1. fugupuff

    Vendor  Rare Fish- vendor stock list 11-3

    Rare Fish vendor info, link, pictures I've been keeping fish most of my life, selling fish with import, export worldwide for nearly 20 years. Check out my reviews and pictures. Shipping via fedex overnight with live arrival guaranteed. Local pick up available in So. Cal. Wholesale inquiries...
  2. That Trinindad Pleco

    75 Gallon Bristelnose And Snowball Pleco

    Hi, this is my first post on this site and I currently have 4 tanks set up, with a 5th cycling now and I might get a 6th soon. 1 of my 2 75 gallons is a community tank with a Blood Parrot Cichlid, 11 Gold Priscilla Tetras, a Pearl Gourami and a Female Betta. I have a 3“ Bristelnose Pleco, I’ve...
  3. Q

    L27 Xingu Royal Pleco HELP PLZ!!

    It's a long story but please bear with me I need as much help/advice anyone can give for my new baby L27 Xingu Royal Pleco. Yesterday I went to petco to purchase a pleco. I am new to the aquatic world and only had my small 10 gallon tank for a week now. My top dwellers are 3 guppies and 2 red...
  4. S

    Searching for larger L600 or L95 plecos

    Looking for adult orange seam cactus or orange cheek pinecone plecos. I’m in northern Cali but looking outside the area
  5. S

    Algae Eaters for a 75 gallon predator tank?

    What algae eaters can I put in a 75 gallon predator tank? The only catch is that it NEEDS to be compatable with a bichir, ie, not eating its slime coat. This is very important as the bichir is basically the only reason im getting the tank, (I am upgrading when the bichir gets too big, however.)...
  6. P

    Want to Buy  L186 or L64

    Looking for a L186 or L64 in the Los Angeles area. Let me know what you got.
  7. RealCrix220

    Alligator Plec

    I had a alligator pleco a while back and I’m now on the hunt for another one. It was so cool because when it was tiny it looked super cool and when it got to an adult it was a beast and developed such a great shape. ( sorry I’ve got no full body shots of him, I’ll cut one from a video ) let’s...
  8. amazontank

    Want to Buy  Stockton, California shipping help!

    Hi mfk hope everyone is doing well! Anybody experienced in shipping fish in Stockton, California can pick up a few plecos for me and ship them to Miami, Florida!
  9. Blakewater

    Do Certain Plecos Poop More Than Others?

    Hey ladies and gents. So, first off, let me just lead with the fact that I am a newb when it comes to plecos. I know the basic care and requirements, but thats about it. That being said, I do enjoy how some look and so recently I purchased an Adonis and Royal for my tank as a bottom region...
  10. P

    For Trade  Group of L134 Leopard Frog plecos

    Been growing out these L134 Leopard Frog Plecos to breed and was going to add more to the colony but lost interest. I no longer have the time, patience, or space for another dedicated spawning setup so I’m hoping to move this breeding project on to someone else. Most are about breeding size...
  11. P

    For Sale  L273 Red Titanicus Pleco - super nice

    Selling a show quality L273 Red Titanicus Pleco with tons of color, rare at this size. They usually fade when larger but this ones super nice and eats very well. $375 local pickup
  12. P

    For Sale  L273 Red Titanicus Pleco

    About 6”-7” L273 for sale or trade For other plecos. Eats well...$250 Local preferred, shipping considered
  13. I

    For Sale  Cichlids

    Have assorted cichlids and some plecos for sale ranging in price from 10-100$ Contact Andrew for more information. can ship all over the US and offer pickup to locals. I’m in the northern Colorado region. Chanchos,Midas,Red devils, Hoga,sagittae, Cubans, Rivulatus, L240 galaxy plecos. have...
  14. T

    Want to Buy  WTB L46 Zebra Plecos

    Looking to buy zebra plecos in Milwaukee WI. Please let me know if you have any or have any leads. Please text me 641 629 9208
  15. N

    Want to Buy  Jumbo Pleco Caves/Hides

    Looking for truely Xl caves, hides, & cholla for the big guy- he’s at 14-15” and likes to hide completely. Moving from a gravel substrate tank to large river rock tank (so he won’t be able to dig down to hide anymore). Need to be reasonably priced, hoping to get a few. Thx!
  16. fugupuff

    Vendor  03-20 Rare Fish price list

    Bottom dwellers Hypostomus luteus c.b. babies 2"-2.25" - first time in a long time. These were bred in a group of 10, with various parents of phase 2 and 3. Videos will be posted on instagram of them eating, they have full bellies. Someone bought the entire group from the breeder and I was...
  17. PlecoGuySam

    250 Gallon Monster Fish Tank Setup

    So I’ve made a post a while ago asking for advice or suggestions on my pleco tank that I was in the process of making. So far I have 13 plecos, 7 are commons, 2 are chocolate albinos, 1 is a high fin albino, 1 is a red high fin, 1 is a honeycomb, and the last one is a three beacon pleco. 4 of...
  18. PlecoGuySam

    250 Gallon Common Pleco Tank. Any Setup Suggestions? Other Plecos?

    So this is my first time posting here, I've always read different discussions on this website that helped me a lot with my aquariums and fish. I have a 250 gallon monster fish tank that has a fluval fx5 hooked up and a circulation pump(I don't remember the brand), and a 24 inch LED light...
  19. ptgabrys

    For Sale  Tarpon, pearl stingray, vaft, etc.

    All fish for sale are extremely healthy and eating a variety of foods including hikari, massivore, blood worms, tilapia, and market shrimp. I am only selling them because I am going a different direction with my tanks. Many of them have been in my care for a couple years or more, I care a lot...
  20. K

    For Sale  FS | L014 L134 Plecos | $250 | El Monte, CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: L014, L136 Pleco What are your prices?: $300, $250 Where are you located?: El Monte, California Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: - L014 Sunshine Pleco. Four of them at 4"+. Take all four for $300. - L134...