south american cichlids

  1. Josh's Fish

    Fish from the Orinoco in the Wild -

    I can finally share that I'm working on the design for Ivan Mikolji's latest book, Fish from the Orinoco in the Wild. It's over 300 pages, filled with 150 species, all photographed underwater, in the wild. There are plenty of Cichlids to read about, including some oddballs scattered throughout...
  2. J

    For Sale  Selling Off Fish and Tanks

    Frontosa 5-6” $50 Bowfin 14-16” $200 Bumblebee Cichlid 5” $20 Albino Clown Knife 12-14” $60 Turquoise Severum 5-6” $15 Buffalo Head Cichlid 2-3” $10 Uaru 4-5” $10 Flowerhorn 5” $20 75 Gallon Tank/Stand/Lids/Fluval 406 canister &Light $150 55 Gallon Tank/Lids with Light & HOB $75 Located In...
  3. S

    Sick Electric Blue Acara

    Hi! About two weeks ago a friend of mine said that his fish was getting bullied pretty bad and asked if I could take him because he wouldn't last much longer. My tank wasn't set up/cycled so I added some of my friends gravel to mine and also used some bacteria supplement. The pH is stable...
  4. Cichlids keeper

    CA/SA paired up with African Cichlids?

    Didn't know which section to post this in but I chose this one. Anyway has anyone ever paired up a Central/South American Cichlid with a African Cichlid?
  5. B

    Fry dying - killing each other or disease?

    Hey everyone, My Vieja Guttulatus and Vieja Hartwegi recently started to breed after they hit about two years old. One batch of fry is about two and a half months old now, and I've been finding dead ones each morning. Sometimes I will find two or three, and sometimes I will wake up to ten dead...
  6. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    FERNO the red oscar update!

    Ferno the red Oscar has been growing like a weed! He’s a bottomless pit and growing fast! Here’s some pics of him below, he’s somewhere around 6 or 7 inches!
  7. Zak03

    Tank Cleaness

    Alright, so i have two oscars, one common pleco, and one sun catfish (all fish under 3") in a 10 gallon tank. Dont worry, i will upgrade to a bigger tank, theyre just in the 10 gallon while i reseal. i have bright green algea growing on the sides of the tank. i wipe it off, but it's back full...
  8. E

    Crenicichla Saxatilis & Petinia Splendina

    Hi all, first post in the group, so bear with my over-explanation. What would be the minimum tank size for a saxatilis pike and red bay snook? The largest tank I have is a 135g, home to a few small bichir and a couple silver dollars (I can move the SDs back to my Malawi tank if they need to be...
  9. Zak03

    Oscar Died. What did I do Wrong?

    Alright. So I purchased two baby Oscars (red and tiger) from Petco a little bit over a week ago. They live in a 40-gallon tank ( i will upgrade later, don't worry) with two baby sun catfish and two baby common plecos (which I added today). I apologize in advance for the amount of reading you...
  10. Sarah J

    opinions, opinions, opinions :)

    Ok friends,, I have felt for a long time that my 125g was missing so much, but I liked my 5 fish living in harmony LOL. Recently, I found out that instead of 2 male EBA's I thought I had, they were actually a pair and bred, but she ate them. Then, I thought both of my Sajica's were male...
  11. A

    Green Terror female or male ?

    Hello there! I bought this green terror, sold as a female, but I'm not quite sure it is a female, its small still maybe 3-4 inches. It has the "female" dorsal fins less pointy and flowing. But the body "stripes" seem male. And I'm not sure if you can sex them by the "warpaint" as you can with...
  12. B

    Geophagus in a 125 gallon

    I am going to be setting up a 125 gallon tank in the summer and plan on stocking it with some Geophagus, however which species, how many and what tank mates are problems that I have. For tank mates, I like the idea of some silver dollars or perhaps some other species of cichlid- such as green...
  13. RocketGarStar

    Show off your Geophagus Cichlids!

    I want to see how many different kinds there are - I'll post mine, too!
  14. Sarah J

    Marineland Aquarium Bacteria and 5 fish cycling

    Hello! Ok I just set up a new 125g tank this evening. I have a Fluval FX4 on it, two submersible heaters, a circulation fan and air pump. Not really important, just saying. Clearly not a cycled tank. Here's my question, I have 2 Blue Acara's and 2 EB Jack Dempseys coming in Wednesday. According...
  15. O

    What Oscar aggression?

    So I've had one female oscar 14" for going on 7 years now who has been completely intolerant of any tank mates (except for the logdweller catfish) her entire life. about a year ago she laid eggs for the first time and stopped eating feeder guppies so I decided to to try out a school of 10...
  16. StalkedCargo

    Fish Room Stocking Ideas?

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of building my first fish room. It is nothing special but im extremely happy with the set up. I'll post a photo as it sits now. The basics however are 2"x4"x10' board and cinder blocks. Simple HOB filters I already have for filtration and mounted shop lights...
  17. A

    Cool new update in my 125gallon.

    So I was just checking in on my fish before I went to bed, and lo and behold I find quite the surprise. Apparently the two most colorful of my Geophagus Sp. Redhead Tapajos have paired up and laid eggs. I've only had them for maybe 3 months if even that long. The biggest one (the female) can't...
  18. S

    New oscar tank

    Hi looking for some advice on keeping two Oscar's with minimal aggression. I was going to get one but would like to get both lutino and normal tiger.
  19. Aqua Nut

    Growing Monster Oscars | Monster Fish Keeping 101 | How to Care for Oscar Cichlids

    Today we discuss how to grow huge, monster Oscars. They are a South American Cichlid that is often abused. We will give you guidance, tips and advice from knowledgeable dedicated Oscar cichlid keepers on how to have your Oscar thrive. We go over appropriate and minimum tank size for an Oscar...
  20. I

    Midas question

    So I'm considering purchasing a Midas from someone. It's been in a 55 gallon and is 3 years old. Around 8 inches. Do you think that it could be stunted? What would I look for to see if it is? And do you think it would grow in a larger tank (120 gallons)?