1. N

    Pleco poisoned by ichX treatment??

    Pleco sick from treatment??? 125gallon freshwater, partially planted, river rock substrate (sparsely covered) currently: (see below for prev details) I THINK the plan is to get a new carbon filter since the water changes seem to upset him and use that to clear the water giving a few days for...
  2. N

    Pleco diet question & food safety

    Diet question & could it introduce parasites? our pleco shares the tank with a goldfish, 125g freshwater. It’s planted but not w/anything they like to eat. right now we do flakes AM for the goldfish veg wafers & shrimp Pellets PM for the pleco (Goldie steals them) Fruit or veg 1-2x per week...
  3. N

    Emergency sick pleco

    He looks thin. His skin looks patchy and he’s been much more timid and hasn’t been out as much or swam with his frill out since we have switched to the bigger tank (from 35g to 120g) About a month ago. He has his old cave to hide in, but everything else is different. River rock now instead of...
  4. N

    Tank mates

    I posted this under setup, hoping for some more answers on tank mates etc sailfin and pleco shared 120g tank. Other parameters on the original post...
  5. N

    Lockdown=No New Tank

    We have been saving for a new (used) tank for a long time now but lockdown out any plans on hold. I’m worried about our fish in the meantime: would you change water more often? Add another filter? Go colder? 35 (may be 37) gallon tank Freshwater Hypostumos Pleco 13.5 inches 2 filters Air stone...
  6. N

    Pleco food change/ripped fin recovery

    Hi All First off a great big thank you to the whole Monster Fish Community for all the help, advice, and support over the last few years... Q.1 So Our Pleco Squiggly suffered a ripped anal fin about a week ago from unknown source. No changes prior to the injury and the water has been clear...
  7. K

    For Sale  FS | L014 L134 Plecos | $250 | El Monte, CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: L014, L136 Pleco What are your prices?: $300, $250 Where are you located?: El Monte, California Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: - L014 Sunshine Pleco. Four of them at 4"+. Take all four for $300. - L134...
  8. N

    Help. Pleico sick again??!! :-(

    hi I feel like I keep coming back here for help - thank goodness you guys are here My pleico is maybe 6 years old, he’s in a 35 gallon tank on his own and he’s a little over 12 inches long (measure varies through the glass to as much as 13 inches). He’s been staying by the heater towards the...
  9. J

    Pleco type

    This a common pleco? Thanks!
  10. L

    BGK and pleco tankmates

    Hi guys. This is my first post.. I have a 615liter I think it's about 160g. I started it as a community tank with 2 bgks(one about 25cm and the other about 20cm at the moment), one pleco(about 30cm) and a couple of other community fish like black neons, neons, glowlight tetras, a few glowfish...
  11. D

    Back to back dead plecos.

    Hello all, I recently lost both of my plecos. Within 3 days of each other. I removed the bodies immediately. I can't figure out what killed them. Thier tankmates are 4 baby angels (1.5 inches), two baby ornate bichirs (2.5 inches), a baby black ghost knife (2 inches), and baby five clown loaches...
  12. G

    Noob in Ohio!

    So I've got a Dragon Goby, 2 Angelfish, 1 Pleco, 1 Pictus Catfish, and a Crowntail Beta. Betta? Hmm... but anyways they are all doing great together. What size tank should I be looking at for an end product here? Substrate? I want a really natural lookIng tank. Thanks guiseeeeeee
  13. Mr. Ritter

    How To Train Your Pleco - A Beginner's Guide to Training Fish

    Hello everybody and welcome! Have you ever wondered if or wanted your plecos to do more than rasp glass, eat food, sleep, and poop? Well, maybe not, but its certainly not out of reach for them to do so! I'm Zach, and I've always loved catfish and believed that their is a definite degree of...
  14. Mr. Ritter

    What is in my tank?! The Infamous "Common Pleco" Debacle

    NOTICE: This article concerns the identity of a store bought 'Common Pleco', they need tanks greater than 100 Gallons and must have a diverse diet, good water quality, and plenty of personal space to be happy. Hey guys, been a few years since last I posted but years of research I'm finally...
  15. T

    Rarity of LDA105?

    How rare is LDA105? How much is good price for 3-4" LDA105! Thanks.
  16. R

    25l tank?

    I have a brittlenose plecostomus in a 25l tank right now and it is only 4" long. I have heard that they grow very big but mine has only grown 2" in about 5months and I don't want to get rid of it. I love bottom dwellers but if it is unhappy then I don't want to keep it. It seems very active and...
  17. J

    Starting 55 Gallon Cichlid Tank - Input/Suggestions Appreciated

    Hey everyone, I'm new on the boards, and I'm getting back into the love of messing with my aquarium. I have a 55 Gallon tank with gravel filler, standard filtering (i'll post brand/etc if needed) and heater. I had some rocks we were going to use in our flower gardens, but I acquired them and...
  18. R

    FREE | Large Common Pleco | $0 | Cleveland, OH | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FREE What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Large Common Pleco What are your prices?: 0 Where are you located?: Cleveland, OH Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Free to a good home. I need to rehome my large common Pleco. Due to renovations I've had to...
  19. MoNsTeR FiS

    Blue Phantom Has Discolored Patches

    Hi, I have a 450 gallon pleco and it has discolored patches of skin on it. It has been constantly chased around by my green phantom pleco of the same size. I know i need to remove it but, i can't because i have to take out tons of rocks and wood, and get in the tank to catch the fish. I tried...
  20. B

    Koi Tank Mates

    Hi everybody on monsterfishkeepers, This is my first ever post on here so hello. I'm chuffed to of found a site with so many other passionate fish keepers. I thought i would start by asking what people would consider as tank mates for...