sand substrate

  1. B


    Hi! We bought an half-banded spiny eel and we are looking to buy a soft sand for our substrate. Thing is, we don’t know what brand/sand is better. There’s a lot of different opinions, some people say that aquarium sand is fine, others say you can buy pool sand and others say that playsand for...
  2. OscarDaddy69

    Switch to Sand bottom with Oscar

    I am thinking of changing my current setup to a sand bottom. Ive attached a photo of my current setup. I have a 75 Gallon with a lutino oscar, Jack Dempsey and a pleco. what are some suggestions and advice with sand bottoms with oscars. Will the sand mess up my filter, im running an eheim...
  3. X

    Peacock cichlid tank setup

    Hey, all. I'm thinking of setting up a 75 gallon tank in my room in a few months, or a 125 gallon if I can manage it, which I likely won't. I'll either do an oscar setup (which I put in a different post) or a peacock cichlid tank and had some questions about setup. It's going to have sand as the...
  4. xDestro

    Cleaning thin sand layer

    In one of king of DIY recent videos he shows us how he maintains the 2000 gallon aquarium... When it came to the sand he said he just basically brushes it around and stirs it up and that prevents anything bad from building up as its so thin... Is this Tru? Meaning gravel vaccuming is basically...
  5. Vikkram

    Suggestions for aquarium substrate

    Dear Monster fishkeepers, Today I have built a 240 gallon aquarium (96 L x 24 H x 24 W) I really need suggestions from you on selecting the substrate. I am not going to have a planted tank. Its just a Freshwater fish aquarium (for silver dollars, tinfoil barbs, blood parrot, Oscars, etc). But I...
  6. itrebebag99

    Filter keeps stoping.

    I have a TopFin power filter 40 in a 40 gallon aquarium with sand on the bottom. The intake is a few inches above the sand to reduce the amount of sand going in there. The filter keeps stopping up every few days. As it says to do in the instruction manual, I take the filter apart, and spin the...
  7. B

    Question about my oscar

    So my oscar has spots all over him the last couple days that look like sand.. I have a sand substrate and there is some that was floating on the top until I just bought a new filter... so I don't think it's ich because he seems perfectly healthy and isn't rubbing against anything.. is it...
  8. itrebebag99

    Bottom Dwellers on sand?

    Any concerns with keeping bullheads on sand? I was planning using pool filtration sand with my black bullheads, but I am concerned with them ingesting the sand when feeding on pellets off the bottom. Also, they are quite messy, so would having sand instead of a bare bottom increase maintenance?
  9. NotablySardonic

    Pseudo-reparium inquiry

    I recently went head first into a new conceptual direction on this tank i have. I actually posted about this one in the South American Cichlid section here on mfk because the tank feautures 7 smaller Geophagus Winemilleri I aquired on a whim. So heres the deal, 135 gallon only 2/3 full. Sand...
  10. xDestro

    Very course sand

    I want to go with a sandy bottom look in my 75 but don't sand that's very fine, any suggestions? Black would be my preferd color but it doesn't matter to much.
  11. P

    Anyone ever used this??

    Has anyone ever used HTH Pool Filter Sand? How'd it work? Any problems?
  12. R

    265 finished (mostly)

    Picked up a 265 a few months back for 400 bucks due to a leaky seal. After resealing it and months of selecting what fish and what kind of setup I want to run I am finally about complete. Fish are in it and they are happy but I am still fine tuning for the next few weeks. Guess I should list...
  13. AMFishHead

    Substrates (< , > , =) PH

    Over the -not so many- years i used different kinds of substrates (crashed corals, river stones, sand-i wasn't ready for this one- and other stuff) now i have a 3~5mm natural gravel and I'd like to know the effect of each type of substrate on the PH and what i do if i want to lower my PH while...
  14. cichlid_81

    My 3d background on an old 70 gallon with small crack

    So ive decided to make a 3d background out of real stones.. should turn out good.. how ever i had a small crack on the side from it having water in it in the garage.. winters up here in canada get a lil chilly.. anyways heres the start.. Started by covering the crack with silicone