rainbow shark

  1. R

    Shy cichlids not coming out! Ideas to solve this?

    Hey, I have a bit of a problem in my 60 gallon cichlid tank, in this tank I keep a jack dempsey, a red Texas(it’s basically a hybrid between a parrot and a green Texas) and just for the fun of it I keep a rainbow shark as well. My problem is that all these fish seem to be pretty scared of me...
  2. N

    Help! Some white lesion appear from nowhere!

    Hi, I want to ask for some help. Recently I got a glimpse of three small white lesion on the left side of my rainbow shark. I am not sure if it is a fungal infection or not since it is not like a cotton or small circular spot like in white spot disease. It is not protruding from the skin. And...
  3. N

    Rainbow shark growth rate?

    Hi, I have been wondering. Is rainbow shark a fast growing fish or it isn't? Currently I own one in my 29 gal. He is the only resident there beside one leopard bush fish. I think I bought it like 1,3 or 1,2 years ago. Back then it was 5-ish or 6-ish cm long. And now it is still 8 or almost 9 cm...
  4. K

    Large Non Aggressive FreshWater Fish

    Hello! My friend gave me a 10 gallon tank with a rainbow shark, i learned they need bigger tanks and im purchasing a 75 gallon tank this weekend ! I currently have two plattys, two bleeding heart tetras, a black molly , and a Dalmatian molly in the tank with the rainbow shark , they all get...
  5. Wyvlen

    good tank mate for an electric blue acara cichlid?

    I recently had to make some adjustments to my tanks, mainly because there was a bit too much bullying going on and not only was my angelfish stressed- so was I. Haha. The barbs were an annoyance to the rainbow shark and he was constantly flaring, and the acara did not appreciate the angelfish...
  6. Wyvlen

    Pictus Catfish and Rainbow Shark

    Hello! I've been fish keeping for a while, but I've found I always come across more things to question. My rainbow shark, for one, has been difficult to accommodate, but he is worth the heartache in my opinion. He's much MUCH less aggressive than he was originally, since I took steps to calm him...
  7. cichlidfan77

    Random pic’s

    the three amigos Some shots of Maui my rainbow shark and here's cheeto starburst