same thing or change it up. I keep...
  4. I

    What Pleco should I get

    I have a 55 gallon tank and want a really cool pleco, any suggestions?
  5. B

    Koi Tank Mates

    Hi everybody on monsterfishkeepers, This is my first ever post on here so hello. I'm chuffed to of found a site with so many other passionate fish keepers. I thought i would start by asking what people would consider as tank mates for...
  6. Sizzy905

    75 gallon cichlid tank

    ive changed the stock in my 75 from angels/gouramis to cichlids now. I've gone withe one jd roughly 2 inches, one firemouth roughly 2 inches, and one convict about an inch, and planning to add some dither fish. Is there any other cichlid that i can keep? I would also like suggestions on what...
  7. V

    Save the Date! The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2016

    Save the Date! The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2016 will be hosted by the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society October 13-16, 2016 in Herndon, Virginia at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel. Please note: We are now a 4-day convention! There will be a fantastic schedule of programs on Thursday evening...
  8. N

    Pleco ID and Breathing Issues?

    Hey all, this is my first post to MFK, my roommate referred me here, if I'm breaking any forum rules by posting in here I apologize and please direct me to the right section. I've got a 55 gallon tank, my first one, with a few black skirt tetras, a lungfish, black ghost knife fish, and a pleco...
  9. JustMFKhere213

    8" Royal Pleco $80

    I'm selling my 8" royal pleco very healthy. Sadly he's in a temporary 10gal tank I need a better home for him asap. Only asking $80 obo, I'll take trade for a nice monster fish. So-cal pick up only but could possibly deliver if you're around DTLA at your own cost. For faster response text me @...