1. J

    Check out my baby Teugelsi Bichir

    So my LFS has had this little guy for over a month. I kept telling myself I already have one and I don’t need another one. They ordered it thinking it was going to be a 5-6” (As that what their chart indicates as small on their list) what arrived was less than the size of a quarter. I thought...
  2. D

    Want to Buy  ISO Polypterus Retropinnis and P. Mokelemembe

    Ship or local pickup Modesto Ca
  3. R

    For Sale  11"+ Ornate Polypterus likely female

    Really thick and healthy, she's about 2 years old so getting to breeding age. She's in my show tank and keeps to hiding with the lights but would do well in a bichir only or low light tank. Would be awesome to see her go to a breeding program. Will get pics if given genuine interest it will...
  4. IgnatzMcJockel

    Should I be worried?

    Today i noticed, that one of my dels got a white bulge on the left side of his face. Sometimes he's shaking his head, so i think it is iching. I can't tell if it is something dangerous or if i'm to worried... I added a few pics, so you can make your own opinion. I hope you can help me :)
  5. Polypterus_36

    Polypterus congicus Growth Rate (The Giant Bichir)/Any Other Polypterus congicus Growth Stories?

    A good example on the growth rate of Polypterus congicus: Polypterus congicus is recognized as the largest known Polypterus species. The largest wild-caught specimens have been found at 42 inches in length. Their massive size also reflects on their growth rate. These fish are extremely fast...
  6. Polypterus_36

    Polypterus bichir bichir "Lake Chad"

    My 18 inch PBB "Lake Chad" She is washed out at the moment, but my new tank will have a darker garnet sand to bring out her patterns.
  7. Polypterus_36

    New to MFK/My Polypterus and Other Ancient Fish Collection

    Hello, everyone! I am new to MFK, but I am not unfamiliar with the forum. Ever since I started my monster fish keeping hobby (around a year-and-a-half ago), I have been scrolling through the forums to either research my fish or just enjoy everyone's awesome aquariums. I'm mainly interested in...
  8. jiyulsin

    My polypterus delhezi tank

    It didn't go up in the video, so I uploaded it as a picture😢😢
  9. T

    Hello, This is my first post

    This is my Chad PBB [from Lake CHAD] with Turkana PBB [from Lake TURKANA] . Chad around 45~50cm / Turkana around 60~65cm now.
  10. jiyulsin

    Hi all, newbies here

    Please understand that English may be awkward because I am using a translator. I live in South Korea and am studying fish breeding and fish taxidermy. Don't worry, most of the objects died during the import process, and the corpse comes directly from the import company😁
  11. EnbyNewbie

    Is my endli bichir gonna be ok?

    I recently got a baby endli named Titan, and he's really stumpy compared to the others I have, is he short body? I always feel bad for short bodies cuz of their deformities, I wanna know if he's gonna be ok! :(
  12. IgnatzMcJockel

    The Poly Poll

    A recent thread (What is your favorite polyterus?) brought me to the idea for this poll. I know the theme is the same, but i am interested in real Numbers. I know it's a difficult and i'm also not shure about my answer right now...so i'll give this enough time 😬. How it Works: everyone has...
  13. neko1

    help with forming community predator tank

    hello, first of all. Im i in the right forum subject? Second of all I got a 2 meter aquarium around 800liters so thats 211 gallon My fish right now are : 3x polypterus (orni/delhezi/senegalus) 5x silver dollars 2x bullhead catfish (idk why but they are so friendly) 1x rope fish I wanted to add...
  14. EnbyNewbie

    Update on my endli!!

    Willie is growing really nicely, he's so funny and curious and loves burying himself among the plants, might add in a little sandbox for him!!
  15. Ashan Kavinda

    My 180 Gallons Tank

  16. Rayfishowner

    What time and how often do you feed your bichirs

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to know how often and when everyone is feeding their bichirs. I'm currently doing every morning 11 am massivores, and my lap is usually a bit slow to the food. I'm thinking of doing 5pm instead and every other day since I know a lot of notable members have told me that...
  17. Rayfishowner

    Nigerian Lapradei Bichir Growth Rate

    Hey all, I have had my female wild caught polypterus lapradei Nigerian for 3 years now (if you check my past posts may remember i asked tons of q about them when I first got mine). She was 11.5 inches approximately back then and now after 3 years is 12.5-13 in. I’m wondering if this is normal...
  18. dnz03dw

    For Sale  14-16" Polypterus Bichir Bichir and Wild Nigerian Senegal

    i have a couple of PBB from lake Chad for sale. $300 each, price is firm. a few wild Nigerian Senegal $25 each. I can ship, either 2 day Fedex or Overnight fedex or UPS your choice( you pay ) pick up in garden grove ca 92840
  19. EnbyNewbie

    Hey guys! After my albino Senegal bichir passed away, this little Endli called to me!

    Hey guys, I’m a long-time lurker and first-time poster and I just came to share my new baby! My very friendly, loving albino Senegal I had for 2 years sadly contracted SBD and passed very suddenly, and while reminiscing at the store I bought him from, I met this adorable little Endli and...
  20. J

    identification of this awesome bichir?!

    Hi, I came across a spanish youtube video and made an entire account to figure out the identification of this bichir I’ve circled in red: I can’t tell if it is a Delhezi or Endlicheri or maybe even something i’ve never heard of. Anyways, if you could help me id this bichir for my 435 gallon...