1. Rayfishowner

    New fish :)

    Hey all, So recently purchased 2 new fish and they just came in today. The first is a 4-5 inch lapradei bichir (looks wild caught nigerian but correct me if I’m wrong) and the second is a 2-3 inch fire eel. The bichir is currently in a 5 gallon quarantine tank and the fire eel into my 10 gallon...
  2. Rayfishowner

    Bichir ID?

    Hi All, One of the local fish stores near me listed this as a PBB bichir. Can someone verify this? Looks like a normal lapradei to me butany insight is appreciated! Cheers, Ray
  3. Rayfishowner

    Keeping a pair of bichirs?

    Hi all, question regarding bichirs. Currently have a 15 inch female Nigerian lapradei. Would it be a bad idea to add another 8 inch male lapradei? They would be the only bichir in the tank. Always wanted to breed these prehistoric fish and wanted y’all thoughts on compatibility. Any input is...
  4. L

    How long can I keep them for?

    Hi, sorry about the super long post This year I rescued some bichirs that were going to be euthanized (because they were unwanted, had small bites on the fins, or other dumb reasons) and I have been meaning to sell and/or rehome them. I thought I would have sold them by now but have been too...
  5. neko1

    bichir sick?

    Hello my senegal is in a hunger strike for already a week. He does look fat and i see a red spot on his belly. Could it be septicemia / blood poisoning? I feed tilapia, hikari and sometimes meelworms and crickets. He appears to be more at the surface of the tank. Sometimes even laying half on...
  6. E

    Bichir and Kuhili Loaches?

    From what I understand, the moment you put a kuhili with a bichir it’s as good as spaghetti. I’m not about to try it for myself, but I’m curious if there’s a single person here who was brave enough to try and found success. Love to hear, thanks!
  7. B

    Ornate Bichir brackish?

    I recently read that ornate bichirs can live in brackish and even saltwater. Anyone know if that's true?
  8. Wharf

    My Bichir Beginnings...

    Here is a quick vid of my new Upper Jaw Polypterus 180g tank. I want to thank @Hao for several awesome fish as well. Current Stock: Polypterus Senegalus Platinum 7-7.5 inches, (An assumed WC) Polypterus Weeksii ~7 inches, (An assumed WC) Polypterus Mokelembembe ~ 9.5 inches, (An assumed WC)...
  9. S

    My senegal bichir just jump from 2nd to 1st floor (13ft)

    So... my 7 inch senegal bichir just jump from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor of my house (13ft). I was trying to feed my bichir with a goldfish. after my senegal get the goldfish in its mouth, its just suddenly jump and slip through my house railing straight to the 1st floor. Then i rushed to...
  10. K

    Is this a good or bad upper jaw combination

    Hello, I am planning a Polypterus sp. tank and going for all upper jaw species. I was wondering if these species/subspecies would all work out together. The only bichir I had experience with is a P. ornatipinnis a few years ago that dropped dead one day, possibly choking on a plasic piece of a...
  11. S

    Adding a second Endli Bichir?

    Hi, I have a 12 inch (+- 30 cm) endli bichir in a 180G tank. It has always lived alone with an oscar. My local petstore has an endli bichir for sale and it looks to be exactly the same size as my current one. Is it generally safe to add a second bichir to the tank or is there a high likely hood...
  12. R

    For Sale  Moving sale- Pick up only Hagerstown MD 21740

    **SOLD** 360 gallon (8’x38”x25”)Aquarium w stand and canopy- GLASS $2,000 Wolf fish- black, mala (many avail, several sizes) Tigrinus- 5-8” $175-$200 Jardini- Giant $200 **SOLD**Odoe pikes- 6”/14” Red pike- 8”/12” $75 Payara-5”/8”. $125 Bichirs- 4”-20”+ Several of each (laps, endlis, ansorgii...
  13. MetalRavioli

    New little guy!

    Hey everyone! I recently purchased my favorite species of fish, polypterus senegalus, or the Senegal Bichir! He will be the star of my 90-gallon tank I’m setting up, which will be a kingdom for him at first because he is very little! I’ve decided to name the little guy Arsenio, and I am already...
  14. Egemen

    Senegal Bichir and African Butterfly

    So some of you know I made a thread about CB Albino Senegal tankmates in my 40 Breeder. Some people suggested African Butterflies but by that time (about a month ago) my Bichirs were too small and I was afraid they would get eaten. Well they have grown now, a significant amount too. I was...
  15. neko1

    HELP small delhezi with red spots on stomach?

    What is this? I have had him for 2/3 years, water seems fine. I got sand so he isnt hurting him self on stones or anything. Is it parasites?? and what can i do? pls help, thanks in advance
  16. Egemen

    The poor quality growout thread begins !

    I just wanted to document my Albino Senegals growth and share it. Here are the first of many bad quality shots. This is Gojira, I will take the pic of my other guy/gal when he decides to cooperate.
  17. Egemen

    Weird behaviour on baby Senegals.

    So I am pretty new to keeping Bichirs so sorry if this is a stupid question. My baby Senegals have been acting weird lately. I keep seeing them swimming against the current of the filter and even breaching and jumping out of the water a couple of times. Now I have a lid so not worried about them...