south american chichlid

  1. F

    oscar with angelfish

    hi! i have a tiger oscar ( not agresive) in a 300 gallon and want to add some angelfish (around 16 adults ) to the tank, but not sure if that is possible. the 300 gallon tank has a lot of hiding spots and has very good filtration( capable of supporting a 2000 gallon) any thoughts on this
  2. Dumbud

    Can anyone help me id this cichlid

    I need help to id this cichlid it was sold to me as geophagus
  3. O

    Acara won’t lay eggs!!

    I have 2 EB Acaras 4”&6”, one 10” Oscar, a school of 11 guppies, two 3” yo-yo loaches in a 120 gallon tank. Water parameters are very good other than hard water, light is on 12hrs per day, water is 80 degrees. There are turtle shell fragments, and a couple of pieces of a coconut in there that...
  4. RubyRuby234

    New Addition to the Fish Family

    My new BEAUTIFUL Jaguar Cichlid!! So happy welcome to the family Jet!
  5. RubyRuby234

    My new addition to our Fish Family!!

    My new BEAUTIFUL Jaguar Cichlid!! So happy welcome to the family Jet!
  6. T

    Oscar and Green Terror Aggression

    So I'm going to get to the point as fast as I can. I had a 5inch Oscar, 4inch GT, and 6inch Senegal Bichir in a 75 gallon tank. They were in like this for a few months and only the GT and Oscar fought for the first two days and were completely okay after that. Two days ago I came home to a...
  7. Zak03

    Depressed Oscar?

    So, i have two oscar cichlids, a sun cat, and a common pleco. all fish are under 3" and are in a 10 gallon tank. theyre in the 10gal while i reseal the bigger tank, dont worry. Tank decor: i used to have 4 natural rocks, 3 big, one medium as decor. i have gravel as a substrate. i had a lot of...
  8. B

    Stocking a 125g

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have a 125g tank that currently houses a jack Jack Dempsey. I would like to stock it with other cichlids, I tried adding my firemouth wich is the same size as the JD but they fought too much so I removed him. I've decided to add multiple cichlids at once to reduce...
  9. RubyRuby234

    My New Electric Blue Texas Cichlid!!!

    Say hello to Turquiose!! She is my new Electric Blue Texas Cichlid!!! She is beautiful and a little stinker! My other fish were following her all day yesterday it was so cute! She ate right away, and seems to be fitting in well with a sub group of my fish in the tank! So happy!! Happy Birthday...
  10. Zak03

    Oscar Died. What did I do Wrong?

    Alright. So I purchased two baby Oscars (red and tiger) from Petco a little bit over a week ago. They live in a 40-gallon tank ( i will upgrade later, don't worry) with two baby sun catfish and two baby common plecos (which I added today). I apologize in advance for the amount of reading you...
  11. Cichlids621

    HELP! Green Terror Lip

    Today I noticed that there was something wrong with my Green Terror and I noticed that half of his bottom lip was not attached and wiggling around. Its with one other fish but It's divided so i don't think it can be from Lip locking. If someone can tell me what I should do I would appreciate it...
  12. Sarah J

    I don't know what the eff is wrong with my fish

    Okay let me start by saying I know internal parasites can be common or are common with aquarium fish. Well, I have never dealt with it. My water parameters are exactly where they need to be and don't really change. I am not visibly seeing any parasites. So, about 4-5 weeks ago I started...
  13. Lawton C

    55 gallon stocking

    Kinda in a pickle here:mad:...I have a 40 breeder that houses a single firemouth. This fish is very aggressive to any smaller tankmates I have tried to put with him. I have recently moved and have an empty 75 gallon. I want to use the 40B for other fish and was wondering if a bigger tank and...
  14. Sarah J

    EBJD concerns.. very long post

    Very Long Post! Ok, good morning everyone. I saw few posts on this but they didn't seem to pertain fully to my situation. I've had my EBJD since February when he was about an inch (now 3 inches). He has always had the most personality, ran the tank, and my favorite fish hands down. Yesterday, I...
  15. C

    Jaguar cichlid gender

    I was wondering if anyone can tell if my jag is a male or female yet? I’m having a tough time but I’m guessing a male.
  16. Sarah J

    Tank Mate Opinions lol

    Ok, I have 2 -two inch EBA's, 2 -one inch EBJD, and a 1.5inch Diadema cichlid in a 125g. Im so hesitant to add anything aggressive because I want all of these fish to survive. Does anyone have experience with meeki fire mouth aggression? I was also going to get 2 more EBA'S. I don't want...
  17. Sarah J

    New 125g Setup and Stock opinions

    Hello All, Im new here. I have had a 50g African Peacock Cichlid tank for a year now but just discovered my love for South American cichlids. I will be purchasing my 125g and will be taking my time with setup and figuring out how I would like it and what would be best for the fish. I will be...
  18. GoldFinger


    Spill your beans (or fish food), and post your feeding schedule and what you feed. Ideally Central & SA Cichlids but also what you may have in with them. I’m new and hoping to steal some ideas and create the “ideal” diet, albeit every fish will vary. Please list your stock & tank gallons, plus...
  19. C

    Umbee Cichlid or What? Help

    I got this little guy/girl a few weeks ago and i have been trying to figure out if its an umbee cichlid or some other cichlid any help is appreciated....