1. R

    In need of new tank ideas!

    Hey everyone! How you guys been, I haven’t been on in a wild, and then I couldn’t remember my old password and what email I had it on so I just made a new account. Anyway, I’ve had my 20 gallon tank for around 3 years now, and I’ve kept my danios for the whole time, might sound like a boring...
  2. Jush

    Florida Gar & Salt?

    Hey, I've been attempting to grow baby Florida Gars from about August 2019. I purchased 3 back then, and quickly found it wasn't an easy task. I lost 1, sold 1 to a friend who wanted (that died) and had the final 1 until today... (that died overnight.) I also purchase 5 & then 22 babies...
  3. ptgabrys

    Bumblebee grouper market?

    Hey guys, not too sure what section this should be in so I chose this one. Being able to experience keeping a young bumblebee grouper (E. lanceolatus) has been a dream of mine for a while now, and I’ve been heavily considering buying one from wes. However, I only have a 180gal and obviously that...
  4. PGJE

    Reef salt mix bucket smelling like chemicals?

    I use a semi-large plastic tub for mixing saltwater, and I made a batch a couple of days ago. I realized that after leaving it out for a day the inside of the container starts to smell really strongly like a cleaning chemical or burning plastic. Is this the wrong material? Should I stop using...
  5. Dennis Kraemer

    20g long hoping to start a coral tank!

    Have a light I bought used for soft corals 20lbs live sand Established cleaner crew Penn plax 1000 canister filter Need budget coral and fish stocking ideas! Thanks!
  6. islandguy11

    Good info about use of salts in aquariums

    This video (from Cory at Aquarium Co-op; love him, hate him or somewhere in between, it's not the point of this thread), contains a lot of useful and imho good sense info about using salts in aquariums. More experienced fish keepers will likely know most of the info already but you still might...
  7. vinnie coyle

    Introducing Flowerhorn to new Aquarium

    Hi All, Need a quick bit of advice. Do any one recommend adding salt to an aquarium while introducing a flowerhorn to his/her new home. I currently have around 600 ppt of Salt in my 68 Gallon tank, which was previously a African Cichlid Tank. I had an issue with an overly aggressive Kenyi...
  8. F

    1 month salt/heat, ich won't die

    First two weeks at 86f 1 teaspoon of salt p/gallon, then the last 16 days at 91.5f & 2 teaspoons of salt p/gallon, ich won't succumb to method, ich hasn't got out of control since discovery, I thought I was beating it since it had been 4 days since I last saw flashing & 6 days all fish spotless...
  9. O

    Serious issues going on.. SOS

    I'll try to make this quick and as to the point as possible.. Recently moved my well established 90g back into my house. Was so excited about having it back in my possession, that I got excited and went and bought 3 opaline gouramis and two small clown loaches to add to the larger 4 I already...
  10. I

    Iridescent shark acting strange

    My mother got a fish tank and added in an iridescent shark. It acted fine for a few days but it suddenly started to hide and not move. The only other fish is a blood parrot cichlid with a deformed mouth. I found out just now that she added aquarium salt around the time it started acting...
  11. AquaLeo

    How Much Salt Per Gallon ?

    So setting up a 240 gallon pond just curious. I believe 1/2 cup per gallon ? Thanks again :)
  12. C

    A bristle nose, guppies, and snails

    I have a 30gal tank that I'm breeding some guppies in (for Oscar food) and am temporarily housing a bristle nose pleco in. I have a general back of the tank filter and do at least one water change a week, but I'm getting overrun with snails. Mainly because I over feed a little (flakes and...
  13. Fishpony

    Made a mistake while drip acclimating

    Hello, I was drip acclimating a Skunk Cleaner shrimp and when I was done, I plopped him into my tank. I realized that the water cooled a lot while he was in the bucket. It drop down to 76 degrees and when I added him the tank is at 81 degrees. It also turns out it was carrying eggs, even though...
  14. M

    Any Diana's Hogfish keepers on here?

    Been considering setting up a saltwater tank again after I move in a couple months to a more permanent residence. Thinking a 75 reef, red diana hog, scopas tang, and some beginner corals blue mushrooms, green star polyps, maybe try acropora later on. Obviously no snails, crabs, shrimp, or stars...