1. T

    Want to Buy  WTB L46 Zebra Plecos

    Looking to buy zebra plecos in Milwaukee WI. Please let me know if you have any or have any leads. Please text me 641 629 9208
  2. N

    Want to Buy  Jumbo Pleco Caves/Hides

    Looking for truely Xl caves, hides, & cholla for the big guy- he’s at 14-15” and likes to hide completely. Moving from a gravel substrate tank to large river rock tank (so he won’t be able to dig down to hide anymore). Need to be reasonably priced, hoping to get a few. Thx!
  3. fugupuff

    Vendor  03-20 Rare Fish price list

    Bottom dwellers Hypostomus luteus c.b. babies 2"-2.25" - first time in a long time. These were bred in a group of 10, with various parents of phase 2 and 3. Videos will be posted on instagram of them eating, they have full bellies. Someone bought the entire group from the breeder and I was...
  4. PlecoGuySam

    250 Gallon Monster Fish Tank Setup

    So I’ve made a post a while ago asking for advice or suggestions on my pleco tank that I was in the process of making. So far I have 13 plecos, 7 are commons, 2 are chocolate albinos, 1 is a high fin albino, 1 is a red high fin, 1 is a honeycomb, and the last one is a three beacon pleco. 4 of...
  5. PlecoGuySam

    250 Gallon Common Pleco Tank. Any Setup Suggestions? Other Plecos?

    So this is my first time posting here, I've always read different discussions on this website that helped me a lot with my aquariums and fish. I have a 250 gallon monster fish tank that has a fluval fx5 hooked up and a circulation pump(I don't remember the brand), and a 24 inch LED light...
  6. ptgabrys

    For Sale  Tarpon, pearl stingray, vaft, etc.

    All fish for sale are extremely healthy and eating a variety of foods including hikari, massivore, blood worms, tilapia, and market shrimp. I am only selling them because I am going a different direction with my tanks. Many of them have been in my care for a couple years or more, I care a lot...
  7. K

    For Sale  FS | L014 L134 Plecos | $250 | El Monte, CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: L014, L136 Pleco What are your prices?: $300, $250 Where are you located?: El Monte, California Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: - L014 Sunshine Pleco. Four of them at 4"+. Take all four for $300. - L134...
  8. Adrianrios1085

    For Sale  fish tanks 92505

    90 gallon tank with stand 100$ 2-40 gallon breeder rack system complete with led lights filters air pump digital heaters 170$
  9. salt_creep

    Assortment of South American fish - Central Florida

    I've got some earth eaters and plecos I need help rehoming. I'm not really wanting to ship as I've got a place I can dump everything for cheap if I need to. L256 Royal Sunshine Pleco (x4) LG $400 L014 Sunshine Pleco XLG (x2) $300 L114 Leopard Cactus XLG (x1) MD (x1) $100 and $40 XLG Proven...
  10. D

    Advice please. Rubber plecos keep dying?!

    I am baffled as to why the rubber plecos I buy keep dying the next day after purchase. They are in a 5gal tank with small female beta and 2 small African dwarf frogs. I will upgrade the tank size in a month or so but that shouldn’t be the reason they are dying next day right? I did a water test...
  11. N

    Help. Pleico sick again??!! :-(

    hi I feel like I keep coming back here for help - thank goodness you guys are here My pleico is maybe 6 years old, he’s in a 35 gallon tank on his own and he’s a little over 12 inches long (measure varies through the glass to as much as 13 inches). He’s been staying by the heater towards the...
  12. J

    Pleco type

    This a common pleco? Thanks!
  13. F

    FS: Fluval FX6’s and one FX5 $200 $150

    Location: SoCal. Southbay Several FX6 filters in excellent condition. Up and running and fully cycled for freshwater. $200 each. One FX5 available for $150 as well. Local pick up only Firm on the price.
  14. F

    FS: Fluval FX6’s and one FX5 $200 $150

    Location: SoCal. Southbay Several FX6 filters in excellent condition. Up and running and fully cycled for freshwater. $200 each. One FX5 available for $150 as well. Local pick up only Firm on the price.
  15. F

    Rare Plecos and other fish for sale

    I have a lot of fish for sale. I’ll start with the plecos: L273 Titanicus 7-8” super red(rare) $300 L014 Sunshine 6” $100 L155 Adonis 4” $50 L066 King Tiger 5” $40 L128 Blue Phantom 5” $40 L240 Galaxy Vampire 5” $40 L200 Green Phantom 3” $25 L002 Tiger 3” $25 L27 Gold Line Thunder 7” $225 L27...
  16. Joshomaru

    Queen Arabesque

    Hi everyone. New guy here. 9ne of the things that drew me to the site (besides a lot of good info from knowledgable people with informative experiences and posts) was all the great pics. My favorites are the vast multitudes and possibilities in the pleco world. Plecos are so misunderstood by...
  17. Y

    Re-homing 3 Common Plecos. Need bigger homes!

    My mom and I collectively have 3 plecos, I have 2, and she has 1. They will outgrow their tanks and we have no current means of acquiring a big enough tank for them, especially 3. 2 are in a 29 gallon, and 1 is in a 39 gallon tank. These are obviously not adequate tank sizes for these plecos...
  18. Mr. Ritter

    How To Train Your Pleco - A Beginner's Guide to Training Fish

    Hello everybody and welcome! Have you ever wondered if or wanted your plecos to do more than rasp glass, eat food, sleep, and poop? Well, maybe not, but its certainly not out of reach for them to do so! I'm Zach, and I've always loved catfish and believed that their is a definite degree of...
  19. T

    Stocking 220 gal

    So today's the day. Buying a 220 gallon today. What rays are typically pleco safe? My LFS carries BD and marble, those typically pleco safe? Also, if I want to get rays in 6 x 2 x 2.5 what should I use on bottom? Sand? How much driftwood is good? Anybody has any tanks that have rays in 220 gal...
  20. T

    Wild plecos in Mexico ??

    I'm currently in Mexico on vacation in Playa De Carmen area outside of Cancun, Mexico. My hotel (fairmount) in Mayacoba riveria has tons of small canals. Any experts know if there is some plecos or any plecos near the area? Always looking for wolf plecos. HUGE pleco geek here. Thanks