1. dnz03dw

    For Sale  wild Polypterus Senegalus Bichir

    Hi got couple Wild Senegalus bichir 8-10" $50 I would say these are rare to find since its easier to get the captive bred ones.. good addition to your upper wild collection! PM if interested shipping is available...
  2. Iamfish

    Platinum or washed out?

    So I bought a platinum senegal bichir from aqua imports and he arrived today and certainly does not look platinum. Could it be stress from shipping or is he just a very washed out regular senegal.
  3. A

    Senegal Bichir acting strange.

    Hey guys. I have read a few forums here and they have helped! But currently I am having an issue. My bichir has been in the tank for 3 days. He is a small juvy head smaller than a penny about 2 to 3 inch long. Our smallest african cichlids went missing... no surprise he was a runt. And all the...
  4. clm08k

    Bloody finlets

    I’ve noticed my albino Senegal with a few bloody finlets the past 2 times I’ve done a water change. I change about 75% of the water every 4ish days. None of the other polys or fish show open wounds. Wondering if the bloody finlets is from aggression (he’s the smallest poly) or potentially from...
  5. Sarahmander

    I drew a thing...

    Yeah, it's dumb, but a nerd gotta nerd.
  6. Sarahmander

    Did I Overfeed My Bichir?

    I have a juvenile Senegal Bichir (about 4in) that I have had less than a month. I have him in a 45gal tank with a Delhezi bichir of the same size. I was having trouble getting my Del to eat, and my Sen would end up eating his food AND half of hers. Now his back half is floating up awkwardly and...
  7. M

    Introducing new bichir to established bichir

    Hello, I've had a Senegal bichir for about 2 years in an aquarium with about 80 gallons of water. It's about 8 inches now. It has shown no aggression/predation of a variety of community fish, including small Corydoras. I have been growing up an albino sen for a couple months now, and today put...
  8. B

    Albino bichir 40 breeder for life?

    I have a leopard bush fish in a 40 breeder for life and am looking to try an albino bichir as a tankmate for life. Would anyone suggest against this? I've read conflicting information that albino bichirs(assuming senegal albino) can grow as large as a normal senegal bichir which a 40 breeder is...
  9. C

    Can I get Bichirs?

    Hey all, My dad's giving me his old 75g and I'm fairly new to the fish scene. Now, I really want Senegals, like really bad, but I've searched around and asked friends and I keep getting different responses on whether or not I can keep some in my 75g. I understand there's a lot of variables...
  10. MooseTheWizard

    Senegal Anal Fin Lump

    My senegal has a lump on her anal fin. He's had it since I got him (6-8 months ago) and it doesn't seem to be causing any problems. I cannot tell with 100% certainty if it's grown, but it doesn't seem to have. I can't see any other lumps externally. I am wondering if anyone knows exactly what...
  11. BichirChick

    My bichirs are growing really slow

    I have had a Senegal and a “gold dust” bichir for about a year now and they are still pretty small. The Senegal has grown from a little baby to about 5” or so, and he out grown the gold dust in circumference and length even though the gold one was bigger originally when I got him. The gold one...
  12. Jacob._.merc

    Weird stuff on bichir head

    Some one help please. I have a Senegal bichir and hes about 5 and a half inches but recently I noticed this weird dust looking stuff on his head and his color has gotten a lot darker than normal. Is this normal or a parasite?
  13. Jacob._.merc

    senegal bichir with callichthys catfish?

    Has anyone tried putting a callichthys catfish with a senegal bichir? I have both that are about same size, 5 inches.
  14. P

    Is this a platinum Senegal?

    Hi guys. Does the fish in the attached pics look like a platinum to You? All pics are of the same fish, just different lighting etc. Considering buying it from an online supplier. Also what is the going rate for one currently? This guy is about 5/6" Thanks for any help you can offer.
  15. Chi-Chi

    My favorite weirdos (bichir tank video)

    Hey all! I'm about to switch this tank over to a sand substrate (finally), and then the whole gang's moving into a 120g later in the spring. So this is sort of the last hurrah for this particular setup, which has been running more or less interrupted for the last decade. The tank's a mess, but...
  16. senegalrb

    Help bichir bullying

    Ive read online why my 10 inch senegal is nipping my 5-6 inch delhzi's fin. Ive kept senegal alone in a 60 gal tank, and everytime i introduce the smaller delhzi(numerous attempts) the next morning the fins are ripped to shreds and bleeding, soo i scoop it out and put it back to the old tank, i...