1. neko1

    Help with setting up a tank.

    So i got 6 tanks right now and I need to move out my parents house..... Bassicly i need to rehome a lot of fish. But if its possible i would like to keep most. :) I have had most animals for more then 6 years or even longer. So what i have right now: -polypterus ornitapinus. (1x) -polypterus...
  2. B

    Bichir broken back?

    Hey guys, so I recently got an ornate bichir. He’s very active and has been swimming around just fine, but has a big curve in his spine. Do you think he has a broken back? I haven’t noticed this before yesterday
  3. Y

    Good sources for live food

    I’ve been feeding crickets, earth worms, minnows, tilapia, shrimp cutlets, blood worms, brine shrimp and probably something I’m forgetting like 3 times a week other than that they eat hikari sinking carnivore pellets(they absolutely love these things). I was wondering about any other foods y’all...
  4. E

    New Life Spectrum (NLS) pellets for bichir

    I’m planning to switch to New Life Spectrum Thera A to feed several of my 5-6” upper jaw bichirs. Right now I’m feeding them Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets and the pellet size is just perfect for them. Since I’m planning to purchase online, and didn’t want to make the mistake of getting a...
  5. E

    Help ID these Bichirs ?

    Can someone help me ID these Bichirs ? Saw them at my LFS and not quite sure which type they are. Thanks in advance !
  6. IgnatzMcJockel

    Fin Biting Polypterus

    Hey guys, i need your advice. At the moment i keep in my main Tank 4 Polys. Name Gender Age Size Species A Male ~ 3 Years ~ 11" Polypterus Delhezi B Female ~ 3 Years ~ 11,5" Polypterus Delhezi Marty Male ~ 2,5 Years ~ 12" Polypterus Delhezi Würmchen Male ~ 1,5 Year ~ 12,5"...
  7. IgnatzMcJockel

    Polypterus Missing Finlets

    Since... i think 2-3 weeks, i'm the lucky owner of a polypterus teugelsi (:nilly:). It arrived very small, barely about 1,5". With a great apetite it seems to be growing about 0,1" per week. It is still verry shy, but seems to be healthy and active. Now to my question: It looks, like it has its...
  8. IgnatzMcJockel

    Who knew it?

    Today, i wanted to do al little poly research on the internet...just looking if i could find somthing new. And i did: Polypterus teugelsi (iucnredlist.org) Am i the only one, who is surprised to find the teugelsi bichir on the red list? I know, it's not the most urgent entry on the...
  9. T

    New Nigeria.sp is coming

    I love that nice head pattern
  10. Rayfishowner

    How to move large bichir

    Hey all, I currently have a 14 inch Nigerian lapradei bichir. I will be moving it to a separate tank in the near future and just wanted some insight on how most of y’all move it. Because my tank has plants, rocks, and driftwood, I don’t want to ruin the scape or hurt the fish. What is the best...
  11. Josh's Fish

    Bichir Drawing Contest

    In celebration of the upcoming =AZXsGDTKXURrJuCFGlEb5E_trVbh61FDtT69uOVcXAzk9DP9zCe5dQWYMEy27WYc873gsLjhxNCyTBujofk-SGs0JTZofInTlNUE6sL_Hn_i2KeyMJtVq6JSDk3GB1Lm2fGL0xQr2RZC0vnSO2cCivGjHxygpbNtO5xTFZA1i4S6_DLQlvEcw_7_lO-PD9bEH8gH6w0xRy-XZzR5V744VX7s&__tn__=*NK-y-R']#EndangeredSpeciesDay2021 we're...
  12. IgnatzMcJockel

    Teugelsi Growout Thread

    After four months of searching, my polypterus teugelsi arrived today. I'm very glad that he (or she) is here now. To make it simple, i named it Murphy (long story made short: my search for this poly was like "Murphy's Law"). Murphy arrive way more smaler than i expecten (~ 1" or 1,5"), so...
  13. J

    Check out my baby Teugelsi Bichir

    So my LFS has had this little guy for over a month. I kept telling myself I already have one and I don’t need another one. They ordered it thinking it was going to be a 5-6” (As that what their chart indicates as small on their list) what arrived was less than the size of a quarter. I thought...
  14. D

    Want to Buy  ISO Polypterus Retropinnis and P. Mokelemembe

    Ship or local pickup Modesto Ca
  15. R

    For Sale  11"+ Ornate Polypterus likely female

    Really thick and healthy, she's about 2 years old so getting to breeding age. She's in my show tank and keeps to hiding with the lights but would do well in a bichir only or low light tank. Would be awesome to see her go to a breeding program. Will get pics if given genuine interest it will...
  16. IgnatzMcJockel

    Should I be worried?

    Today i noticed, that one of my dels got a white bulge on the left side of his face. Sometimes he's shaking his head, so i think it is iching. I can't tell if it is something dangerous or if i'm to worried... I added a few pics, so you can make your own opinion. I hope you can help me :)
  17. Polypterus_36

    Polypterus congicus Growth Rate (The Giant Bichir)/Any Other Polypterus congicus Growth Stories?

    A good example on the growth rate of Polypterus congicus: Polypterus congicus is recognized as the largest known Polypterus species. The largest wild-caught specimens have been found at 42 inches in length. Their massive size also reflects on their growth rate. These fish are extremely fast...
  18. Polypterus_36

    Polypterus bichir bichir "Lake Chad"

    My 18 inch PBB "Lake Chad" She is washed out at the moment, but my new tank will have a darker garnet sand to bring out her patterns.
  19. Polypterus_36

    New to MFK/My Polypterus and Other Ancient Fish Collection

    Hello, everyone! I am new to MFK, but I am not unfamiliar with the forum. Ever since I started my monster fish keeping hobby (around a year-and-a-half ago), I have been scrolling through the forums to either research my fish or just enjoy everyone's awesome aquariums. I'm mainly interested in...
  20. jiyulsin

    My polypterus delhezi tank

    It didn't go up in the video, so I uploaded it as a picture😢😢