spotted gar

  1. P

    How often/much should I feed juvenile spotted gar??

    I recently started feeding my 9" gar a diet of cut up tilapia fillet. Any advice on how often I should I feed it and how much every time? Each tilapia strip is about 1.5 inches long and a quarter of an inch thick. About the size of a typical feeder fish. Other feeding tips and suggestions...
  2. Jush

    Different Gar?

    Hi, I own 3 florida, 3 spotted & 1 alligator gar. However I have come across a melanistic tropical gar, what is a tropical gar, max size; etc? From a quick google search the tropical gar looks like a cuban gar with an alligator gar mouth/ headshape? But presuming theyre all their own kind? I...
  3. Jush

    Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity?

    What is a Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity? I've been told 6-7 foot, but I thought they stuck around 30 inch max similar sizes to Floridas/ Spotted gars
  4. Ashan Kavinda

    My Main Tank Setup

  5. F

    Spotted Gars all of sudden stopped eating ...its been 4 weeks!!

    Hi, I am new to the forum so bare with me if I am asking dumb questions. I have two spotted gars (both 30cm) in a 180 gallon tank, water parameters are fine and both have been eating well. I have had them for nearly a year and they never had problem eating. About 4 weeks ago, suddenly they...
  6. P

    Spotted gar

    Looking for spotted gar does anyone have any leads on web stores that will ship to Canada or importers ??? I’ve been building towards an oddball tank and only have the spotted gar left to top off my dream tank
  7. L

    Baby Gar swim bladder disease? HELP

    Just found my 4" Florida Gar floating on top of the tank. Looks like a swim bladder problem since it can't swim down at all. Just did a 30% water change. Tank is at 80F. What do I do? He looks so lifeless. I don't want to lose the lil guy.
  8. L

    Is this normal for a Gar?

    I just got a 4-5" Gar sold to me as a Spotted Gar, but after reading a bit here, it's most likely a Florida. Anyways, I just watched the lil guy go for 0/15 in his attempts to catch the 20 feeder guppies i have in the 30g tank with him before I lost patience and left haha. Dude sucks at...
  9. Miks786

    Hujeta Gar with Spotted Gar?

    Hey guys has anyone ever successfully kept a hujeta gar(rocket gar) and spotted gar together? I thought of trying to keep both in the same tank of which both would be the same size but not sure if they would be capable together? Any info would be appreciated TIA ;)
  10. M

    Wanted Gar

    Looking to add an Alligator Gar or Spotted Gar to my collection. If you’re selling one, feel free to message me. Located in Riverside, CA. Thanks for looking!
  11. Josh's Fish

    How to tell if you have a Spotted or Florida Gar

    The internet seems to be full of different ways to differentiate between Spotted and Florida Gars, such as snout length, markings and body shape, but in reality these ways are all false or too nuanced to definitively ID them. In truth, there are not really any true Spotted Gar (Lepisosteus...
  12. J

    Tank balance

    Looking for advice on this combination of monsters....
  13. B

    My spotted gar has red marks. Any ideas what it could be?

    I've noticed my spotted gar has red marks on his left side in 2 places. Can't tell for sure but doesn't appear the skin is broken. Thought originally it was just from bumping into decorations but it I'm worried that it could be something else like a fungus or parasite. I apologize for the...
  14. chihuicahui

    Whats this bump on my spotted gar?

    This is my first post here, so hello! My boyfriend and I picked up a 7" Florida spotted gar today. Upon getting him in the tank, we noticed a strange, possibly infected bump on his head. Hes in a 125 gallon with cichlids, some various catfish, and a clown loach. Does anyone have any idea...
  15. Demon012

    Alligator gar

    I just rescued a alligator gar about 9inches from someone that had him in a 2ft tank, the bottom tip of his jaw is missing I assume from bad water e.t.c is it possible that it can grow back,, I have got him in a 8ft x 2ft x 3ft tank now and he is eating well, any advice welcome on his jaw problem
  16. S

    Need help/advice buying a spotted gar

    I'm trying to buy a spotted gar right now and so far I've only really been able to find good ones on two sites rfitropicalfish and azgardens but when I look up reviews on them it was nearly all negative which concerns me but it could also be that only people who have bad experiences write...
  17. resimodos

    rookie gar keeper

    Hi fellow fishkeepers. first just wanted to say thanks for the site and members who have provided me much info. ive been keeping fish my whole life ( mainly SA cichlids) but recently purchased a baby "spotted gar". when it gets a little bigger ill ask you guys to identify it, could be a florida...