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  1. T

    Shy Blue Acaras

    Hello everyone, I have 90 gallon tank stocked with 4 blue acaras, 2 angel fish, and a dwarf pleco. The tank has been set up for about 4 months and all the fish get along great luckily! However, the acaras are still very shy even though I have a fair amount of decorations and the light is an LED...
  2. Tommytipper87

    mesoheros festae availability uk

    so i've been looking around online and i can't find any of these available let alone wild caught. am in the uk south west and was wondering if there's any uk breeders out there who would ship if they had any or just someone who has a pair and wants to move them on. fish in picture not mine.
  3. F

    215 gallon fish suggestions

    hey! i'm setting up a new 6 feet by 2.5 feet by 2 feet 215 gallon aquarium with a 120 gallon tank as a sump. fully cycled , currenly have a oscar, pleco, and a RES turtle, 3 severums, 5 convicts . any ideas for more fish in the future? BTW here's my aquarium channel where i will post a video...
  4. F

    how to breed convicts?

    how to breed convict chiclids? i have 3 males and 2 females in a 200 gallon
  5. C

    Jaguar cichlid sexing

    So everyone thinks it’s male based off vents but female off side pics. What y’all think?
  6. mattybecks

    Larvophile mouthbrooders in action

    Hello chaps and chapettes My Geophagus Tapajos have yet another batch of fry, thought I would try and get some close ups of their larvophile mouthbrooding behavior. My colony of 7 geos is about 2.5 years old now. The largest is just shy of 17cm, and the smallest just over 12cm.
  7. C

    Best tank size for a 3rd Floor apartment (Severums/Uaru)

    Hi all! New to the site here, and keeping big fish in general and want some opinions. I’m going to be moving soon and will be capitalizing on it to do a necessary upgrade from a 55 gallon to hopefully a 90-125 gallon tank. Issue is I’m moving to a 3rd floor apartment. The fish I have right now...
  8. redlegsmlb

    Want to Buy  ISO Geophagus Group

    I need a group of Geos for my 300. Having a hard time finding a decent group. Willing to drive around the mid Atlantic to find some.
  9. Cichlids keeper

    Show me your older Cichlids!

    I am interested in the affects of aging on Cichlids. If you have a Cichlid that is about about 3/4 through its lifespan please show me. This also includes hybrids and African Cichlids but there is no section for Cichlids in general so I posted it here.
  10. Fiberacci

    180 gallon

    Hi everyone, Heres my tank where I'm hoping to breed C. Myersi Stocking 1x ornate bichir 4" 1x fire eel 6" 5x red head tapajos 1.5" 4x C. Myersi 2" 5x giant danios 1.5" 2x Denison barbs(trying to sell) 3" I'm planning to use this thread to document the juvenile Myersi and see if my...
  11. Fiberacci

    Fish are only the on bottom

    Hi this is my 180 gallon tank. I recently picked up 4 C. Myersi and 5 Red Head tapajos. They are active and feeding but they only hang out at the bottom. They look fine and colorful. There's plenty of surface agitation so im not sure why they are at the bottom exclusively. Thanks!
  12. Ricardo quezada


    I bought a Asian redtail catfish (black body with redtail) from my LFS and didn’t notice it untit two month later that it has no eyes. I don’t know if it’s a miss identification by the store. I call them and asked if this is normal and they said no that all of their red tails have eyes and this...
  13. Jacob._.merc

    Nocturnal catfish help

    I recently bought a false jaguar catfish and he is absolutely wicked looking. The only problem is he never shows himself at all. It is frustrating. I know he doesn't eat much because the other fish beat him to it because he is always hiding! I started helping him a little by putting worms into...
  14. Jacob._.merc


    Is this fungus? I have dealt with fungus before but have never had it this severe. I've had this fish for about 5 days and I've been treating him with meds for about 4 with melafix, putting in salt and turning the heat up. Any ideas what to do? Does it go away
  15. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Trying out this aquarium photography thing

    Going to be exploring something different and trying aquarium photography, these pictures are of some of the fish in my 125. Let me know what y’all think
  16. Jexnell

    My A. Sagittae Casper

    I got these guys back in September from Jeff Rapps. They are tank spawned from wild great grandparents that he imported, F3's. I ended up with three males and two females. One male jumped out of the tank, other one was rehomed. Casper did spawn with both females. First female, first batch...
  17. C

    Mixing cichlids!?!?

    Has anyone had success with mixing Central/South American and African cichlids? I know many are purist and only have fish from the same regions and some same exact lakes...BUT if water parameters are ok and feeding is fine has anyone done this successfully?
  18. Kingster

    Multitude of Guianacara

    So i contacted of my LFS for Bandit cichlids, they said I could chose one of the following: Guianacara: Owroewefi 1” to 1 ½” Geayi 1” to 1 ½ “ Dacrya 1 ½” to 2 ¼” Spenozona Suriname Red Spot 1½” to 2 ¼” and one back up choice incase the other one is sold out. So my questions are: Which...
  19. J

    S. American Cichlid Community Tank Ideas

    Hello Fellow Fish Lovers, A little background to explain my situation. For the last year I have been testing a "no water change" 220 liter aquarium for a company. The goal of this test is to determine if their filteration system works as they advertise - basically, beautiful tank with little to...