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    For Sale  Amphilophus Labiatus

    Amphilophus Labiatus Isle Zapaterra fry 2.5-3 inch available off CHICKEN-ON-A-CHAIN proven to produce some of the biggest lipped devils seen or owned in the hobby. Everybody who has acquired these is 💯%satisfied Father is last years champion red devil or monster fish at the 2019 keystone Clash.
  2. C

    And I thought Dovii and Flowerhorns were unstoppable!?!

    Sad videos, but really shows what can happen if a Piranha and cichlid ever fought for territories! Frightening, I worry the Flowerhorn is blind, did it's eye get bit?? Poor dovii too. How often do you think this happens in the wild? I always thought dovii's and Amphilophus are top dogs of the...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Full grown Pure Red Devil Photos

    Wondering if anyone has pictures of a full grown Pure Red Devil?
  4. Cichlids keeper

    Red devil Dovii hybrid?

    Is a Red Devil Dovii hybrid possible and if so does anyone have any pictures?
  5. DMD123

    Ideas for an all Amphilophus tank....

    Been thinking of trying an amphilophus tank. Currently have 3 hoga at about 5" that are being raised out. They were little jerks when first put in the tank but have settled down now. Looking to maybe keep just one of these and add some 'midevil' mutts or other amphs. Tank has some current...
  6. BillyinPA


    I picked up this fish at a LFS he was about 1". The tank he was held in had a ton of Flowerhorn/ Purple rose queen hybrids babies. And he was the only different looking fish in the tank. I figured he was more of a Rose queen. He was spotted black, yellow etc. He was in the middle of fading he...
  7. F

    Red Devil Diseases

    Hey guys, I own 2 red devils and only recently has 1 started to grow a large white spot on its jaw (see photos attached) I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is and how to treat it Thanks
  8. Twonvito

    Creamsicle Red Devils

    I have learned to observe the behavior of cichlids to sex male and female. I am pleased to say I have picked up a male and female Red Devil. Two days ago who are now in mode.
  9. jag14

    new red devil question

    Hello everyone, I've been gone for quite a while, but am getting back into this. I just got a "red devil", or at least it was sold as a red devil. I understand from reading other post that it may be a hybrid. It is about 2 inches long and very shy at the moment. It hides in the plants and I...

    Red Devils sp.Zapatera Isle

    Red devil fry growing out showing good characteristics big lips and barred patterns which more than half will retain as adults. Parents F2's
  11. S

    Red devil and oscar help

    So i have a full grown red devil and yesterday i tried introducing a full grown oscar. The oscar is bigger then the red devil but the red devil keeps bulling the oscar.. so my qustion is if i have a 110 gallon tank will the fish live fine if i order a dark peice of glass or get some kind of...

    Amphilophus Labiatus sp.Zapatera Isle

    1 inch 4 weeks old Red Devil galore gonne have to feed some of them to the Umbee
  13. N

    Overstocking Agressive CA Cichlids

    Is this possible like with Africans? Was thinking of buying around 70 juveniles (species that are aggressive but stay around 12-14”), raising them together, selling off the most aggressive ones and hopefully ending up with a community of maybe 15-20 pcs for a 180 gallon. The idea would be to...

    AMPHILOPHUS LABIATUS sp. Lago Nicaragua

    Labiatus with 5 day old fry SUNSET SHERBET & CHICKEN-ON-A-CHAIN
  15. I

    New Cichlid Keeper looking to expand! Advice please!

    Hi guys, so I've always had a love of animals from a young age and after seeing a beautifully aquascaped tank at a friend's house I was hooked on the hobby. I started out with a 60l juwel tank which I kept a male Betta in for several years. After having success in keeping him happy and healthy...
  16. Aicdt97

    150 gallon tall with fish pictures

    Ok the tank
  17. A

    Red Devil X Dovii

    Hi all. I have recently discovered a little surprise in my chiclid tank. I had a male RD whom was quite nasty and couldn't find a tankmate for him, until I popped into my LFS and asked the dude what he had and he told me that he had one juvenile Dovii left. I'd been looking for one for a long...

    Whats your top 5 AGGRESSIVE MONSTER Cichlids?

    this a little fun video of some of my current and past actual stock except the monster Dovii my pic but he was a the zoo in a million gallon tank naw just kidding but my guess no less than 50,000 gallons probably closer to 100,000. These tank up there in aggression let me know what's your...
  19. baxtor_lex

    Midevil Sexing

    Hi again guys, so quick transition from community, to convict, back to a nice "midas" But this one is throwing me, it was twice the size of its "siblings" and the forehead (i thought small kok growth) instantly made me think male, so very excited i bought it, but now a tube has appeared and i...
  20. Tsdamian

    XXL Red Devil food

    Sup Finally managed to get this red devil I've been trying to buy for a while now from the owner of a fish shop not far from me, it was his baby but the big fella wouldn't breed with any female he offered to him so he finally sold it to me. He showed me the weird Asian pellet food he feeds it...